It’s been quite a year

Well…here we are…the end of one year…and on to another.

It’s been a really fun year….and i want to thank you for hanging with me…

like when i got my nose pierced….and thought i might have to amputate it…

or from the time my kids crank called 911 and the fire department showed up…

{hey…at least i got to watch a really HOT fireman have a “talk” with my kids}

or what about that one time…you remember the one…

when i left my kids unattended outside of T.J’s for a split second….and was accosted by someone

who said they were from Child Protective services…..oh yeah…i remember that one vividly.

Thank goodness that was a good year and a half ago…because i still have nightmares.

They don’t have wine in jail…so i don’t think i would do so well.

You’ve also hung in there when i do my little fashion shows…

and show you some of my “what i’m wearing”…like my favorite $10 Target dress….
to some of the places i’ve gotten to travel this last year…

like going with my family to Hawaii for three whole weeks…..

{by the way…i want to go back….really bad….just letting you know}

to taking my kids skiing for the first time at my parents home in New Mexico…

or heading to France with one of my Β besties….

and taking Lola on a girls only weekend up to Minnesota.

You’ve been around when i’ve had some of my friends…

The Real Housewives…..over for mimosa’s…

You’ve seen me take my kids out dancing in the streets on one day….

then handing out money and words to those in need on another.

You’ve been really encouraging when i talk about how i used to be a size 4…

but now i’m a little thicker then i need to be….

and i can barely squeeze into a size 8….

but bryan still bought me a Victoria’s Secret gift card for Christmas…

so it really Β must not be that big of a deal….


or maybe he really doesn’t want me to keep eating Mason’s ice cream…

because i think we….

{cough cough}

have gone thru at least 6 gallons this week between us.

I’m a mini {van}….not a mini {cooper} driving mom…of three…

who might rather be driving a 1989 Jeep Wagoneer….

but as of right now….

i’ll be ok with what i have….

because i can fit a whole bunch of screaming kids in this thing.

{even though someone…and i’m not naming names…but they cut the cord of one of the sliding doors..

and now the left sliding door does not open….but who cares right…it’s a car..and it runs}

I’ve caught my kids in compromising situations this year….

and had to show you some of them…

and i truly love that i can….

you know…

show you without judgement.

Because really…i am a mom…just like most of you.

{note to self: get rid of the jelly once and for all}
It’s been a really great year.

So…thank you for hanging out with me….thru the thick and thin…

the good and the bad…and for sure the fun.

Thank you for letting me capture it on film for you….

so…i thought…maybe you would want to capture some of your own events on film also….

because i just love my Fuji Instant Camera.


And…..just one more thing to go with it…..

because you never know…you might want a cute outfit to wear while out and about

photographing your daily events….

Yes…you read that right.

Thank you…..from me to you.

All you have to do is comment. One winner will get the camera and the gift card….and if you decide

to twitter about it…then come back and comment again. Want to link to Facebook?…then you get

to comment again….three chances to win.

So…i thank you….it’s been a great year…and i appreciate each and every one of you.

{even those of you that just lurk…i like you too}




  1. AMAZING! I would LOVE both items, such a GREAT giveaway.

  2. Scrolled ALL the way down to the bottom to comment! Sounds lovely, and you are a peach. I smile everytime I read your blog. πŸ™‚

  3. Facebooked! πŸ™‚

  4. …and tweeted! Btw, my kids have the flu…does that win me any compassion points? πŸ˜‰

  5. Heidi Watts says:

    Tweeted this again!

  6. enter me please

  7. I facebooked about it!/emiliem.home.

  8. How generous! Great post!

  9. i tweeted about it..

  10. Yes, I lurk. I have been reading your blog for over a year now and I love it. I am finally finding my style again after coming out of the dazed and confused “mommy” years. I have three kids and my husband always asks why our daughter is dressed like Punky Brewster. I explain that it’s “vintage” and she has her own style. I want an Anthro card and a new camera. I am getting ready to fly on a plane (not a train:) with three small kids tomorrow and I want to come home and see that I won something. Is that so wrong?

  11. thanks……

  12. Enter me please!

  13. Your blog is a regular read for me. Love all of your posts! Thank you!

  14. Amazing! I love anthro, and would LOVE to win!

  15. And tweeted about it!

  16. Multiply your kids by 10 and that’s what I deal with! I’m a teacher. I love all of my kids as if they were my own. When I’m not wrangling children and teaching them how to be awesome creative individuals, I play music with an indie pop band called Bears. I’ve got your blog bookmarked, so I will be back here to lurk, explore, and look for ideas or just a take a moment to pause and appreciate.

  17. Claretta Kaufman says:

    Love both of these items! Thanks!

  18. Makes my day to read your posts!

  19. Found your blog while googling Paris information a year ago. Instantly hooked. So much fun!

  20. You inspire me to be what I know I can be… A totally cool momma. I’ve been blogging for a couple of years but after stumbling on Lola B’s I decided to stop writing it for my family (who hardly read it…schmucks) and start doing it for ME! I wanna “meet” other cool, hip chicks like you and inspire others to share their lives thru bloggy-land! Hey, I think I just made my 2012 resolution πŸ™‚

  21. Last comment. I’ll take it. I am inspired to have wine party play groups and dress up. Decorate the house to make us happy and always be ok with taking pictures even if the boys don’t want to. Love the camera and the anthro. Would you be shocked to hear I have never purchased anything there… NOt that I can think of. I love to look around but, have never pulled the trigger.

  22. Shannon Hermann says:

    would love love love to win it!

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