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Good morning monday!


it’s tuesday isn’t it….but it feels like a monday to me….


it’s a good day!

Today we have the lovely French Elements shop…

where french is a state of mind.

I love that quote….something i have in my head since i will

be heading there in…

oh gosh….

less then three months.

Sweet Barbara is the owner of this darling shop….

feel free to stop by and visit her shop {here}.

Barbara wanted one of you girls to be able to dream about France yourself…

with your very own Eiffel Tower pillow.

She is also offering a 10% off discount to any of you that would like to purchase something

from her shop today…..

just use this code when checking out of her shop The French Elements: lolabinfrance.

If you want to head by her shop….take a peek….then come back and leave me a comment….

and who knows…

you might have your own bit of france to dream on.


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