Coconut rice pudding

I don’t know if i ever mentioned on the blog that one of my goals here…while living on an island in the middle of the pacific….would be to set up and sell some of my pies.

It was actually one of my friends from back home that sold me on the idea….and we named my little vision….

Sweetie pies

At first i thought….freakin cool idea…. then i started imagining selling my little pies from an old re-done ice cream truck.

Obviously….the truck won’t happen….but the idea stuck.

I’m working on trying to possibly get in and sell at one of the local farmers markets…to test it out.

I’m not a professional baker by any means….but i love to bake. I don’t cook…but i can bake….hence my alter ego….Bakeress.

What i’ve been doing lately is trying different recipes…..with all local ingredients….which is so so important to the economic growth here on Kauai. There are a lot of farms here and organic farming is big.

Sustainability is huge.

Plastic shopping bags are not used in any market….they passed the law last year to do away with those…and at most markets you either bring your own reusable market bag or you can buy one for $.50 cents.

It’s been hard getting used to that…but now we are in such a routine that we just keep our market bags in the back of the mini {van not cooper}

The kids lunches are packed in little bento boxes …which they bring home after school…i wash it and it’s used over and over. 

No disposable lunch bags or plastic baggie’s at school allowed.

{i admit though…that i have used an occasional plastic baggie….but i’m trying…and tell the kids to bring it home to me so we can re-use it}

So…if i can…i try and buy local products….such as eggs….veggies and fruit…it’s expensive…like $8-10 for a dozen eggs…..but knowing that we are supporting the locals is so gratifying.

{i only let the kids have one scrambled egg if i go that route}

We even have an avocado tree in our backyard..and papaya trees are everywhere.

Anyhoo…..i’ve been busy in the kitchen lately with my little pies….trying different fruits and what-not….

which means i’m getting fat…but at least my fat divets are tan.

I thought i would share one of the recipes with you….it’s a different take on your normal rice pudding…’s coconut rice pudding.

I use local coconut milk….but the canned version is just as good.

Coconut rice pudding

*1 cup arborio rice

*1/3 cup whole milk

*4 cups {2 cans} coconut milk 

*1/2 cup plus 1 tablespoon white granulated sugar

*1/4 cup toasted slivered almonds

Place the rice…the whole milk…the coconut milk…and the sugar in a large heavy saucepan…and cook on high heat till the sugar is dissolved and starts to boil.

Let boil for one minute then turn the heat down to low and cover the saucepan….making sure to stir frequently.

Cook on low for about 25 minutes and rice pudding is thick and creamy…and the rice is fully cooked through.

Cool 5 minutes…. …top with toasted slivered almonds and serve warm.

{i toast my almond slices in the toaster oven till lightly browned}

There you go… you can make it and have a taste of the island…

i like to have my coconut rice pudding with a glass of fine boxed wine.


  1. OMGOSH! $8 to $10 for eggs? You are freaking kidding me. Ouch, that would definitely hurt my budget. Love living in Hawaii through you. Thanks for all the great stories and beautiful beach pics. I love the beach and the water and I live in Arizona, go figure.

  2. I’d rather have the whole island than just “a taste”…but I guess this will do! ;} And when you are the Pudding Queen {although that doesn’t exactly sound complimentary! ;} I will say, “I knew you when…”! You can SO make this happen! A little Island Style meets Mainland Savvy! ;}

    m ^..^

  3. oh, this sounds so yummy… another version I have had warm is coconut cardamon rice pudding…. crazy layer of flavors- so delicious!

  4. wow those eggs cost more than Aussie eggs!

    I’d love to sample your pies

  5. i would happily pay a premium price for local eggs because if they are good {which I assume they must be} then this is the best gift you can give yourself and the family ~ so much GOODNESS + HEALTH within a sustainably raised chicken who produces those eggs!

    and this recipe…mouth watering.

    have i told you lately how incredibly in awe i am of you and your family. love, love, love this journey you are on.

  6. I loved hearing about your adventures in Chicago and now I LOVE reading all about your new life in Hawaii, it’s so fascinating! I think it is so awesome that Hawaii has laws about the plastic shopping bags and rules banning disposable items in school lunches….other states, cities, school districts should follow suit!

  7. I love that you spin gold where ever you are! You are so much fun. I have never been to Hawaii. I want to go even more now. The first thing on my list when we arrived would be to hit the Farmers market to eat pie and “lick” your Sweetie Pie Booth!

  8. want free eggs and free pie ingredients? first of all you build a coop for some of those crazy chickens running all over the island since hurricane iniki, then you take the avocados from that tree and make an avocado pie (trust me, it’s much tastier than it sounds). i am so envious – please enjoy living my dream!

  9. What a yummy idea. . .I wish you all the best and look forward to reading about this new sweet pies adventure. I would definitely be lining up for a taste! Thanks also for the recipe…sounds delish!

  10. Oh, that just sounds DEELISH! I dont enjoy to cook or bake so it’s nice to follow along and see
    these wonderful dishes you come up with 🙂

  11. Love checking in daily to see what my friend “Kasey” is up to in HAWAII. Girl you are living “THE” dream!! Please show us more of your “home” there and more of the island. Love the photos!!!

  12. looks so yummmmmmmy coconut rice pudding…Hugs and wishes for a joy filled weekend.

  13. Sounds delish! I may try it but I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t be as enjoyable here in OK City as it would on the island!

    Check out these laptop lunch boxes…they may be a good alternative…they look pretty cool but…don’t really know the price but hey…it’s saving you the price of baggies & paper sacks which I’m sure are a fortune in Hawaii.

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