Girls in France….quatre..

We woke up Saturday morning a bit groggy….
i’m not quite sure if it’s because our lungs were filled with French smoke…
or that maybe…
just maybe…
we had too many bottles of wine on our last night together in Paris.
Kim made me promise not to bring up the boudoir shots…
but i feel like i must.
Let me just say this…..
Kim {the uber fab photographer} +
French lingerie+
hotel window=
photos our husbands might want for Fathers day.
{heck…i might even be UNGROUNDED when Bryan receives his}
after a teary goodbye to our friend Simone who had to head back home to London..
Kim and I grabbed our taxi to Gare de Lyon.
Next stop……train to Avignon.

Luckily…..we got to the train station with
plenty of time to spare.
We bought our train tickets a month prior…
so we had pre-arranged seats.
That works out really nice when there is not a strike going on…
but so far so good as it looked like our train was on schedule and heading out.
The trip took just under three hours…and there was nothing
better then sitting our our train watching the country side
roll by.
That is….till Kim opened up the sandwich she bought from the train station.
The french love their eggs….and as we noticed…put them on everything.
Kim opened up her tuna fish sandwich.
With egg on top.
I had to move seats.
Then i had to open the window.
I hope Kim liked her tuna with egg.
Once we arrived in Avignon…we headed to the car rental.
We rented a manual….because it was going to cost us something
like another $200 for an automatic.
Only tourists rent automatics….
and we are not tourists…we are French girls.
{with camera’s strapped around our necks}

Kim so nicely added me on as a second driver…..
but i think she forgot that i haven’t driven a manual in over 15 years.
I volunteered as the map reader…..
a job that was clearly meant for me.
I knew if for some reason we were to get lost….
life would actually be okay.
Thank god we did not get lost.
{only because i was the map reader}
Kim made for a perfect driver of the manual car…white knuckles and all.
We got on the road…..and headed south to St. Remy…
and we might have even belted out a tune or so…

There are a lot of roundabouts everywhere….
almost every time you think there certainly cannot be one more…
then another one pops up.
And you have to be quick in reading the signs…
and worrying about the other drivers.
The. French. Drive. Fast.
Just when you think they couldn’t get any closer behind you….
they start honking….
or they pass you.
Do you remember the scene in the movie…
The Griswalds European vacation?
Yup….we were stuck in a few of those roundabouts…
and we would go around…
and around…
and around…
till we could escape….because as soon as we wanted to escape…
some French driver would appear out of nowhere and block us…
then it would continue for another minute or two.
This is the part where type “A” doesn’t handle stress very well.
Luckily….we saw a sign that said… Patisserie.
We needed food.
We needed wine.
We needed…..

croque monsieur…..
and quiche….
then we had to photograph it for you….
because French quiche and French croque monsieur…
are so much prettier then ours at home.

Of course it wouldn’t be right if we didn’t show you what

we had after our lunch.

I mean….really.

It would outright RUDE of us if we didn’t tell you about


Chocolate Eclair.

Filled with the most amazing soft whipped chocolate mousse.

There….do you feel better now….i mean…

i was only thinking of you.

As soon as we left said patisserie….
and making sure we had direct directions to our mas…
that’s right….
you read that correctly.
We were headed to a French Farmhouse…..

We stepped out of the car and practically died.

Died and went to heaven.

We were thinking….when do we call our families and tell

them we are now French residents and they have no choice but

to move to St. Remy to be with us.

Bryan hung up on me.

Kim’s husband didn’t even answer the phone.


This rambling 19th-century farmhouse is surrounded by olive trees…

a pool…fountains…and the rooms have original stonework.

{history on the Mas for you}

So….when we walked into the place we were expecting to meet Pierre.

Not to be confused with Jean-Pierre.

Pierre was the “gentlemen” we were having our relations with

on and off for the last few months.

{alright…that sounded totally innapropriate…}

what i meant was…..Pierre was the guy we were chatting with

on and off about our stay.

Instead….me met Karin.

Now…don’t get me wrong……Karin was fabulous.

She gave us a tour of the property…

she gave us directions to the brocante that we were heading to the next day…

she was our hostess at dinner…

she was our sommelier at dinner.

She was Karin.

She was not Pierre.

Kim and i had talked about Pierre the ENTIRE trip.

We knew what he was going to look like…..we knew how old he was…

we knew he didn’t speak great English…but his French was perfection.

We were excited to meet the elusive Pierre….

but instead we met Karin.

Okay….maybe i never spoke with Pierre myself…

maybe Kim did all the talking…

but Pierre took my emails.

Yes he did.

As soon as we walked around the property….
we were given a key to our room.

I could have moved right in…

we were checked in by 4…..
and didn’t have anywhere to go…so we decided to just stay and
enjoy the place.
The french doors opened up to the courtyard…

This was our view from the room……
don’t say i didn’t warn you that this was heaven.

Kim needed a break from the driving….
and i needed a break from the map reading.

The best part of our stay here in this Mas…was the food.

At 7:30 every evening the guests may have dinner in the

dining room of the mas.

On this night…we were having guineafowl.

We were fashionably late.

We even thought…..and i mean.. thought….

long and hard about …

loading everything up from the dining room in the middle of the night

into our car and driving off into the night.

Except we had nowhere to go.

We would have gone right over to Vicki’s…

but she was in Australia visiting her father.

So we asked Karin instead….for the name of the company

where they had ordered the linens….

and she was more then willing to share the info.

No need to steal in the middle of the night.

Kim and i spent our first evening fashionably late to our first dinner.

Karin seated us…..

Karis served us our first bottle of wine…

then we met Jaque.

Jaque was the sous chef….and also the server.

{we do not have a photo of Jaque because we did not bring our camera to dinner…

just think…Paul walker+george clooney}

Jaque made trying new things like sardines and raw scallops bearable.

The guineafowl was like free range chicken…

except it was French free range chicken.

I also didn’t see them tooling around like i did the pigeon in Paris.

Not that i don’t like seeing my birds run free….

but when i have the song from Mary Poppins in my head the entire week…

‘feed the birds….

tuppins a bag…..tuppins….tuppins….tuppins a bag’

it doesn’t make the dining experience much better.

Kim ordered more wine.

I obliged.

I’m a good friend.

After dessert of fromage….

and a trio of chocolate….

with perhaps….a bit more wine and a cafe creme…

we headed back up to our room.

We staked out our beds…..

Kim needing to be closest to el bain….

something to do with having a loose bladder.

oops….did i just give something away?

No…really….she just wanted to be near the bidet.

Trust me….we were the cleanest girls in France that weekend.

After a great nights sleep listening to the fountain in the courtyard all night..

we awoke to a farmhouse breakfast.

French style.


Oeufs with chocolate croissants…

and provencal tomatoes.

{let me wipe the saliva from my mouth….}

We needed a healthy breakfast because we were driving

to the brocante.


i mean Kim was driving us to the brocante..

to be continued….


  1. Simply Mel says:

    Next time…I'm going with you! I can carry luggage like nobody's business!

  2. BellaRosa says:

    The mas was absolutely beautiful! You lucky girls, too bad about Pierre but…being that you got to eat chocolate eclairs and chocolate croissants soo…ie can you tell I am jealous and hungry lol 🙂 Can't wait to read and see the next chapter of your wonderful trip! Besos, Rose

  3. Dreamy Whites says:

    Kasey I love reading about your adventures in France. That farmhouse you stayed at….. Oh my goodness I that looks like heaven. You are too funny. I especially love the ungrounded part of this story! ; )))
    Hope you are having a great week!
    Take Care,

  4. vicki archer says:

    I am so, so sad I missed you……you were so close… must come back….xv

  5. Julie Harward says:

    Kasey…on my blog list is a blog called "paris breakfasts"…I think you might like it. This gal travels to Paris several times a year to do photo work, she has so many neat pictures.
    I love your travels to France, the farm house is really neat…Come say hi 😀

  6. Tattered Goods says:

    One word JEALOUS 🙂 have a great Wednesday,


  7. Kasey, I've been to Provence and had the same feeling and experience, I enjoy so much reading your adventure. Can't wait to read the following part!!!!

  8. The Little Red Shop says:

    So, what do you think is worse on a train to the South of France, a smelly egg n' tuna sandwich…or a stinky strange man in the next seat who won't stop hitting on you? Hmmm….I can't decide. That guy was so creepy I quickly hopped off the train at Marseille and got on the next one…not even knowing where it was going. That was Nice. It really was…Nice!

    I'd like to see a sketch of ol' Paul Walker/George Clooney! Yum!

    : )

    Julie M.

    ps That mas looked just lovely!

  9. Privet and Holly says:

    OKAY….You HAD me at ECLAIR….BUT, oh, that sweet, sweet, SWEET little farm house! I loved every detail. Yep, there are THOSE places on earth that make us think that MAYBE….maybe, we were supposed to live there and not where we DO. Sort of a "switched at birth" type of thing. Loved being along for the ride….and WHAT a ride! xx P&H

  10. Thank you again! After reading this I noticed I really need to travel somewhere this year!

  11. Julie@beingRUBY says:

    thanks for sharing your beautiful photos.. Your trip makes me long to travel again.. that farmhouse is now on my wish list… fabulous!! I did a similar train trip from Paris to Italy… just want to run out and buy a ticket now..

  12. Your photos are so great. I would so love to take this trip, fun to be living it through your blog.

  13. loved this post…and the laughs/smiles I got reading it with your humor:)

  14. I just found your blog from someone's blog roll & I have so loved reading thru your Paris posts. I am heading to Paris for the first time in just a few days. I can't wait. I also see that you have a Lola. I have a Lola, too. She's 3. Can't wait to read more of your trip.

  15. I just think it was very poor form to take a bite out of the eclair before you photographed it!!!!! Did you really have to rub in how amazing and delicious it looked? I am so absolutely jealous of the whole thing (I don't normally do jealousy at all.) Hope the rest of the trip is perfect and I look forward to reading all about it.

  16. you are hilarious…. i'm loving reading this adventure…. LOVE the bedding in your room!!!

  17. Susie from Bienvenue says:

    I dont want this trip to end….I'm enjoying the Country side wayyyy too much~ xoxox Susie

  18. Simply Me Art says:

    OK, I live and drive in Los Angeles and totally Agree with you, the French are the Craziest Drivers I've ever seen. This installment was just Beautiful. XO Jamie

  19. This is one of the best vacations I've ever been on! The only thing that sucks is that I can't taste the food…. drool….

    Gorgeous pictures and fantastic writing my friend!


  20. I've been to France 3 times but it's like I never experienced it the way I feel reading your blog! Thanks for taking me on trip #4! ; )

  21. sigh….
    heaven indeed

    i especially love the touches of purple mixed in with all the neutrals…GORGEOUS

    i'm hungry now
    for some reason…

  22. Ok, you are making me insaaaanley jealous right now. I can't even stand it.

    Am so loving reading about your adventures. Reminds me of my trip to France years ago. MUST.GO.BACK.

  23. i love the matelasse on the beds…and your photos are stunning…especially the first one of the clock in the train station…my favorite…

  24. mimi charmante says:

    I think this might be my very favorite post you do. Now if only it didn't make me miss you, and all of it so terribly… What I wouldn't give to be back there today…
    love you~

  25. Boy ya'll had a blast in France no doubt. This is something you will never forget. Everything there looks so beautiful. I'm so glad that you had fun and were safe.

  26. Wendy @ The Shabby Nest says:

    That room! Oh that room! How fun for you!!

  27. sheer whimsy says:

    this post is FAB. that chocolate eclair looks AMAZING! oh, how i miss france!

  28. Looks sooo lovely & delicious!!!

  29. I think I had to go to France again…unbelievable, its only 5 hours per car far away from my hometown and I never been in Paris (ok, except Disneyland…)
    Best wishes

  30. …by car, isnt it…? I really have to improve my english….

  31. kurt and kari says:


  32. How fun!
    How Amazing!
    Love your Humor as always.
    So glad you two took this opportunity to
    make a friend memory.

    and well…the last image made me hungry for mac and cheese…yes I know it is eggs but has a mac and cheese look but I am certain the dish be it so called eggs tasted divine.

    Love all of your images. They are all beautiful Kasey!

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    Loved this post! I could just see you driving around the round about in circles!! LOL

    The pictures are beautiful.

  37. I have really enjoyed seeing France thru your eyes. Your story telling and photos are fantastic. I don't think I've ever read a blog like this where I can't wait till the next post!

  38. I am immensely enjoying this trip vicariously through your eyes…THANK YOU SO MUCH!

  39. paperbird says:

    Kasy I love reading your adventures to Paris. I was with my husband so- no Pierre for me!

  40. Teresa Sheeley says:

    I don't know, I think I am in complete awwwwe. 🙂 thank you for sharing with us peeps that only dream of going to France and staying in a room with french doors out to a courtyard and chocolate croissants! 🙂 heaven!!

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    C'est juste à coté de chez moi!!!!!



  42. HappyJacki says:

    I love your blog so so much! This is one of my favourite posts ever! Ohhhh, Paris!

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    Hugs ~

    🙂 T

  44. NOW I understand why Kim had to sleep next to the bathroom at my place. Funny though – we don't have a bidet! When you come back (if you can do a runner while you're grounded) do make sure you drop by Toulouse!

  45. what a beautiful place!!

  46. Farmgirl Paints says:

    I would come back sooo fat. I practically transformed into a sumo wrestler in Hawaii. I can't imagine that yummy french food on a daily basis. I don't smoke, so I wouldn't be able to pull off the skinny french thing.

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  49. Valerie says:

    I’m French (no kidding . I really AM !!!) and came across your beautiful blog tonight.
    This post put an ear to ear smile on my face… you’re such a talented writer, I love your humor and I’m still laughing over the keyboard 😀 thanks for making my evening !

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