hello tuesday

I don’t know about you…but i’m really excited for all the new season of shows to  to start….really excited in fact.

Now i realize that we are a good 3 hours behind California….4 hours behind Utah and Colorado…five hours behind Illinois….and 6 hours behind Florida…but that won’t stop me from watching my shows live…….with no checking into facebook or twitter to see what happened.

So don’t call me at 4 o’clock here on thursday to fill me in on what happened on the season premier of Whitney. 

I mean it.

Bryan has been sick all week….so finally …on his one day off from work..which was Sunday….we drove into town…

{code word for: 45 minute drive to big city}

{don’t let the word big city fool you….}

Going into town {big city} consists of the only Walmart …Costco….Hospital….urgent care…on the island….and it’s all….a 45 minute drive for us.

Bryan started his second job last weekend….and with two jobs going back to back…he got sick….a big old head cold.

At the urgent care on Sunday they gave him an antibiotic…so today he is feeling so much better.

Anyhoo…..i found some photos to show you…with a little commentary….and since i’m all out of my fine boxed wine….i had to dig into the vodka.

It’s my new best friend.
There is a whole lot of rattan here…..but you get a sneak peek of my dining {eating area} with my anthro tablecloth over the all glass table.

yes….glass table.

I don’t think i ever mentioned it…but when my bother was 7 years old…he thought he would show my mother and i how a chicken eats.

My brother then proceeded to dump a box of cereal on the counter …..and then acted like a chicken…and pecked away at the cereal.

Needless to say…while he was pecking away at the cereal….and showing us what a chicken looked like while eating…he knocked his front tooth in half.

So…you can learn two things from this….

First of all: Don’t act like a chicken…and peck for food on the counter.

Second of all: Glass tables should be outlawed.

{not that either one has anything to do with the other…}

So far everyone i have met…..they have rattan.

Not that i have anything against rattan….it’s just that…..


i’m not a big fan……so i had to put a little table cloth over it.
one of my chicago besties sent us a care package from Trader Joe’s……

{holy moses…..are we in heaven…}

and in the note that came with the package…she mentioned that she bought a whole bunch of two buck chuck to send me….

but unfortunately….

the two buck chuck was opened and consumed before the package even hit the post office. 

I hope it was good…..really good.

my most favorite photo of Lola getting ready to hit the waves…..

I had bryan pull over so that i could take the photo of the fresh leis.

{i don’t know about you…but i love a good fresh lei…..and for only $5-7…you can’t go wrong….}

I’m just curious if anyone ever puts a jar next to their side of the bed….on the nightstand…..for tips??? or is it just me??

Hey….who knows…you might just end up with a buck or two at the end of the week.


check check

Jeep wagoneer {dream surf mobile….}

sitting in the school parking lot….with keys in the ignition.

I thought for sure this meant….take it for a ride around town….get some photos …..then bring it back safe and sound at the end of the day….possibly with a garden gnome securely fastened in the front seat.

But since i always err on the side of caution…i thought better of it. I would just lick it instead.

Speaking of licking….i heard through the grape vine…that Johhny Depp was in town….and his boat securely moored in the bay.

Apparently…the information i was given was wrong.


That is all you need to know.

I will be dealing with the wrong information dealing person tomorrow……i think i might bake her a chocolate pie.

She likes chocolate pie……

First pedi in 8 weeks…..

and i know for a FACT…that the girl giving me the pedi was talking the whole time about my feet to the man with long fingernails next to her.

It was completely apparent when she brought out the jig saw knife….and was headed for the bottoms of my feet….that the laughing between her and the long nailed boy next to us…was not that funny at all.

My new book club book…..

i’m flying solo this year at book club…and so if you need any good cocktails…i’m your girl.

Fin at his ukulele class…..

the kids walking in from the water from surfing with their friends….

love love love.

i saw this license plate a few weeks ago….it reminded me of hair gel…..

Lola at the Kauai county fair….holding a duck……

{I’m still pretty sure that children should not be holding animals that they can not bring home at the end of the day}

The ride that Fin almost barfed on…the one that you can hear him screaming….the ride that his brother talked him into….but the same brother that almost barfed as well.

{at least no one was wearing shoes…}

wine at the end of the day…..at sunset….and in a small jar.

Nothing wrong with a good fine boxed wine…..or Vodka…..

beggars can’t be choosers.


  1. Oh my gosh… I couldnt stop laughing at this whole post… but love love loved the pedi story… ewwwww lol

  2. no one else can do hawaii like you kasey buick!
    & i love it!
    barefoot, bargain lei, wine in a jar, glass topped tables, over due pedi’s & all
    love you friend

  3. Love love love the last photo. And how.sweet of your friends to send you TJ goodies. Keep us updated on the Johnny Depp sitch. I know he doesn’t shave his armpits, and I am rather certain be seldom bathes.

  4. mushcollection says:

    Hahaha, Chocolate pie!!!

  5. Hi Kasey! Your photos are fabulous! I think it’s time you change your blog header photos (is that what it’s called?!). Have a great day!

  6. i want a surfboard on my wall. can’t wait for the shows to start. one of my favs is hawaii 5-o…one can dream;) love that last pic…well all of them honestly.

  7. Another fantastically funny post. Laughed as I so clearly remember your ‘hair gel’ post. Priceless…

  8. thanks for making me laugh!

  9. I’m in luv with that final photo… the one with jelly jar wine, a beach and bokeh! Luv the items and luv the look! What a beautiful life you lead!

  10. LOVE the jeep wagoneer!

  11. So fun to read. Love that surfboard of Lola’s. Quit all that drinkin, girl! The rattan is way cool. Really.

  12. Fun, fun, FUN!!!

    Question…How did you get your last picture to look like that…I LOVE IT?!?!

    Hope Bryan feels better soon!

  13. If JD does end up coming to town, you must must must lick his boat. do with that request what you will.
    Question: how did you find your place? Did you get it ahead of time or did you get it once you got there? For some reason I’m oddly curious about the logistics of your move.

  14. i think you are living your life beautifully.

    and fyi, its been ages since I had a pedicure..AND a fresh lei

  15. Love hearing and seeing life in Hawaii! Oh what fun it looks. Thanks for sharing. Have a drink for me, I’m 8 months preggers, and just heard that “eating for two” does not mean “drinking for two.” Ooops.

  16. Go Lola! With surf passion like pro! As Rabbit Kekai says, “One the surfing bug bit you, you can
    Nevah go back!”

  17. I really like your photos…well done! Sooner or later I will send you a pic of my three kids! Baci, Monica

  18. Christie McGetrick says:

    This was a good one – I loved the jeep – I could picture the gnome. Hope your husband feels better. Hey could could restart your shop there just with a different twist – Hawaiian vintage – it has to exist.

  19. It’s so much fun living vicariously through you, you wild woman.

  20. babe in batavia says:

    Beautiful photos!! I’m with you on the vodka 😉

  21. Hey, vodka’s not so bad, is it? My 10 year old daughter wants to be friends w/ Lola. She thinks it’s super cool that she surfs! Of course, we’re time zones away, but….

    True story about vodka: we adopted my daughter at age 2 1/2 from Russia. Apparently, we talked about the merits of good vodka around her too much – once, when she was about 5, I had her in the liquor store and mentioned that I needed some wine and some vodka. She said (loudly enough for everyone in the store to hear) that we can ONLY buy GOOD RUSSIAN VODKA!! So, there I am, like an idiot, trying to explain that my kid is from Russia (as if that would make her know about Russian vodka!)….just thought you might relate, on some strange level. (and, yes, I do try now only to buy good Russian vodka. It’s almost sacrilegious not to…)

    Do you have the little book called “The Three Martini Playdate”? If not, I highly recommend it. I think you’d like it.

  22. Hiya Kasey. Loved your blog before, but totally lovin’ your new adventure!! I will be totally jealous come November and December when we’re up to our armpits in snow!! Let me know if you need a chum for your book club-I shave my armpits and legs and I love wine (not fromthe box, we U-brew ours-always have a case or two in the basement).

  23. Please adopt me so I can share the box wine with you! Love your blog and adventures!!!

  24. Hi – my sister sent me your blog today, and I’m so glad she did. I really enjoy your writing!

    Your hipstamatic-style photos wouldn’t be hipstamatic would they? I am a Blackberry user (I know) and so can’t use that iphone ap. I am, however, rather handy with photoshop so I’m hoping it’s a custom filter you can point me to. I really love that your photos look like every picture in my mom’s yellowing albums. Sweet nostalgia.

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