what time has taught me

*stepping out of your comfort zone will not only make you stronger….it will make you a better person.

*red wine is good for your heart.

*if you keep saying “what if” then you’ll never get to say “i did”.

*sheltering your children does not prepare them for the future.

*once you get your first grey hair…it’s all downhill from there.

*carrying your camera around with you is important.

*nothing compares to a Hawaiian avocado.

*i spend way too much time on¬†Pinterest¬†…..pinning pretty clothes that i can’t afford……

styling for a house i don’t live in anymore….and food that i can never get to look that good when i make it.

*a house doesn’t make a home.

*if you don’t breastfeed…..it’s not the end of the world.¬†

*turning the clocks forward on some nights and putting the kids to bed early is not a bad idea….

it’s pure genius.

*values and views vary from person to person…..hold onto what you believe.

*if your third child does not wear underwear…….the occasional shart will make you think

you just weren’t strict enough.

*being closed minded only hurts yourself.

*you have to live life moving forward not back {courtesy of Spy Kids 3}.

*making minimum wage humbles your character

*your spouse should always come first.

*it’s okay to have “me” time.

*it’s not okay for your cleaning lady to find your vibrator.

{just kidding mom}

*communication is the best asset.

*not everything will go according to plan.

*there is something magical about not knowing what comes next.

*a good hair cut by a good stylist is worth every penny.

*there is nothing more deflating then to have to do the walk of shame out of a cheap hair place.

*a temperature of 99.2 does not constitute a phone call home from the school nurse.

*being on the beach in the middle of February is good for your soul.

*it really isn’t about what “school district* you are in.

*you can’t rewind time…but you can help shape the future.

*i don’t really like grapefruit juice without the vodka in it.

*don’t make a list of things you want to do…make a list of things you are going to do.

*always keep a journal next to your bed.

*just make sure that you don’t look in that journal a few years later to find the pages filled with

get milk. sign permissions slip. make pap smear appointment in morning.

*there really is something to be said about drinking 8 glasses of water a day.

*with the right attitude…..a jump in the pool can also be the kids bath for the day.

*you can wash a shirt…you can wash your socks….but you never have to wash your jeans

*kids grow up.

*time flies.

*life is what you make of it.


  1. Whoa!!! I had to do a double take of your son….as he looks very similar to mine. Too funny! Great post.

  2. *You are awesome!

    *Good to chat with you this week, about lots of these things…

    *Mason is a spitting image of YOU – I never thought that till I saw this photo. Love his hair.

    *I can’t wait to see you – in just over ONE month.


  3. Great post. So true. This goes hand in hand with a book Im reading by Joel Osteen. The happiness in your life is about 10 percent of what actually happens, and 90 percent of your attitude in how you view it.

  4. Love it all! Especially the haircut one. I spend too much on my hair but my hair dresser is worth it! Mason, Lola and Fin are getting so big! Great post! I need to work on a few of these…

  5. love this.

  6. Lauren Woods says:


  7. You are wise beyond your years darlin!!!!! Your kids look fabulous (and happy/fulfilled)!!!

  8. Truth. Especially the walk of shame from a cheap haircut. I’ve just recently experienced that:(. Your kids are so cute. They are looking every Hawaiian.

  9. You are an amazing woman! This brought tears to my eyes and made me smile!

  10. Time makes us wise, doesn’t it?! The kids are adorable:)

  11. *sniff, sniff*

  12. You are awesome and it’s not the wine, the licking, or the party crashing (legal or not) . Those things are great, but you found a way to work “shart” into the conversation. Nice. Sometimes I feel like a stranger reading someone else’s diary but when you say things like that I’m reminded why I read… YOU ARE SO FUNNY.

  13. Best post ever!

  14. Great post…the kiddos are gorgeous!

  15. I love this post, you rock.

  16. loved this…thank you:)

  17. Love this!! Would love the beach in February…its -30C in Finland. Dont know in F but freaking cold it is.

  18. Marisa Pereira says:

    Lovely pictures. Mason really does look like you.

  19. Oh so tue! I think these things daily! Gorgeous now and then photos of the children!

  20. Beautiful, especially those kids!

  21. Bravo!!!!!

  22. Just beautiful! Just perfect in everyway!

  23. Awww…your kids have grown so much! Such sweet photos! And inspiring…and funny words…thank you for sharing! Your live for the moment and not care about what everyone else thinks attitude is refreshing and encouraging! xo

  24. This is beautiful and what I love most is that you are honest because your humor shows through.
    The list part is so true. I’ve seen some lists going around on blogs, they talk about the 100 things you
    want to do but how right you are in listing things you are going to do.

  25. Loved this Kacey, and those kids are gorgeous with their blonde hair and tans!

  26. Fabulous list … Totally agree about Pinterest, I’m fairly new to it, but I just love it! Jules x

  27. lovely. i’m pretty sure i agree with you on the grapefruit juice.

  28. Fantastic! Each one holds its’ own!

  29. Bee – utiful children! It’s always so fun to look at how much we’ve grown and how far we’ve come! Love your posts.

  30. That first picture is KILLING me. I think I started reading your blog when your kids were that little – and I remember commenting that you gave me hope for making it out alive from those early years with three kids.

    Great post, Kasey!

  31. Amen. Seriously….the truth in those words.

    Well said.


  32. LOVE IT!!! Thanks for the great reminders!!

  33. it happened in the blink of an eye, didn’t it. blink again. high school.

  34. Oh, my word! You’re so wise!!! =]

    (er, thanks for the tips!=])

  35. I loved reading that. Such good reminders. Your children are gorgeous.


  36. I have to agree with you on a few and disagree with others:
    – my favorite are Jamaican and Mexican avocados despite the fact that avocado trees cover the hills and valleys of my southern California town
    – it is not downhill after the first gray hair – at 62 I started coaching 6th grade volleyball and we won the championship on my 63rd birthday- my students think I am a “cool” 63 year old
    – walking on the beach in February is great and it is a wonderful elixir any day of the week
    – those beautiful children of yours will grow up WAY TOO FAST! so enjoy every moment

  37. Love it all!!!

  38. Janine Smith says:

    Great post and a beautiful family!

  39. This made me cry. I’m not sure I’m really living ~ but you are. And your babies look like surfer kids which is beyond awesome.

  40. Thanks for sharing such wonderful, warm, heartfelt insights, life just happening all around us…
    P.S. your kids are just soooo damn cute. :):)

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