a little driftwood goes a long way

Hello there.

So…..we’ve been here for a year and a half…..

and after living here for that amount of time without our stuff since it’s all sitting in a storage unit

back home that we pay a monthly rent on in order for it all to be secured and safe while we are living here

i am at that point where even though weย absolutely LOVE it here but living without our things is

probably the hardest part.

I love style.

I love pretty things.

I love making my home look good and part of that is i love being creative in my home space.

That is why i decided it was better to ask for forgiveness rather than ask for permission……

because as much as most of the peeps on this island are just fine living with rattan and bamboo style

furniture…..mix matched living is just not happening for me.

The condo we live in has three bedrooms…..two of the bedrooms are upstairs and the kids are in those.

Lola and Fin had been sharing a room up until this point and Mason had his own room.

Lola is at the age now where she really needs her own space and the boys are back to sharing a room

just like they did back in Illinois. The bedrooms are painted a lime green.

There is nothing good about lime green bedrooms unless you have a new baby and it’s called a nursery…..

so throw in our lime green bedroom walls…..bamboo and rattan furniture and warped and old wooden blinds

on the windows….it’s not a pretty look and i was starting to feel my blood pressure rise and my tourette’s syndrome

come out every time i had to go into one of the rooms.

The room that we moved lola into for her own is also the guest bedroom for when we have guests….

it’s a king bed where as the other bedroom has 2 twin beds….so the optional room for Lola and when

we have guests is the bedroom with the king bed.

This is the only before photo i took…..and it was taken with my phone……but it’s pretty spot on withย 

the look i was describing….


So……i decided i would paint the room and because i did not ask permission to paint….

i am asking for forgiveness now.

But in our defense…..i truly believe that the new color adds so much.

I moved the two rattan nightstands and the tall bamboo dresser into the closet……

and we stored the one rattan floor lamp and the blinds into the loft for storage so that the owner won’t freak out

when and if we decide to leave…….all the original stuff is still here.

{just out of sight out of mind}

After pouring myself a cocktail….i went to work on painting the room……

{cottage white}


I also needed to be thrifty and creative because i can’t afford a headboard

{there was a rattan mirror above the bed before makeover}

and due to the fact that there is an abundance of free and beautiful driftwood all over the place

i decided to create a driftwood headboard.

I have to say that i love how it turned out.


I found this amazing corded light fixture at a local boutique here on Kauai…..

i’ve seen them at Anthropologie and i remember thinking how much i loved it….just not the price tag.

I paid $50 for it.




Let’s have a cocktail to celebrate!
Like i mentioned before we took down the blinds that wouldn’t even open anymore because

i think they were original to the place.

There is not much here in the way of shopping for window treatments……

and because Walmart and Kmart were out of the question…..i decided to see if Home Depot had anything.

Score again.

I needed 6 panels and these Martha Stewart white ones were priced right at just over $15 per panel.


I also couldn’t find the right curtain rods that i wanted so here i am being creative again…..

with driftwood.

{free and if and when the owner wants them down….off they go because the driftwood is being held

on large curtain tie backs}

I used some white rope i found to string through the curtain loops because as hard as i tried…..

i just couldn’t find long and skinny pieces of driftwood. They were all pretty thick for the length i wanted.

But i love how they turned out.


The chair is one of a pair i had been eyeing at a local furnitureย liquidation store…..

they were part of the Royal Hawaiian Hotel on Oahu.

The hotel went through major renovations in 2009 and these were the last of the 50’s style chairs

that the furniture liquidators had.

I had been eyeing them for about 6 months…….

and since no one really loves this style like i do…..i finally caved and bought both of them for $80.


Not each.

Score again.

I bought them a few months ago and decided that one of them needed to go into Lola’s room.

The pillow was hand made and gifted to me from a friend…….so i decided to let Lola’s chair

borrow it for now till i can find a pretty place for it.
IMG_4505My next amazing find was at a thrift shop……

i just happened in it last week and it was hidden in the back.

The price tag was $8.

When i went to check out……the cashier asked me if i wanted to donate $1 to their charity

and then the price of the lamp drops 50%.

So i got the lamp for $5.


It just needed some spray paint to cover up the brass stand……



Every girl needs some mermaid love and because lola is not a surfer…..

{she would rather be boogie boarding}

i didn’t want to go with the whole surfer girl look.

And it’s the guest bedroom for when we have guests…..so the room needs to have that welcoming look

as well.

The artwork is from a local artist and is done on and old part of a door.


The bedding i found at Macy’s on clearance…..

It’s called Henna by Bar 111.

Lola’s not a girly girl so this print fit her perfectly.




ย As time moves on….i would like to find some baskets to add to the old bookcase…..

but for right now i’m out of money and part of the thrill of decorating is the thrill of the find.

For right now the shelves will stay open.

I love how the room turned out……and right now Bryan is just trying to talk me down because

i would love to tackle our bedroom as well.

But for right now at least Lola has a sweet coastal bedroom and i can sneak up there and pretend like it’s mine

every once in a while…….and all the original furniture is nicely tucked away.


  1. Love everything about it!

  2. oh how i’ve missed some interiors kasey-style!!
    love what you did my friend. it is a sweet coastal space indeed

  3. It looks amazing Kasey. Job well done. I truly think the best looks come being resourceful…not money.

  4. Nice work! Love the makeover and the price tags. The landlord would be crazy to be anything other than THRILLED! ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Well, I thought I liked it green, but you had vision and now I see!!
    That is pretty, fresh and inviting. So invite me already. I wanna meet Jamie too!

  6. Love it girlie……we are here in your neck of the woods
    and it kills me to only be taking home small pieces of
    driftwood. Imagine the looks from security if i tried to
    smuggle home 5 foot pieces of driftwood?! Believe me,
    I would if I could ๐Ÿ˜‰ Her room is perfect, and all your
    guests will feel so boho beach chic when they stay there!
    Mahalo for sharing ๐Ÿ˜‰

  7. Rose D., Frenchtown, NJ says:

    Love it!

  8. I love this room.. just perfect in all the right ways

  9. You’ve done a beautiful job!!! I love it all! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  10. It is perfect! Lola must love it. It has an airy, fresh feel. And if you ever decide to leave, we will all come help you paint it back to lime so you do not get in trouble!

  11. Love, love, love what you’ve done to the room!! So beautiful:)

  12. I love how the room turned out. Especially the headboard and the curtains. Now I want some driftwood. I wonder if we have any along the rivers in Kansas ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. Beautiful job!

  14. Kasey, I love Lola’s new room. You’re so talented!

    Have a great time in Angel Fire. Hugs to all! Love, Traci

  15. I just love everything, Kasey, and most of all, how you put that driftwood to use. You know we would die for that in Illinois! I had a thought about the shelves of the bookcase. I’ve been thinking that baskets are totally overrated and just scream “storage!”, so why not fill the shelves with colorful bowls of all sizes for Lola to put all of her odds and ends in? If she needs the space for clothes, she can always roll her tops and put them inside a few larger ones, or just have colorful stacks of clothing. Just a thought.


  16. thanks for getting the guest room ready for me ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. LOVE everything about that room! Great job!!!

  18. I can’t imagine being without all my collected treasures so I feel for ya! I hope you may return home one of these days sooner than later.A fabulous journey for you all and great memories as well.It would be hard for me feeling like your kinda on a permanent vacation.

    I see why you would want a lil of your own style.

    The room is perfect and I love the driftwood! Do they have flat rate to Hawaii pretty sure they do if I could fit baskets in there for miss Lola I sure would if you don’t find any. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I always enjoy my visits here with you~Blessings Kim

  19. loved it.

  20. oh
    I love this so so much Kasey. What a difference a coat of white paint makes and I am sure that the owner will love it as well.
    YOu know what else I love? Is the simplicity of it. That is what I love most about you, your blog, and following you on IG.
    Life can be so simple and you take full advantage of that.
    But I really love this room.

  21. I really love it, it is so great!
    LG from Germany

  22. So pretty Kasey! Once an artist, always an artist! You could create beauty out of just about anything!!! Beautiful! What a lucky family you have!

  23. Island chic. I love. I love.

  24. How awesome is that driftwood for the headboard!! And changing out those blinds for the white curtains made a world of difference. Brightened up that room like crazy

  25. You’ve got an eye. Love it. Brilliant. Thrifty, creative and beautiful!

  26. Absolutely stunning Kasey! What an inspiration you are..please add decorator to your portfolio. You have appreciated your landlords property tenfold! Continued blessings to you and yours, xo jody

  27. oh i just love your vibe here. i so love how it turned out…. you have a GIFT for the creative and in an effortless, breezy, clean, natural, way. all that i love!
    and for real, i don’t think i would like your blog as much if you had buckets of $$ to spend on room makeovers. i love to read about the thrill of the hunt with you. there is something sweet and satisfying about it! thanks for being “poor” with the rest of us that love the anthro look for less.

  28. Beautiful Kasey!! You’re amazingly talented:)

  29. Amazing what that coat of paint and opening up the windows did! Totally different look….love it!

  30. BEAUTIFUL !!!! I was looking forward to see what kind of style you were going to do I still go back and enjoy your house that you had lived in back in St.Charles on Houzz and I go back and look at your blog. You have some really creative ideas. I seen that the weather there has bee pretty cold. In Il . How aboutnow where you are ?My friends and family back there act like they are the weather people. Here AZ has had some cold spells. Storage unit….. I can so relate to that. After the past 2 years of paying for storage back in Dixon Il we have decided to go back and get it. What a pain in trying to plan it all out. Fly in drive out. After staying for ?? . I miss my stuff.
    Have a beautiful day. Love the room !!!! It’s a real homey and relaxing look. If anyone stays there you are going to have a hard time for them to leave. He he……. Chickie now living in AZ

  31. Get ready to see a diy driftwood headboard on the Today Show. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  32. oh so adorable. light… airy and breezy.
    love every detail and the make over story is half the fun!
    some galvanized or white washed buckets would look dreamy in that bookcase too.
    love your style.

  33. dreamy, decorating is fun isn’t it! love transformation! Heather x

  34. Jerri C. TN says:

    I love it! Girl, this is the job you need to be doing over there…….such a talent.

  35. It is absolutely gorgeous such creative materials use. I have a drift wood addiction so it’s probably a good thing that I don’t live next to a large body of water, I would pick up every piece I found .

  36. Great job! XX

  37. Great job!

  38. So pretty and airy! The thrill IS in finding great things on a dime, whether you have to or not. We may be moving to Abu Dhabi later this summer and I have to prepare our house to rent. I have no money to do this, so I have also been decorating on a shoestring. It’s fun! I made this awesome chandelier using beads from JoAnn Crafts and Oriental Trading. Total cost: $175.00. I have seen them starting at $700 in some catalogs…


  39. oh my gosh! that is uh-mazing. I just love it. beach is the new black.

  40. Thank you for sharing your beautiful home.
    It so nice to see the things you found used in
    Such a charming space…you have a big talent

  41. Ooohhh, I like it all so much! I have been reading your blog for some time now and always visit when I need a quick laugh! I have totally been missing your post on decor, but it was worth the wait. Your style is Great! I’m heading outside to find some driftwood right now….oh wait…I live at least 70 miles from the ocean! I guess I better put some comfy shoes on first!

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