not normal

What happens when a blogger stops blogging?

The world doesn’t end…….

that i know. It’s a fact.

A writer never stops writing.

A cook never stops cooking.

Kids never stop whining.

{maybe one day they do….i’ll let you know}

I wish i had some sort of mighty plan that i was going to lay out here today ….

but nope….

i don’t have any newsworthy anything to blog about but here i am…..

peeking my head in to say hello….

and i realize it’s been months since i last blogged…

and it might be months more till you see another post….but today i am here.



I told a few of my friends that today i would blog…..

and that was a few weeks ago….and here we are the beginning of middle of August

so i’m pouring myself a cocktail since i just got home from work

and as i sit here there are a pile of dirty dishes in the sink….

a skinny margarita was what i just poured if you must know

{and yes….it’s my new drink of choice}

 just so we are up front and honest from here on out….

this isn’t the blog for you if you have a problem with fine boxed wine.

or vodka

or tequila.

There are lots of amazing blogs out there where moms don’t drink or feed their kids gmo’s or

fake call into work sick or crash weddings or move their families to an island with no regrets….

or take photos of  their kids pet mice or hijack the mannequin from work.

Tons of amazing blogs out there…..that don’t do that type of stuff.

I’m not one of those.

The Buicks are not that normal….we admit it.

not normal


as a matter of fact….

after just one week in his new private middle school…..Mason’s teacher up and quit.

not normal

It might have been due to the fact that Mason is a horror child……maybe

or it could have been the fact that 30 kids…a brand spanking new school and curriculum sent her over the edge.

Who knows…..

but today we have a new teacher and i feel good about it.

We feel good about it.

and most importantly……life goes on right…..

this is our life


I just want you to know that i have not fallen off the deep end.

I’m here.

Life has taken over……we’ve had a great summer……and the kids started school this last Monday…..

a few weeks ago…..

which was a blessing.

I am not one of those moms that took a million photos and hash tagged them





I am not that mom.


shoot me

right here and now.

I just want to make it clear.

we fall in lust

we fall in love

we get married

{or we don’t get married}

we make babies

{or we get dogs and cats}

if we have babies all that is embedded in our brains is that the time will fly and the next thing you know your

kid is getting married {or not} themselves and you wonder where that time went.

Whatever happened to just enjoying those moments and looking back on them with fond memories instead of 

constantly saying…

“omgoodness….where did the time go”????

it goes people

faster than you can blink.

I think it makes us feel better……and now we can hash#tag everything with


I actually was excited for them to start school

I love my kids….i do….honest.

{and kudos and a million to you homeschooling momma’s out there}

but my kids belong in school and if it was a year round school then maybe you would have seen me

blogging a bit more but no….we had 2 months off and of course we did enjoy every minute of it….

but sheet howdy

summers around here can be long.

Groundhog day long.

Fin and Lola started right back at an elementary school somewhere in hawaii

3rd grade and 6th grade

not normal

who the hell gives out their kids elementary school name right?

i do.

waving her hand high….

guilty as charged.

Like you wouldn’t be able to find my kids

but trust me….you don’t want them.

Fin still doesn’t wear underwear and lola now wears boys shorts and Mason smirks and rolls his eyes……

and the last time i checked…..

they had been out of toothpaste for a month but considered brushing their teeth with just water and a toothbrush


not normal


The first day of school was amazing.

I woke up early….i sang….i took a shower….i might have even shaved my legs.

I made everyone lunch….i even made a pot of coffee and had 3 cups before even one child woke up.

The first day was beautiful.

I even had my 2nd annual Kauai moms and mimosas get together……

which officially tell me that we have been here 2 years.

2 years



The first day of school was beautiful.

I even went to work as usual….at 2 o’clock….and feeling mighty fine after 8 or 10 mimosas.

I am that girl

I think i even had my best sales day ever.

or not….hard to remember….


actually not…..i just double checked.

But those mimosas were good….damn good….and the kids were back in school.

That is till i got a phone call at work from bryan asking me if he should take Fin to the doctor

because his eye was swelling and the rash that he had on his belly was starting to spread.

He asked me why i sent him to school……

so i asked him if he wanted sex ever again.

not normal


The weekend before school started….Fin had what looked like bug bites on his stomach…..

and those bug bites spread a little so that on the first day of school he had 3 or 4 around one of his eyes.

By the end of the school day his eye was starting to swell and the bumps on his torso were looking raw.

Bryan took woogie to the doctor.

Bryan’s first time ever to take one of our kids to the doctor.

An award in heaven was given that day…..

Anyhoo……back to Woogie….

{think woogie from the movie “something about mary” }

 we nearly put him on a plane to Molokai  to go and live with the lepers.

Fin had blood work…was put on 2 different antibiotics missed the rest of the week of school….

and come to find out a week later that it was caused by the sap of a Mango


mango sap rash

don’t google rashes……it’s not a good thing to do…trust me

but apparently the sap of a mango is the first cousin once removed to poison ivy.

As of today….Fin is back to being Fin…..and that’s a good thing.



We’ve made some great new friends over the course of the last few months……

and everything just seems to be falling into place.

What i’ve learned in the last few years…..and i can offically say YEARS now since we hit the two year mark

in the last few days is this:

we love our life….we do.

beach life suits us.

I love that i can get up in the morning at the crack ass of dawn and take them to jump off rocks into salt water

I love that i can take them on 8 mile hikes to waterfalls

not normal



i love that all three kids signed up for the Hanalei bay swim challenge and completed it…..


even though two of the three children go out and said they were never


ever in the history of the world going to do that ever ever again.

But that day…they did it.


This summer we could only afford to send the kids to one week of tennis camp…..

apparently i was the only happy one that they were going to camp

not normal


On july 11th….

bryan and i hit our 15th year anniversary.



So we did what any normal couple would do on their anniversary…..

we tried to go out to dinner.

There is this chef named Justin and he bought a food truck and named it Kauai Ono...

 rented some property in the middle of Hanalei

where he parks the food truck but 2 nights a week serves a 5 course dinner under a pop up tent.

Word on the beach was getting around and so i called to get us in.

Justin said it was a good week or two wait.


That’s what i get for calling the week before our anniversary.

sheet sheet sheet

Then i emailed Justin on Wednesday

{the night before our anniversary}

and asked if he had any cancellations for the following night and he 

got right back to me that he just had 2 cancellations for that night. 


It was 5:30 when he called.

Dinner was at 6:30.

We were at our pool making out we were watching the kids swim.

We had 45 minutes to shower…..feed the kids dinner….

get a movie situated for them

aka: meet our babysitter for the night

{and because it’s against social media law to actually say aloud that you left your kids at home alone

till after the fact that you actually did so}

not normal

I showered….but didn’t have time to blow dry my hair…..

quickly threw on something….i don’t remember what…

while i was making some Kraft mac n cheese and realized i didn’t even have milk….

so i used sour cream instead of milk and guess what????

no child even knew.

{the truth my hand is sitting on the bible……it worked and no one knew}

Bryan and i flew out of the house…..and last minute realized we didn’t have wine……

so i ran back into the house and looked at our empty  box of fine wine so we had to bring out the good stuff.

I had photographed a family the week before that was visiting from Napa…..

and they surprised me with a real bottle of wine.

The kind of bottle that has a real top…the kind you pour from…..not the kind you twist the nozzle and it streams out of.



We arrived right at 6:28

not a minute late……but 2 minutes to spare.

I think we were the only locals that night…….

{we are allowed to call ourselves locals now that we’ve lived here 2 years….

my kids just confirmed that for me}

My hair was still wet….

and Bryan put his hands together started saying a little prayer

that there were would be little Mason jars on the table 

for both wine and water to drink out of……

He seriously loves when i get up and start taking photos.

Ask him.

He loves that sheet.

One of the best parts of the evening was when we sat down and the couple sitting next to us

introduced themselves as blog readers.

i kid you not


here we were on our 15 year anniversary dinner and we were sitting down with a couple that 

knew everything about us…..but by the 2nd course…..

they knew that we were horrible parents by leaving our kids at home by themselves

and the facade was gone.

We couldn’t act fake and had to be normal.

We drank toooo much wine and had tooo much fun and made new friends under a tent in the middle of the pacific.

not normal



 Here we are….back to the time at present.

It’s the middle of August…..almost the end…..

and life keeps puttering on for us.



  1. not normal works. continue on….

  2. You had me at no sex-#loveyourhonesty.


  3. thank you for this…i am living my ‘escape from the mainland’ fantasy through you and wondered what i would have been up to all summer if i jumped…it was beautiful!

  4. Jamie Parker says:

    It’s about time! ❤

  5. Good Morning Kasey, I love your posts, no matter how close or far apart they are …and your life is yours – who cares what anyone else thinks. Sounds like someone may have said something negative about you, your blog and your life – or they hurt your feelings= screw them, right? Look at all the people who like & love you, who love to read your writing – don’t count those tiny few who don’t. People who say anything negative about YOU say negative things about everything; those poor unhappy miserable judgmental people. ….Now, keep writing when and how you want, keep making us laugh & see Hawaii in a wonderful real way and keep doin your thang. So many of us adore you~ Happy Anniversary! and Happy Wednesday in Hawaii! oh! and thanks for sharing the tent dinner, awesome! never heard of it. your blog reminds me of an old hawaiin saying: Eia Au, Eia ‘Oe Here I am, here you are. 🙂 Enjoy.

  6. yea!! so glad you shared and always appreciate that someone else out there is “breaking the rules”! Mahalo

  7. thanks for blogging! go good to hear your voice. not normal is not a big deal, no one is normal so you are normal. continued joy and peace over there. ps so glad Fin is feeling better, and the kids are back in school. xox jody

  8. Miigwech for letting me into your lives. I enjoy every moment… and soooo wish I was brave enough to take the leap. You see I have an obsession with Hawaii My husband built a four season porch we call it our Hawaiian room [ I collect vintage Hawaiiana ?] we are on the four year rotation for visiting each time it gets harder and harder for me to board the return flight. Last year when we landed I was so happy I cried. The flight attendant asked me if I was ok. I replied ” I’m just happy to be home” even though “home” is MN : ). Where I greet people who come through the Starbucks drive with “Aloha” yep they look at me weird some smile but most just want to get out quick. Some day I tell them this will be my normal,Don’t be shocked when you come to Starbucks and you see me working the drive through at 79 years old but living out my life in Kailua Kona

  9. I always love hearing from you. Still think it’s amazing that you & your family are doing what’s best for you! Thanks for sharing your amazing attitude & your humor!

  10. Thanks for not being normal!!!! Love the honesty…….. just sent my baby off to college and I’ve got to admit, it feels good!!!! Sure I miss her, just like I miss her older sister but it feels good to see life progress the way it should and to know they are happy and healthy young adults. Who wants to take care of babies forever anyway? Not me!!!

  11. Yay! I love a good Kasey post. Thanks for popping in 😉

  12. Michelle Wright says:

    I’ve missed your posts. Glad to hear your enjoying your summer and Happy Anniversary. My husband and I are going on 13 years Sept. 9th. Keep enjoying your stay in paradise.

  13. Your posts are so worth waiting for! #missinghawaii

    (P.S. That was my first hash tag…. I don’t think I’ll make a habit of it… )

  14. I’m so glad you are back, even if it’s only today and not till a month or so from now.
    My kids will tell you, if you were to ask what they think about normal: “normal is boring, who wants to be normal?” My husband will tell you that anyone pretending to be normal is the most messed up of all.
    As for me…. my kids went back to school last Wednesday and OMGosh! I got to take a nap this week!
    It sounds like you had the PERFECT summer!!

  15. LOVED hearing from you…we too have the same type of baby sitter wink, wink and I too had to make mac & cheeses just a few weeks ago with sour cream kids did not go for it though. Love your life, I love that you love your life and that as much as we love our cottage french style anthropology so on and so on life we don’t need it we just need each other!!! LIFE IS GOOD LIVE IT!

    Smiles & Blessings,

  16. I’m so glad you wrote a post! I’ve been missing your blog. Your “not normal” is so awesome.

  17. This post is so You! ( I think, but since I don’t know you for reals, I have to assume) Anyway, happy life!!

  18. I absolutely love hearing about your “not normal” family! Sounds devine!!!

  19. Love the stream of consciousness…perfection- thanks for allowing us to live a dream life through you!

  20. Happy to hear from you and happy you are living your life not only blogging as someone else does.
    Love and baci, Monica

  21. yay!! so good to hear from you!

  22. The thing is, your so Normal… Love your blog, your honesty and the fact that you just don’t give a SHEET!

  23. Hey there, loved your latest post. Happy that you guys are having fun and living the island life still. You have to tell me, I am so intrigued by the picture of you two jumping off the rocks…how do you not get smashed back into those big boulders from the waves? Excuse my nervous Nellie coming out, I keep looking at that picture though.

  24. Thanks for bringing us up-to-date on your life. You’re so “real”. I don’t think anyone actually has their sheet together. They just like to appear as though they do. We enjoy your posts whenever they come, just don’t stop all together, okay??? I hate finding a blog that i LOVE to read and then they just stop…
    Thanks for all the laughs!!
    PS. You’re still looking really great. I just finished reading Gabby’s book. AWESOME!!

  25. OH, BTW, I made scrambled eggs this morning with sour cream, and no one noticed!!!

  26. PSS. I hope I didn’t just embarrass myself. You were taking Gabby Reece’s class, weren’t you!?!?!?!

  27. “Sheet howdy” bah hahahahahaha! That’s one of my new favs! Glad to hear from you….funny as always and radiating joy through my screen. Keep livin’ it up. 😎

  28. you remind me of my dearest friend, kate, from california.
    she has been the friend God has used to teach me to accept grace….for myself. I’m so ding-dong hard on myself.

    anywho, i long for the freedom that you have to be who you are, whether people like you or not.
    that freedom comes from God.

    i say sheet now because of your great influence in my life. 🙂

  29. Philicia Martin says:

    I’m so glad you are back!! I have missed you so…..

  30. Susan Yaklin-everson says:

    hi kasey, I love your posts no matter how far in between. You are such a talented writer and such a fun mom. You’ve taught me to cherish every moment with my kids and husband. And to use their time at school wisely! Your every girls wish best friend!
    Thanks, susan

  31. I have never posted to a blog before, but I have been reading yours for the last year and just wanted to say that I love it! The stream of consciousness is funny, engaging, honest, and sounds like an outtake from my own life. Enjoy the island life and know that many of us find your blog a bright spot in our days. We missed you, but your family and your life comes first. Looking forward to reading you whenever you are able to post

  32. Finding out you can sub sour cream in Mac N Cheese (a household staple) AND making the blog (!!!!!); both “not normal”, but both SO totally awesome!

  33. So happy to know the wine helped you celebrate your anniversary! And I love our pictures. And I made the BLOG! And it’s totally “not normal” to be this excited about that…

  34. I just love it so much when you give us an update. Nobody is really normal and it’s wonderful that you admit it. Thanks!

  35. I cry every time you describe the beautiful simplicity of life. It is something my husband and I are always bringing ourselves back to. It strikes a chord deep in my heart. Thank you for posting now matter how frequent!

  36. ps… i don’t know when it happens, because we were NEVER the type to complain about it all going too quickly… but somehow #iblinkedandtheygrewup.

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