weekly dose

Last week i joined AA.

It’s short for Anyhoo Alright.

I went four days without grapefruit juice and vodka and to tell you the truth my blood pressure

shot out the roof and my grey roots popped out faster then you can say Shart.

Which means i’m back on the sippy cup.

I could go on and on about how beneficial grapefruit juice is for you and the medicinal qualities…

but my therapist 

aka: bryan

thinks i write way to much about vodka so i thought i would just quit therapy all together

and so far its going great on my own.


{see……there it is….good ole AA}

Some photos and a re-cap from the last few weeks……and i’m going to try and be better about giving a

good ole Kauai Daily Dose to you.

1. The girls heading out surfing a few weekends ago… 


2. my little red table is holding up well …..and Friday evenings are pretty holy around here.


3. Lola loves animals…..so we have to stop at the horse pasture every once in a while to

take it all in.

4. drinks with a friend after work one night a few weeks ago…

{i swear that gecko on the wall sharted on her dessert…..but i’m not saying one word…not one word}


5. Hanalei Don working the register at work….

unfortunately…..it was a slow night so he thought it would be funny to surprise me with my fav cocktail.

{if i get fired after this post……i’m still holding Hanalei Don responsible….}


6. I had to buy Lola  a new mouse cage because part of the downfalls of living near the ocean

is that anything with metal rusts pretty easily.

And it was starting to stink.

stink bad.

I had Lola run the old cage out to the condo complex garbage and throw it away……

and the next morning we found it at the neighbors yard sale.

They were selling it for $2

I don’t know what was more funny…..the fact that they dumpster dived for the foul smelling mice

cage and tried to sell it at their yard sale or the fact that another neighbor actually bought it and i see

it sitting on their front porch like it’s a fine piece of art or something.


7. Birthday parties around here are normally at the beach.


8. Fin and some of his friends keeping themselves busy while i was photographing a family….

9. Pretty finds along the beach……

10. Mason turned 12 over the weekend.

This is the cruiser i think he needs……

except since he won’t be driving for 4 more years….

i think i should be the sole driver till he can take it over.

Bryan is still not returning my daily texts about this proposal.

11. This is what 12 looks like.

{we just got home from a long weekend in New Mexico…..so i’ll be posting about that later this week}


12. Hanalei Don called shot gun and rode to school with us.

{i still don’t understand how this happened…..}

13. Dinner with friends for valentines on our back lanai…..

14. it’s even better when you can serve fine boxed wine.


p.s. the word Shart is what happens when you mix the two words together:  Sheet and Fart.

Boys…..namely 7 year old boys….

think it’s funny to leave a shart in their pants especially since said child does not wear underpants.

It’s not funny.

So…in response to sharts left in pants…..i will leave plastic roaches on said child’s bed now.



  1. I can just imagine you dragging around hanalei don all over the place for these photos! I imagine it is quite a site! lol! Love following along with your lovely life Kasey!

  2. You are the bombity bomb girl. Love that Hanalei Don and his adventures.

  3. Allison McArdle says:

    I’m just curious as to how your book is coming along??;-)

  4. Oh you make me laugh…and your photos make me smile…but the sippy cup…I just want it.

  5. Love your insight Kacey! So fun to see and read you and your family’s great adventures – especially DON!!!!

    Barbie Cottrell

  6. I love when you blog about Hanalei Don!!! The pic of him in the car is hilarious!

  7. i’m still laughing that you defined “shart” and followed it up with a personal experience. hysterical.

  8. Hi Kasey,
    Just found your blog through Jamie. You are hilarious, and I love the way you write.
    Take care,

  9. Haaa! Where did you get that great mason jar glass…with the sippie thingy….yes please…

  10. So glad you’re back, Kasey … we’ve missed your hilarity! We sure as sheet did! 🙂

  11. You are great!! I love reading your posts! You always make me laugh! Thanks!

  12. You are too funny! and so fun!

  13. Love your blog but I need to know where you got the mason jar sippy cup!!!!!????!!!!

  14. 4 days without vodka? Sheet!


  15. love the horse pasture pboto, heart and shells in tbe sand photo. . . and of course. . . the car pboto. they are my favorites, so thank you 🙂

  16. You do know that “shart” is a real word made famous by Al Rooker of NBC’s Today Show? He was at the White House several years back and had recently had gastric bypass surgery, one of the side-effects is not being able to control your bowels. Needless to say , he FARTED and SH*T himself at the same time, thus coining the term “shart!”

  17. i’m obsessed with your life in hawaii but don’t be scared…i’m not a creeper.

    i love that you used the word SHART in this post. do you also use the word ARSE because i do.

    feeling nosey….so i’m gonna ask….are you guys living there permanently or only for a while?


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