I’m in Taos….

Right now i’m sitting in the waiting room of a hospital in Taos, New Mexico.

You see…..a few months ago my sweet mom found out she had early stage breast cancer…..and after an MRI….

and a visit with an oncologist ….the decision was to go ahead and have surgery .

I took the red eye flight from Kauai on Saturday night…..and got in Sunday afternoon…..

i packed up some jeans….dragged out my only jacket i have….and with a quick {do you count two hours wandering??} trip to Target….we drove up to cold and beautiful Angel Fire, New Mexico.

A wonderful dinner with the family last night……sitting around the table with my brother and his wife….my mom and dad…myself.

So…right now….my dad and i are sitting here in the waiting room…..patiently waiting for the three hour surgery to be over.

Please keep my mom in your prayers and thoughts this morning………

and i’ll be back soon!


  1. alliejensen says:

    Prayers and good thoughts going out to your family and beautiful mama!

  2. Praying for your mom and your family!

  3. Definitely, my thoughts hopes are with you guys!!!

  4. Blessings to you and your entire family during this difficult time.Many Prayers, Kim

  5. just went through this with my sister
    I will add your mom to my prayers
    a special Hail Mary just for her…I promise

    happy you can be with your family right now

  6. Will do!

  7. Keeping your lovely mom in my prayers! Hoping all is well:)

  8. your mama is so lucky to have so much family love surrounding her – I hope her recovery is quick with no remnants of cancer.
    Prayers for you all! Taos is magical – breathe!

  9. Thinking of you and your sweet mom! (Gorgeous photo!)
    xoxo- A.

  10. Prayers to your mom, you, your family, the doctors & nurses caring for her. Lots of prayers.

  11. prayers for you all ~ wisdom. courage. strength.

  12. Your Mamma is beautiful. She will definitely be in my prayers for a quick recovery and 100% clear and healed of cancer!

  13. Prayers for your Mom headed your way today.

  14. Beautiful photograph of mom! Thoughts and parayers are with you and yours!

  15. Wendy in Kennewick says:

    Wishing your beautiful mom a successful surgery and speedy recovery.

  16. Sending warmest wishes and prayers that your beautiful mom recovers quickly. Hugs to you…

  17. Prayers said and will continue to do so. Such a lovely photo of your Mom!

  18. Sending some prayers your mom’s way (and for you and your family)!


  19. Thoughts & Prayers to your mom, you, and the rest of your family!!

  20. Anna-Ruth T. Murphy says:

    Sending prayers & warmest wishes from South Florida…….

  21. Prayers are with your mom and your family.

  22. Sending lots of prayers and healing for your Mom! Sending prayers of strength for your Dad, you and your brother!

  23. Prayers for you and your mom…..

  24. Tricia-Lynn Harter-Carter says:

    Praying for well guided hands and a full, easy and speedy recovery for your Mom. The photograph of her is gorgeous.

  25. Praying for you and your mom!

  26. your family is in my prayers!

  27. Oh Kasey, you are all in my thoughts and prayers!

  28. Kasey, your mom and family are in our prayers. My mother in law is a 22 year Breast Cancer Survivor, so we know first hand what you are going through, and also know that it can be beat. Sending good thoughts your way. I do not know why, but right now there seems to be a lot of people who have been diagnosed with cancer in one form or another, including my father and a dear friend of my wife and I. We know the anguish you are going through. Please remember to enjoy the moment with your family and to love them. We all only get one ride in this journey we call life, make the most of it.

  29. Will do!

  30. Hi Kasey,
    I am so sorry to hear about your Mom. I will be praying for healing and for peace for your Mom and for you!!!


  31. thinking of you! Love ya! Melaine

  32. The waiting is the hardest part Kasey ~ my thoughts and prayers are with you ~ hoping that she breezes through the surgery and will be back on her feet in no time. I am going through the same thing as my Mom is also in the hospital so if you can squeeze in a prayer for her too it would be greatly appreciated.

  33. My prayers are with your beautiful mom, you and your family.

  34. Praying you and your sweet Mama… Lots of love and hugs!

  35. Kacey, prayers are being said for your sweet Mom…

    Lou Cinda

  36. I’m praying for you sweet lady and for
    Your whole family especially your mom, please let us know how everything goes!

  37. Lots of prayers coming your way from So. Cal. Stay strong…

  38. Sending all good thoughts your way! Keeping your mom in my prayers!!

  39. Sweet thoughts to your mom. Please look into the Gerson Therapy – avoid Chemo. PLEASE.

  40. Sending many payers your way, Kasey.


  41. praying for her

  42. I’m praying for your sweet mama Kasey…..hugs and love to you, Dawn

  43. Prayers for your beautiful mom! And prayers for your family.


  44. Please know that survival rates are so high when breast cancer is treated quickly. Best wishes for a speedy recovery from surgery and best of luck on all treatments to come. From a recovery room nurse in California 🙂

  45. Absolutely will keep her in my prayers.
    Keep your chin up, she’ll need it.

  46. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family!

  47. My thoughts and prayers are with your Mom (her picture is beautiful), you and your beautiful family.

    LOVE & HUGS,
    Cathy S.

  48. Just popped by today, out of the blue, and found this post. Events like this, pull the rug out from under you and make you feel like you are living on very shakey ground. But don’t be fooled by all of that. Love is always rock solid. I wish you and your beautiful mum all the best and look forward to popping in again soon and hearing she is doing well. xx

  49. Queenie Graham says:

    Kasey, just get thru today, try not to focus on results/what’s next/treatment options etc just get through ‘surgery’ today..which is huge emotionally… One day at a time. Look after yourself- get fresh air when you can. Your family are in my thoughts and prayers (from Australia). I’m 40 and had breast cancer 12 years ago, your mum is fortunate to have caught it early. Take care x

  50. Praying for her and you.

  51. So sorry to hear about this Kasey! I pray for her quick recovery and for peace within you and your family. Enjoy your family.

  52. Kasey, my prayers are for your mom today.

  53. I just found your blog this morning. I am so sorry to hear this. I will certainly say a few prayers for your mom.


  54. Prayers for your Mom. I am a BC Survivor and I know first hand that survival chances now are very good.
    glad you could be there for her, she will need a good support system..

  55. I went thru the same thiing with my mom, with you and your family’s support, she will, no doubt, do great!!! Prayers go out to her!

  56. Your mom is surrounded by love and prayer, and is being tended to in a magical New Mexico. Many blessings for an easy and speedy recovery for you lovely mom. The photo is beautiful.

  57. Prayers also from us….lots of love, baci, Monica

  58. Prayers for your mom for a speedy recovery. So nice that you and your family can be there to cheer her on. BEAUTIFUL picture.

  59. Sending prayers and love to your mom,

  60. Prayers being sent for your mom and family.

  61. Susan Smith says:

    Be still…..

  62. You got a good one from me. God and I like each other. Everything will be well. Keep on keepin on!

  63. Im so sorry to hear about your Mom. I am praying now and will again tonight and tomorrow and for as long as you need me. I have a father with cancer and I know what you are feeling. Your Mom is beautiful.
    My thoughts are with you ..

  64. f_73 girl says:

    Sending healing thoughts and prayers to your mom! I’m sure it means a lot to her that you are there!

  65. Kasey – I’m sorry you guys are going through this. We just went through this with my mom with a stage 3 diagnosis, double mastectomy, chemo, radiation over the last six months and on-going therapy now and she is doing awesome. I wouldn’t wish it on anyone but I’m glad they caught your mom’s cancer early, that the surgery went well and that you are enjoying time together. I found that it all brought us much closer – the silver lining. Much love to you and your family. I’ll be thinking about her and sending her serious cancer ass kicking vibes.

  66. Sending love. Be strong!

  67. i read your blog daily and am eager to hear good news about your mom!

  68. Christie McGetrick says:

    Kasey, Will do – Hope all goes well with your mom.

  69. Certainly will keep her in my prayers.

  70. Such a beautiful picture of your momma. I am sending prayers and light your way.

  71. She is absolutely lovely! I was praying…glad to hear everything went well

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