Girls in Paris…deux.

I don’t really remember what time we actually went to bed that first night….

because Jet lag never hit. I was told horror stories about jet lag…but in reality

i think that we were just so excited that first day to be in Paris…

it never hit.

After our most wonderful dinner of Pigeon…escargot and

lots of French wine…

and i mean enough wine that we when we crawled into bed at

around 1…..that we started laughing.

It might have been the shooting shell that started it…

i don’t really remember….

but what i do know is that someone might have peed her pants

from laughing so hard.

Seriously….we have 9 children between the 3 of us girls.

One of us is bound to have a loose bladder.


we woke up on day two with a bit of an overcast sky…

with our eye’s a bit swollen from the night before.

There was no sleeping in though….

Good Morning Paris!

After a lovely breakfast of Chocolate croissants with our coffee..

we hit the streets.

We hadn’t gotten very far when Simone and I turned around because

Kim wasn’t with us.

She was a few blocks behind….limping.

She had some really cute black ballet flats on that had decided to give her blisters.

I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned this before…

but i don’t do so well with the whole blood and hanging skin thing.

I realize i USED to work in the nursing field…

but what you don’t know is that i was constantly being fired.

It’s not my fault i vomited all over an oozing arm.

I actually tried to pay someone to have my babies for me…

but no one offered.

Luckily for that epidural….i think my ob gave it to me a week ahead

of time….

it sure helped.


Where did my mind go…

how did Kim’s oozing blisters get me on a rampage about birthing babies?

My apologies.


Simone and i looked at each other…then with each of us supporting Kim…

we accompanied her into a pharmacie.

French pharmacies are not like walking into a Walgreen’s or Cvs…


the pharmacies are like walking into an Origins shop.

French lotions and creams…beauty supplies…

and all manned by a good looking French pharmacist.

Kim bought the French band aids…

and tried to get Franc {the pharmacist}

to assist her in putting them on.

Franc did not end up helping Kim put her band aids on….

not even batting her big ole eyelashes helped.

{i think it’s because he was hoping i would ask for his help}

Once we got the blistering oozing mess taken care of…

we headed to the Metro station.

This is the part where i really fell in love with Simone.

{i’m a total advocate of having a second wife….just saying}

Simone knows how to read the metro maps.

we don’t.

we would still be at the airport trying to figure things out.

We decided to head to the Sacre-Cour which is on the north side of Paris…

not because we really wanted to see the most gorgeous church

perched on a hill…

or see the historic architecture….

or attend the mass that was being held when we arrived.


We were going because we had seen someones photo on Etsy..

of the Eiffel Tour from a distance..and knew from looking

at a map that it had to have been taken

from Sacre-Cour.

Note: We have no plans in copying the girl who took this photo…

nor do we have any intention in selling the so called photo if we achieved

the same look.

I state this because once we got to the top of Sacre-Cour…

we realized that we were mistaken.

The French government started building this church in 1873 as a symbol of the return

of self-confidence after the devastating years of the Commune and Franco-Prussian war.

{just a bit of history being thrown out to you}


If you are afraid of heights….then feel free to scroll down a ways.

Kim and i had to climb 300 teeeny…tiiiny steps that wrapped around

and around…in and out of dark halls to get to the top of Sacre-Cour.

Simone decided to wait at the bottom.

Simone was smart.

Simone also met a nice French man while we were sweating our tushes off

climbing the 300 steps to the top.

Obviously…climbing all these steps and almost vomiting because of the fear

of heights didn’t appeal to Simone.

Meeting a French man did though.

Even though we were sweating….

and out of breath…

with the thought of vomiting…


and deathly afraid we might fall off the small ledges..

we made it.


I introduce you to my French lover….

Le Tour Eiffel

I believe i might have had some perfume in my bag…

and spritzed it on for this monumental occasion.

I even asked Kim if she would kiss me…..

just for the sheer purpose of being a romantic…

and seeing the power that the Eiffel had over me.

Kim said…NO…

then she walked away.

I really don’t remember how much time we spent at the top…

not just because we were taking in the views….

or that i could literally stare at the Eiffel all day long…


it was because we had to climb all the way down.

300 stairs narrow little stairs down.

I know for a fact that we lost about 5 pounds on that climb…

and as soon as we reached the bottom

i announced it was time for some wine.

Since it was only 11 am…the girls didn’t think drinking wine sounded like such

a good idea.


So we settled on walking around Montmartre.

It was gorgeous…beautiful…charming.

Full of artists selling their wares.

Signs everywhere stating NO PHOTOS from the artists.

Kim tried to sneak one…..

and was reprimanded immediately and had to delete the photo.

Obviously…no art was purchased from him.

We had our first crepe from a vendor…..

then miandered around the cobbled streets.

There was always somewhere charming to stop and get our Cafe creme.

After our perusing in and out of little streets..we came upon

a sidewalk full of discarded treasures.

We encountered Fabien and his team hauling the contents of

an abanded cellar to the street.

Old French doors….

beautiful paned windows….

stacks of vintage literature.

All being tossed out for garbage.

It was so hard for us to watch this……

knowing all we could do is stand and watch.

This is where we really wished we had purchases a box that we could

ship some of these things back to the states with us.

Oh well….

and i swear i saw the some of the same doors at the brocante we went

to in the south of France!

At least Fabien was nice enough to let us photograph the street treasures…

i even think Kim got a good photo of Fabien and his team for sentimental purposes..

From there we headed past the Louve….

and i waved as we walked by….

then we walked thru Gallaries Lafayette…

{which is the most amazing French department store}

perused thru E. Dehillerin…..

{which if you are like me and LOVE to cook…then this historic quaint kitchen shop is for you}

then stopped for wine and mussles.

A huge vat of mussles…..

and a bottle {or two} of wine.

I believe this is the point where Simone and Kim looked at each other…

then they looked at me….

and stated that…

when in as the French do….

and smoke a French cigie.

I said…..WHOA….

wait a minute….i haven’t had a cigarette in at least 13 years.

Isn’t smoking bad for you…..

don’t you get wrinkles from smoking…

i’m an athlete….i shouldn’t be smoking.

Trouble makers i tell you….really bad influences on me.

{now…if these girls start to dispute the story and turn it around by saying

it was me that suggested smoking the French cigie’s…then by all means..

please feel free to take sides….}


the truth is…

it was me

all me

I held them down and made them buy the French cigies

i was the bad influence.

Shame on me!

It’s amazing they are still talking to me…

There is something about a french man….

on his vespa…

reading the paper…

smoking a cigie.

A well dressed man…that is.

While we were walking around.. we passed by this detective agency…

i thought the signs were fabulous.

It was then we started chatting about French lovers.

I don’t really know how walking by a detective agency…

talking about French vespa riding men smoking cigies…

could get us on the subject of French lovers….

but it did.

Did you know it’s semi normal in France to be happily married…

but to also have a French lover on the side?

Maybe i should call the French president to get the dirt?

Us girls had a pretty open talk at dinner that night….

about our husbands…and lives.

We opened up our hearts and chatted life.

All it took was walking by a detective agency to do that…


The following morning we decided…


We were given a numerous amount of places recomended by friends of

places to buy our macrons. On the top of the list was Laduree.

We had walked by it the day before…

but we were told that we had to try Pierre Hermes for their macrons.

Pierre was to have had the best macrons in the city.


we took a taxi….then walked about 500 blocks to find Pierre Hermes….

only to walk in and i am sure that their macrons were fabulous…


the feeling of walking into Lauderee was vastly different.


I could say it over and over.

The packaging was gorgeous….

the little pink and green boxes remind me of the little blue box.

{not that i’ve ever recieved anything in a little blue box…}

I have since dreamt about the salted caramel macrons…

i think we had barely made it out of the shop and down the street before

we had eaten every single one.

Real French macrons from Laduree.

I used to tell my girlfriends that the macrons from Trader Joe’s were good.

I even thought i would go to T.J’s and fill the famous little pink box with

macrons fro my friends…considering i ate EVERY single macron within minutes..

but …really….

what kind of friend is that?

{it’s not out of the question though…not yet}

I believe i even ordered the macrons myself that day….

“Je Veux un avocat”…

but i guess i ordered wrong….

i ordered a lawyer.

Simone had to step in and help me get the caramel macrons…

because really…..

what good would a lawyer do me.

After we chowed down on our macrons…

we walked by the Arc de Triomphe…

and headed to Champs-Elysees.

The Champs-Elysees is a busy street full of high end shops

and restaurants.

Beautiful…but i prefered the smaller quaint boutiques tucked

in and around the cobblestoned streets.

We walked it though…to say we did.

I believe our feet were going numb at this point…

at least Kim’s feet were.

This is really why the French stay so thin…

they really do walk everywhere…

and they smoke.

But they like cheese…

and i like cheese…

so i don’t get it.

I walk to the mailbox every day…

i walk from the car to the market.

why am i not skinny?

Maybe i should start smoking those French cigie’s again.

{i might not have a husband though….}

We made it back to the hotel and had just put our feet up.

I think we had only rested for about…


a minute…

before Kim and I decided we had to head to a cemetary.

We knew of the famous one where Jim Morrison is buried..

but we wanted one a little more simple.

It was 5:30..and we knew the closest cemetary closed at 6.

Crazy…i know….

but Kim and i have a love for old…

a love for beauty.

We walked around and took in the beauty.

It was peaceful.


full of history.


There really was life here…

dating back to 1600.

We did make it over to see Le Tour Eiffel in person.

I tried not to kiss it……

or kiss Kim for that matter.

to be continued…..


  1. Kasey, this was such a BRILLIANT read, I am laughing out loud, seriously!! Very very funny!

    FABULOUS photos, love the shots from the top of Sacre Coeur, WOW! (Altho I did still prefer being chatted up by my French/Italian/Brazilian artist…who wouldn't?! ;))

    Those macarooos…..SOOOOOO good!

    The walk to Pierre Herme….LOL at that!! πŸ™‚

    Love the one of the cool guy on the scooter – didn't know you had snapped him, but should have known you would have!!

    This was such a good read….thank you!

  2. Ticking and Toile says:

    Sounds like such a fun time! You are just too funny & I'm sure you are a blast to run around Paris with! Lovely lovely pics!


  3. 1 Funky Woman says:

    What an amazing story! The three of you are a hoot! I think Kim should have let you kiss her, I would have!

  4. Dreamy Whites says:

    I have been checking every hour to see if you have posted. You are the funniest girl. I love all of your photographs, and will be looking at this post over and over again, and of course reading it again for a good laugh! I need to let my sister know you posted! She just had baby number 9!
    Thanks for sharing can't wait to read your next post!!
    take Care,

  5. Privet and Holly says:

    Felt like I was back in Paris and walking alongside you….and I always get blisters on these types of trips because you want to look CUTE and not like a TOURIST (even though you are)! I'd NEVER want to go to bed with so MANY diversions for the mind, palate, eyes and SOUL. Thank you for the little getaway!! xx P&H

  6. Kimberly says:

    very fun.
    You made beautiful memories.

  7. Susie from Bienvenue says:

    Another great post brought to us by Miss Kasey…I think I need to update my passport. You know ..just in case you plan on taking another trip soon. I will hide away in your bags. I will learn French but I will NOT smoke a ciggie ha!!

  8. KarenSue says:

    Kasey, What a great trip. I'm going, I'm asking my friends who wants to go with me and you will be our guide. Can't wait for more.
    I'm sure you are still on the high of it.
    Hope you enjoy your week.

  9. I am just loving reading this Kasey! You are a great storyteller. I had to hop over here this morning because I just knew you had posted another excerpt of your trip. You are making me so antsy to go!!!

  10. …am developing slight to serious crush on you and how you are sharing your dreamy getaway…you had me at paris…desperately waiting for the next chapter…

  11. *swoooooooooon***

    I was in Paris.. once… as a backpacker.. in December!! =)

    lovely lovely…

    So much lovelyness in France!

    I am so taken by the beauty in those old cities!! makes a girl want to live in Europe for a Spring and Summer… doesn't it!!

    looking forward to more!

    Jenn~ Seizing My Day

    (in boring ol Olympia Wa) ha ha!

  12. The Weathered Bungalow says:

    Oh my gosh I was laughing out loud! You are hilarious! I am sure you had an amazing time and I can't wait to read more about it!

    xoxo, Meredith

  13. City.Cottage store says:

    Did you know that one day well watching the Tyra show …(I know I know)
    There was a lady on there that married the Tower! hah she had an obsession with the tower, and flew people out and had a ceremony and everything! .. um weird I know.
    Just some useless info, lol
    love the post's cant wait to see more, and live vicariously through you.

  14. Simply Mel says:

    When will the "Kasey takes Paris" book be published? A must.

  15. Kasey, you are a brilliant writer and photographer! Thanks for sharing such a joyful time!!

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    I am loving these posts on Paris. Makes me feel like I'm right there with you all. Wish I had been, but that would have been weird since you don't know me. You would have thought I was stalking you…
    Can't wait to read more!

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    Oh I'm so jealous – love your Paris posts.

  20. Kristine says:

    I too, like Maria, have been checking back very regularly for your Day Two story. And you didn't let us down. My kids were wondering why I wasn't starting the car after picking them up from school – I had to finish reading your post first! Thanks for sharing.

  21. littlebyrd says:

    You have me yearning for a Gitanne Blonde ciggie πŸ˜‰
    I am just so much loving hearing all the details of your trip. Would you consider going again. with me? πŸ™‚

  22. oh dear lord HAVE MERCY!!!
    i love these photos
    the tower…oh my

    kissing kim-you never cease to amaze me
    surely bryan laughs nonstop at you

    i LOVE these shots
    can i have a 40×60 on canvas, to go please?

  23. Rochelle says:

    Loving the stories – I am enjoying reading your accounting of your trip tales – so fun! So many memories for all of you to look back on…

  24. Preppy Mama says:

    Beautiful photos, but your stories are always the best!! So glad you had a great trip can't wait to read more!!

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  26. hometown girl says:

    gorgeous pictures, thank you for sharing them! susan

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    Buonanotte, Anna.

  28. Ski Team says:

    Fabulous – just the right amount of humor, romance, shops, wine and of course ciggies – bad girl – Bryan will not be happy – Seriously you have talent girl – keep writing, keep posting and you could be the next Julie & Julia movie but more appropriately names Kasey & Eiffel….love you girl, Auntie Linda

  29. Kasey

    Just lovely! I am enjoying living Paris through your blog – until i go back that is:) Hopefully very soon.

  30. i honestly feel like i went with you. great narrative. amazing photos. did you use your battery grip?

  31. Excellent post! I love all the pictures and the memorable run through.

  32. So far no cemetaries and too much garlic chicken to kiss Kim. She's going home tomorrow (smoke clouds allowing). Think I'm going to cry … boohoo.

    Ps – Ask her what she thinks of suits now she's seen Skippy and Beaker…

    PS Kim says you're a big fat liar and she did. NOT. ask the pharmacist to help her with her band aids… Not sure I believe her – she's been asking suspiciously to go into a large number of pharmacies since reaching Toulouse

  33. Christina says:

    I love reading about your trip! The comment about the pharmacy … totally took me back to my trip to Paris with my hubby. I'd been drinking sooo many cappuccinos in our few days there that my ulcer started kicking up BIG TIME. It got to a point where I could hardly stand up straight. My hubby went to the nearest pharmacy and was trying to explain to what was wrong with me. One of the ladies asked, "Does she need to Jerr-ie?" My hubby said, "Jerry?" She said, "Does she need to … shit?" My husband almost died laughing. He said no, no … and was finally able to explain what was wrong. (My hubby was laughing b/c he was thinking how funny it would be to play a trick on me.)

    He told me the story at the hotel while I was waiting for the medication to start working. Then we went to Montmarte to pick up the painting we paid a lady an obscene amount to paint for us. She pulled us away from the other painters … took us down an alley to unveil the painting. Dear Lord … it was AWFUL! We smiled and thanked her. As we were walking away I told my hubby, "We were just jerried on." :o)

    *I have no idea how the french word is spelled … it sounded like the name "Jerry". But with a French accent. :o)

  34. I am truly enjoying your adventures..more, please! πŸ™‚

  35. What a cheerful romp through your days. Perhaps you should write a childrens book: I love the lyrical way you do prose.
    By the way..FedEx is in case you ever find gifts by the side of the road agin. πŸ™‚

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    Thanks for the fresh view of the the Eiffel tower!

    Love, Katy Noelle

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    You are too funny!
    I kept hoping for a Kasey sighting in Paris, but alas it was not to be. I am in serious with drawl from those yummy carmel macrons!
    Your images are gorgeous.

  42. FEDERICA says:

    Oh Kasey! Your photos are gorgeous! Thanks for sharing them with us!! Looks like you had a lot of fun in Paris!

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  45. Champagne/StitchPoet says:

    Oh gracious, jealousy is not pretty…but here I sit, dreaming of adding my name to the list here in your post…keep in mind, I would have smoked that cigie and might have even kissed you at the Eiffle! I do have an oil hanging over my front hall chest that my hubbie and I bought on our stroll through Montmartre that is that red restaurant.(could it be?!) And a beautiful mixed media piece hanging in the dining room…oh the memories that this post has shaken awake!!! Think I'll have to take photos of these and post them on CrushParty just so I can pretend I was with you girls and that you're my best friends…so jealous! Ok, envy sounds better…can't wait for the "to be continued!"

  46. love living this trip through you. I think blisters would be the worst though and the macaroons may be the best!

  47. I love your photos.
    I love the way you write.
    I love it all!!!

  48. Once upon a time, a girl went to Paris…and oh the adventures she had! Sounds like another wonderful day spent in France. I've only been there once and I was sixteen, so my "adventures" weren't quite the same; but thanks for the stroll down memory lane anyway:) Fabulous photos, too!

  49. you are BRILLIANT my friend !!! Love reading your journey … seriously publish worthy !!! LOVE LOVE !

  50. mimi charmante says:

    no words. really.
    I am now DYING to get home and post, if only to "clear a few things up"…
    good of you to omit the true kissing parts!
    seems I will be flying out tomorrow.


  51. Hillary Heydle says:

    Kasey, so much fun. And such beautiful photos! I can feel your every step. Thank you, thank you!!! And I am in LOVE with your French Lover, La Tour Eiffel!!!

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    oh my!! i stumbled upon your blog and i must say that i LOVE it. i love your photos, stories, and especially the french-inspired whimsies!!!! now i'm craving some macarons…i adore them so!

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  55. Marina at Shabby Whites says:

    How fun! Trip of a lifetime and how great to be with friends!!!

    You sure no how to tell a story, and the photos are fab. Off to read more. Thanks for sharing. Paris for me…..I've always dream one day, I'm even more convinced now.

    All the best.

  56. Parisienne Farmgirl says:

    Sounds like you had a wonderful time…I can relate to much of what you have written here. There is NO better workout than a French staircase be it church, monument or apartment.

    It's been too many years for me but I am saving to go again – want to take my kids!

    You're right, there is NOTHING like LadurΓ©e. Nothing. I have been making and selling macs thru my blog – they are a ton of work but so delicious!

    Little tidbit – The French word for "tower" is masculine (le tour) but the Parisians love the Eiffel tower so much and so, affectionately they call it "la tour Eiffel".
    I have always found that so endearing.

  57. red ticking says:

    funny, gorgeous, precious…love it all… xx

  58. lovely way of writing!! i wanna visit Paris now..!! πŸ™‚ probably will; sometime soon!! πŸ™‚ loved loved it!!

  59. stacy di says:

    What a fabulous trip! Love reading it all!!!

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    I agree with all of the above!
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  61. BellaRosa says:

    Amor, another wonderful Paris post…I was laughing the whole time, what is it about visiting a beautiful place with your amor and everything being about the nuance of romance…but to visit it with a wonderful friend and you see little things that make the trip so memorable, that you might have missed being so engrossed with your amor πŸ™‚ Hmmm since I have no hopes of Paris, I will have to try TJ macrons πŸ™‚ what flavors do you suggest?? I love reading about your adventure…I am on to the next part πŸ™‚ Thank you! Besos, Rose

    ps…what no more pictures of Jean-Pierre? πŸ™‚ Actually I think this part of your adventure was amazing even without him πŸ™‚

  62. So jealous! You did everything I would recommend and more!!! SOOOOOO Fun!!

  63. Cherry Blossoms says:

    One of my favorite memories of Paris is my husband and I buying a 12 pack of macaroons from Laduree, going back to our apt and eating them all in 5min! It was pure bliss! We also stumbled upon the same cemetery. Your photos are amazing!

  64. Bienvenue chez French Girl in Seattle... says:

    Bonjour Kasey,
    This is Veronique, Kim's French teacher, here!
    I had so much fun reading about your adventures in my homeland… I knew our dear Kim would leave some info out… Glad I have your delightful blog to "fill the gaps" πŸ˜‰ Keep them coming! A bientot!

  65. Swoon… Laudree macaroons. The pictures are magnificent. Thank you for sharing and for the wonderful post.

  66. Oh Paris. J’adore Paris! Le Sacre Coeur! My best friend and I climbed to the top of the Sacre Coeur just under a year ago. It was quite the triumph let me tell you. I had just gotten release from physical therapy 2 days before we flew to Paris for an ankle that I sprained really badly and my best friend had just finished physical therapy a few weeks prior after knee surgery. We were running on adrenaline or a bunch of crazy pills or something. We got to the top, came down, then went to the top of the Arc de Triomphe and down then back to the hotel with the broken elevator and us staying on the 7th floor. We both woke up sore the next morning vowing to never do that again…but we didn’t listen. Because when you are in Paris you must go at it full force! How else do you see everything?

  67. Lisa Stevens says:

    I have this sudden urge to see Paris! Thank you for your inspiration. I too have a bestie that I have torn up a city or two with….Next stop…PARIS !!! πŸ™‚

  68. Stacy Murphy says:

    Hi there! I have just come across your blog on your trip to France! Isn’t it amazing??? Your pics are very beautiful…may I ask how you created a “romantic look” for all of you pics?

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