lets name this baby

That is my sister in law Bonny up above.

{i stole the photo off of her facebook page….so i hope she doesn’t hate me….}

She is married to my brother Spencer….

it’s obvious that Spencer and i look nothing alike….i still think he was adopted…

but so far no one is coming clean. Spencer thinks i was the one adopted…..

but i just found out the my great grandmother on my dads side was part French….

so there is no way i was adopted. Proof given..

anyhoo….she’s having another baby boy in the next few weeks.

A few years ago i held a “name their first baby” contest…and the name that was chosen was


Oh how we miss that little guy….and i’m thankful that i got to see him when i went back to New Mexico

for my moms surgery…but it makes my heart heavy that my kids don’t get to see their only cousin often enough.

My mom and i thought it would be fun to have another “name the baby” contest…..

they’ve already chosen Jacob as the first name …after Bonny’s dad who has passed away…

but the baby will be going by his middle name.

{just like older bother Preston who  goes by his middle name as well}

So…here are the details:

1. Two suggestions per person

2. They like different but not overly WEIRD names

3. Don’t suggest the names Mason or Fin because chances are they won’t use them

{people did last time and it’s just dumb…..seriously}

4. If they choose a name suggested by you, you get one huge box of awesome Hawaiian goodness

and a $50 gift card to your choice of Walmart or Anthropologie. {your choice obviously}

4. Contest will close the day they name their baby….which could  be tomorrow or in 3 weeks.


  1. How about Fisher or Tate?

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