moments not to be forgotten

Preface: My friend and i were sitting around chatting and we were talking blog talk and

it was brought up that it’s not a good idea to leave a blog post about how one of my kids had LICE

up for more then 2 days.

It’s been 28 days.


So thank you Jamie.

We have had a very busy last few weeks around here….

and i feel like i should apologize for not keeping up with my blog…..but i live a different life now…

and getting up first thing to post a blog is long gone…..i’m sorry my faithful friends.

I will try and get a post out when i can……but with my phone with me 24-7….it’s just so much easier

to instagram my daily photos and such then to put it all down here on the blog.

So much is happening and has happened though…that i will do my best to get everyone all up to speed.

First and foremost… MIL is on Facebook now…..

she sent me the email yesterday and asked me to be her friend… i gladly accepted her request.

There goes my facade as a wonderful mother to her grandchildren and bend- over backward wife to her

amazing son.

I have a feeling she finally joined facebook because she got tired of waiting around for me to blog;-)


Let’s get some cocktails going around here….

are we good?

Yes. good.

Lola was in her first ever musical/play.


even though the play/musical was last month….it’s never to late to show off some of the photos….

sort of like the late show with David Letterman but not really.

Speaking about late night shows…..

has anyone seen the movie ‘Life at 40′?

I’m not 40 yet…..i’m still 38…..but it’s right around the corner and as far as i know my husband doesn’t 

take viagra…..but speaking about Viagra… brought up a moment from my past that needs to be written

down because it’s one of those things that shouldn’t be forgotten in the little details.

Once upon a time i lived in Vail Colorado and worked as a back office nurse for a family practice

doctor who still works there but i will call her Jen to protect both of us.

{let me set the scene}

Since Jen was a family practice doctor….she had to be on call every once in a while.

One night when she was on call…….and i mean had to return phone calls that the answering service relayed to her

and also this is the time that Viagra had just made it’s name on the circuit……

where i think every male in town had made an appointment with their doctor to get this new miracle pill.

Anyhoo…..being the fun and energetic nurse that i was to Doctor Jen…..

i called the answering service that night and spoke with operator who answered the phone.

She asked me my name:


She asked me my husbands name who i was calling about:


She asked me our last name:


{She might have choked back her phlegm at that point….but i forged ahead with the convo……}

and in 15 minutes Dr. Jen called the number she was given and i answered the phone.

Needless to say……no Doctor wants to take a phone call from a patient that has just enjoyed the medicinal effect

of a new pill 8 hours later.

Obviously this post has nothing to do with Viagra……nor does it have to  do with turning 40 but 

what i wanted to tell you is that i will be 40 in less then 2 years and I told Bryan that i want to go to France

for my 40th…..

but i also told him that i don’t have to be 40…..i can be 39 if he really wanted to surprise me.

Damn girlfriends…..that cocktail needs a refill and i feel like i’m been blubbering on and on.


Back to Lola…………

{She was part of the drama club at school and was cast as uncle Duke in the Little Mermaid…..

{the only girl cast as a boy……}

she played the part of Uncle …..the Hawaiian version of little mermaid was a bit different then the movie

version….but non the less… was pretty amazing to see all these 5th and 6th graders acting and singing.




Then a few days after the play/musical…..

Bryan scored a free day with Princeville Ranch Adventures and we did a little zip -lining.

It was really a whole lot of fun……

i might have pee’d my pants a little bit but i think it was worth it.

I also didn’t realize you were not allowed to bring a box of wine with you in your backpack…..

i mean….

who makes up these type of rules is what i would like to know.


{i swear that they named that zip line above King Kong because that was the type of SHEET someone

had when they jumped off and flew through the air for 1200 feet}


This is Katie in the green buckling me in the photo below…….she’s one of the guides at the Ranch….but

she doubles as our sitter when we need one.

My kids love her and if Bryan and i should die ….we decided that Katie will get our kids.…..

we obviously have not told her this yet….

and maybe she won’t answer her phone anymore when i call…..

but we already decided and i’m calling my lawyer tomorrow.

I don’t really have a lawyer….

but we have a friend that is a real estate lawyer… that counts right.

In case i die before Bryan does…..

i found this book that he will need:


It wasn’t till i started back at work a few days a week…….

getting home late and after the kids were already in bed…..that it came to the realization

that SHEET does not get done on those 2 days.

*finishing homework in the car on the way to school 

*laundry that is still wet and now moldy sitting in the washing machine

wait a minute…..

that laundry might have been me……i don’t remember exactly.

anyhoo……got off subject at some point ……

it might be because …….

never mind.

We love Katie……she has a boyfriend that is a lifeguard…..and this summer they are taking us and a small

group to kayak up the napali coast so that i can cross that off our bucket list.

I promise i won’t be swimming this time….

but throw me in a kayak and put a life preserver on me…..

i will be good to go.

Katie doesn’t know they are taking us up the coast yet…..

and she doesn’t know if we die that she will inherit our kids….

but sometimes no news is good news.

check check


My bucket list is getting things crossed off like crazy……

and our 2nd year here is closing in on us.

The kids only have less than 3.5  weeks of school left and we have some big decisions to make.


wait a minute….

i had to double check my calendar….

and yes…it is definitely 3.5 weeks left.

Got some good hiking in the last month now that the weather is drying up around here…..


 got to do some shell searching…….

not to be confused with soul searching…..



We had our 2nd annual Easter egg hunt and pot luck dinner at the beach with friends this year…..


One day Fin will look back on this photo and appreciate that i snapped this early one morning….

and then this last Sunday i was sitting around perusing my instagram and noticed that one of my fav

photographers happened to be here on Kauai for a visit.

I first started following Bryce when i saw him featured on Style me Pretty


I took a chance and emailed him to see what his schedule was like while here…..

but low and behold….he got back to me and said he just happened to be heading to the north shore that evening.

Did i have new clothes picked out for everyone….


were the kids well behaved and snot wiped from their noses….


but we were able to pull it together last minute and we even crashed a wedding reception

trespassed onto private property to get the photos we wanted.

{totally Bryce’s fault……we were just good  bystanders through the whole process}

FYI: no one was injured in the process and maybe…just maybe the caretaker showed up but i will tell you

all about that story when i get the photos back.

good times tan lines

These are just photos from my phone…..but you get the idea…..


some kids had shoes…some didn’t…..

Did i mention that i was able to get Hanalei Don out of the shop for an afternoon of catching up with the girls

a few weeks ago?



oops….wrong photo…..

this is the one i was looking for

the big bad four letter word

i would like to think my third child is sort of cute…..

adorable really

{does anyone remember when he won BEST IN HAIR??}

especially when he crawls into bed with me in the morning for a snuggle before heading out to

the kitchen and demands his breakfast be made.

I always oblige.

Third child syndrome does that to some of us.

{except when you are doing jumping jacks in bootcamp…..because that is a whole different level of third

child syndrome that doesn’t need to be explained}




i realize that today marks exactly one month since i’ve last blogged and i thought this post

would be a great way to reintroduce myself to you.

Hello my name is Kasey

and my third child came home with LICE last week.

So apparently they really do attack the poor and under-hygened kids after all.

Fin and his bestie and one other boy from the class all had LICE ……

except here we don’t call them LICE

we call them UKUS.

it’s a big bad four letter word that in fact does not start with the letter *F*

but sounds just as bad when you say it aloud.


pronounced: oohkoos

or you can just stick with the word LICE and everyone kind of looks at you weird anyway.


The school nurse pretty much said the boys were all high-fiving each other like it was some sort of 

tribal pact that they all three had UKUS.

I would secretly like to think they were happy only because they had been out on Spring Break for the last 

week and a half and on their 

one day back to school before the weekend

that they were actually happy about being able to go home at noon.

but no…… they were going home with LICE.


Now….if you have experienced lice….then i applaud you.

If you have not….then i have nothing to say other then the fact that one day your child might come home with

little black bugs that have invaded their hair.

The worst part was not the fact that we had to deal with the whole treatment of the hair….

it’s the fact that you pretty much have to wash 








but because i’m a freak….i washed everything three times….

and just when you think you are done…..

you start itching like crazy because obviously the whole family is infected.

Didn’t said child crawl in bed with you that very morning?

They weren’t….but still…..i treated everyone including myself and Bryan….

and then i re-washed everything….

threw away all hair brushes and combs….

all stuffed animals and small pillows were stuffed into plastic bags for the next few weeks…

every single corner of the house was vacuumed and washed.

I actually bought all new sheets because i’m that person that just doesn’t deal well with this kind of thing.

then i got out the clippers and buzzed Fin’s hair down to the nub

all by myself

it was a home hack job at it’s best because the charger ran out….but we dealt….





beautiful beach boy hair……till we meet again.

I’m sure this is not quite the post that my mom and MIL were looking for when they called and wanted me

to update the good ole blog….


Fin came home with LICE last week and i just want you to know life is life….and

life goes on around here.

over and out

check check

little moments


 Can i tell you what i love?

I love that my kids love life.


I remember when the movie for Soul Surfer came out and we went straight to the movie theater

…..large popcorn with butter please……

…..junior mints……..

{we were in Illinois at that time when the movie premiered  ….April 2011….

but we had spent three weeks the previous summer in Kauai...July-Aug 2010}

and because we had been in Kauai and knew that they had been filming bits and pieces of the movie

while we were there……

you better believe we took the kids to see that movie opening night.

We were one of about 4 families in the theater.

I remember looking around and wondering where the hoards of people were that wanted to see this

movie about a girl who gets her arm bitten off by a shark.


I guess the movie grew as it stayed in the theater….buy anyhoo……back to that night…….

we loved it.

I walked out of the theater that night and i knew…..i just knew……Kauai had a place in our heart

and it wasn’t long after that Bryan lost his job and here we are full circle.

We moved here thinking our kids were going to be the

best surfers ever

but guess what……

none of the kids wanted to be surfers.

Lola tried it…..


{damn it if i didn’t absolutely  love her surfboard…..LOVED IT….do you hear me….LOVE}

but she sold that amazing gorgeous board….


and bought two mice with the money she made.


Unfortunately only one of the mice gets photographed……

{if you follow me on Instagram then you know which one it is…}

and apparently he looks like he might have an “IN” with Cirque du Soleil in his future.

And when i show some of her girls heading out to surf…..


Lola is not one of them…..because she would much rather be boogie boarding…..


even though she was the one that seemed like the most excited to meet Sebastian Zietz

who was the triple crown winner…..


it was us momma’s who were even more excited.

{i almost licked him…..but there were children around and i didn’t want to set a bad example}


back to my surf story.

Lola’s out.


i don’t lose sleep over it.

she will never be a surfer.


Mason on the other hand…..


actually enjoys it……

but i’m not losing sleep over it either.

 He’s up for entering any available contests here………

even if it means he is competing with kids that are sponsored and have been surfing for years.

{i like to think that those first few years of having him watch baby Einstein videos was the key…}


Is Mason any good……


he’s really not.

does he want to join the surf team …..


he does not.

Does he beg to go surfing every day…….


he does not.

Was last Saturday the worst surf contest ever…..





because there were really good kids surfing…..

and i mean….

really good.

But the best part of it was…….he just wants to give it a try.

It’s about having fun for him…….it’s not about the competition……even though the last contest…

he made it to the 2nd heat which was a big deal for him……

it truly is about perspective.

I sit and watch these parents of kids who’s life is surfing…….

{think toddlers and tiara’s but on a beach}

because if my kids life was all about surfing i would be writing all about how awesome my kid can surf….

but they don’t…..and can’t.

and i’m okay with it.

But damn it…..i still dream about that surfboard that Lola used to own.

{did i mention we have mice instead now?}


Anyhoo…….Surfing is a way of life here……

so is boogie boarding and swimming and being in the water.

I am getting really close to actually putting a surfboard in the water……


but till then….

i’m still holding out hope for Fin.



but no matter what….….

 we bottle these little moments up ….they are fleeting…..and turn into memories…

and we celebrate each of these moments. 

{celebrating the non-win in the surf contest…..because that’s how we roll….}

Its this thing called life.….and we love every minute of it.

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