Girls in France..cinq

I knew we needed a healthy breakfast before heading out for the day….

something about the word chocolate and croissants in the same sentence seemed

like a good fit…..i also hear that those two things together will make a type “a”

girl who clenches her fist while driving a manual car to relax a bit.

I even packed a small box to go…

it didn’t help though.

It’s a wives-tale….just so you know…i googled it when i got home.

We got in our car and headed to one of the sweetest little French villages i have ever been to….


i mean…..the only one i’ve ever been to.

Isle sur la Sorge

What normally would have taken only twenty minutes….took more like  forty-five minutes..

due to the fact that someone’s  fists were clenched on the steering wheel. I was sitting

being the good map reader while Kim was doing the driving when we came upon

a gorgeous castle on a hill.

I said….oh kim…let’s stop and see the castle.

I said….kim…slow down.

Kim….there goes the castle…why didn’t you stop?

Kim looks at me…then looks straight ahead…and says…

you need to warn me at least a good mile ahead of time.

No worries though….i didn’t REALLY want to stop and see a castle.

We arrived in La Sorgue to the streets filled with

people perusing the brocante that had taken over the town.

We found a little parking spot…..and i mean little.

The French don’t think of their vehicles the same way we do….the cars in France are

a means of getting from one place to another…..which is why when trying to parallel park

a tiny car into a tiny spot… is OKAY to bump the car in front of you AND the one behind you.

This is the only time in the south of France that i got behind the steering wheel.

I was given the task of parallel parking our car in the spot the size of a postage stamp.

This is also the reason we bought extra insurance for our car.

I clearly remember the nice man at the rental counter stating that we could return the car

with the bumper hanging off the front as long as we had the “extra” insurance.


Once the car was tucked away in a spot that we only dreaded about how we would

ever get it out….

we headed into the town.


There is something to be said about hitting the brocante in the south of France..

first of all….

i had no intention of bartering for anything.

I paid full price for every.single.thing.i.bought.

I bought a bunch of antique french linens that i am sure the lady i bought them from

was going to go home that night and treat her family to a nice dinner at the most expensive

restaurant in town.

She told me the linens were from her great great grandmothers home…

and that royalty probably slept on them.

So i bought all of them.

Then we found French Provencal soap.

You would have thought we hadn’t bathed in over two years.

I bought bars and bars of soap…..thinking of soaking in my claw-foot tub…

maybe bryan rubbing me down with one of the lemon verbena bars.

First of all….i don’t even have a claw-foot tub.

Secondly….there is nothing sexy about the idea of being rubbed down with a bar of soap.


i have a case full of the most wonderful French soaps…sitting on my table….

next to my antique french linens that royalty once slept on.

I loved this little village….it had a river running right thru the center of town.

It made me think of the movie….’a river runs through it’.

I dreamed i was on the back of Tristans horse…with all my soaps…

but we were not in Montana…we were in the south of France.

Okay…check check….back to reality.

This town was amazingly gorgeous….

i just love how i captured so much sun flare in most of my photos.

Who knew that i used to work so hard to capture sun flare when in reality…

all i have to do now is push a little button and viola….sun flare appears.



After walking around the town….and spending loads and loads of cash….

we found a little cafe to eat at on the river.

We also needed wine.

We didn’t want eggs though….but like i mentioned in an earlier post….

eggs come on everything.

Kim and i were enjoying out meal listening to the river as it flowed by….

talking about our wonderful purchases….when the couple sitting next to us

had their meal delivered to them.

I don’t know about you….but Kim and i have never seen TARTARE up close before.

If you don’t know what tartare is….then consider yourself lucky.

It’s a big lump of RAW hamburger meat topped off with a big ole RAW EGG.

Now….i’m the type of girl that really likes to try new things….i got an A+ for trying pigeon…

i ate guinea fowl….i watched kim eat pickled sardines…i do try.

I guess it was just the fact that the couple sitting next to us devoured the entire plate

of TARTARE with RAW EGG in less than two minutes.

Once the couple left…we lingered.

We had another glass or two of wine….and just enjoyed sitting in the sun.

We were even serenaded by an accordion player.

After lunch we walked around some more….

and came upon a nice man selling colorful rubber toys.

I don’t really remember quite how it happened…but he convinced Kim to

step behind the table and squeeze his pink rubber toy.


That came out all wrong…….sorry!

They were cute rubber toys though….and she did end up selling a few for him.

After we finished shopping for the day and we were out of money…

we tried to find the car.


little french cars in cute little villages all look the same.

Once we found the car we headed back to St. Remy…..

once again driving right by the castle….because the whole kilometer thing still throws

me for a loop…and i didn’t give enough warning ahead of time.

Like i said…..who cares about seeing an old historic castle…..i bet my

french linens were from there also…but really….i hold no grudge.


We walked around St. Remy….which if you ever find yourself there…

you will be taken away with all the beautiful blue shutters and doors.

I don’t know if i ever mentioned this before….

but my mothers side of the family comes from the south of France.

I did some historical work before our trip and found out that my mothers

great great aunts cousin twice removed is from St. Remy.


We found the place where she lives.


Now i realize we should have called her before just showing up at the door…

but really….

how was i to track a phone number down.

The thing is….


there really is no long lost aunts cousin….

we just really wanted to sit in the blue car we found.

Or even have our photo taken next to the car….

but no one offered to take our photo for us…

so we just sat outside this place and drooled.

I don’t even like lace curtains…but i like them now


It was Kim’s idea to put on a little photo shoot….

she’s putting a portfolio together of her work and when she asked me if i would

so kindly just stand against the wall….

how could i say no and turn her down.

That wouldn’t be a good friend now would it.

We pretended she was The Sartorialist…

the problem is…she wouldn’t let me take photos of her.

I told her…i wanted to start a portfolio also.


so…..i had to take photos of her instead…



I can’t wait to show you my portfolio.

After our impromptu photo session we were hungry again.

We needed pastries……from Fredrick…

We sat and ate our pastries out in the courtyard…

and went back in one more time just so Kim could get another shot

of Fredrick for her portfolio……

and i grabbed a shot for mine


{to be continued…}



  2. I want one of those chocolate crossiants! That little antique shop you went to looked amazing! What I love about your trip is sure you went to the main tourist areas but you went off the beaten path and found amazing things!

  3. Kasey,

    I just love all your photos! Sounds like you two had such a wonderful experience. Thanks for the little mini vacation!


  4. thank you for the great laughs this morning!!! So fun and funny!!! I l.o.v.e those blue shutters…they are the perfect blue:)

  5. Too be continued…..The suspense is gonna kill me! France is so gorgeous. I may need to go once my kids are out of the disney stage or better yet maybe I should pull a Kasey and go with friends! Now thats an idea. Those soaps look so gorgeous. It must have smelled so good. How did you get all this stuff back on the plane? Did you mail things back?

  6. Only you make me laugh out loud when I read your posts! I love it. What a wonderful trip you had and thank you for sharing it with all of us. Maybe one day I’ll make it to France! I know what you mean about the cars. I went to England and Scotland once and was amazed at how small their vehicles were, unlike our gas guzzlers here in the US. 🙂 In fact, EVERYTHING is smaller (except their sense of style, of course 🙂

  7. I am absolutely loving your and Kim’s series – SO much fun, and you two seem so lovely. Your photos are gorgeous, too 🙂

  8. Oh how you have me dreaming of little French villages and pain-au-chocolat!!! I’ve been dying to go to France since our last visit 2 years ago……in fact I’m tempted to just up and move there 🙂 Isn’t it just so fabulous? I just love the lifestyle and the sheer beauty that is everywhere you look!

    Thanks so much for sharing your amazing trip! It makes me feel like I was there 🙂 It looks like you had such a wonderful time!


  9. I need a vacation!!!!!! these pictures are so beautiful, soothing, relaxing…….

    Love your blog!! you are wonderful, and I love your sense of style!


  10. Okay, it is out. I have a horrible addiction to sweets – the sweets in France being especially bad… I will also admit, I did become “slightly” stressy when trying to figure out where the hell we were going. That being said, we only remember the good parts, right Kasey? RIGHT???
    It is amazing how gorgeous the weather was while we were there. The way you captured the sunshine in each of your photos is incredible!
    Want to go back this weekend?
    ps. could you not have photoshopped my tongue out of the last photo…? really?

  11. oh you MAKE ME LAFF….out REALLY LOUD….how are we to wait for the next installment- you are soooooo witty, funny & mean!! i cannot wait….i would buy this book- & then lend it to all my girlfriends- and even all the women i don’t know in the school yard- because these tales are sooo good!
    i’ve had the total pleasure of visiting france 4 times- but the south of france only once – for a wonderfully long 2 week stay… is nothing short of heaven……i also took my big gal to paris for her 11th bday…- & she spent the entire holiday *grinning*…i was soo lucky to see her do that…
    ok….don’t keep us waiting to long- and have a lovely weekend…
    melissa 🙂

  12. oh my friend, how amazing
    like i said to kim
    on apparantly the wrong day
    how on earth did you come home?
    actually, wasn’t that the first thing i said to you too?
    love the shots
    you crack me up
    pink thing////oh my word

  13. Kasey, it’s been a treat hearing about this trip from both your point of view and Kim’s! You two really are YING and YANG and the perfect balance of SALTY and SWEET! I saw the picture of the house with the blue shutters and the darling blue car over at MC and it was great to see it again as that is the type of shot that gets you dreaming…..and scheming…..and you cannot see TOO many times! And, you make a FAB French model, by the way!!! xx P&H

  14. again…incredible photos and the ‘narration’…hysterical! i hope this turns into a book one day….i could read it over and over.

    xo rebecca

  15. you have no idea how much i loved reading all this and looking at the “cool”!!!!! pictures. i am a stay at home mom with a 1 and 2 year old… our travel plans to trek to denmark got canceled- when i got preg with my second. i won`t be traveling world wide til never- really. anyways- i love my life but i loved it more waking up to this… and pretending i am traveling there with you and all the other pretty chicks. love the you and the other girl`s style in these pics!! yum eye candy

  16. OK where to start, the linens, the pictures, the rubber toy 🙂 you looking gorgeous in your “model” picutre. It’s all beautiful, thank you for sharing!

  17. Sigh. How I wish every day could be like that.
    Simply perfection.

  18. Ohhh, this is absolutely wonderful! A purely blissful spring jaunt. Such gorgeous, happy, sunshiny photos. 🙂

  19. what a trip! so you catch yourself longing to be back there???? i think i would have issues with my reallity once i got home ……..did i admit that? is that horrible of me??? shucks..i have issues with my reallity after a good movie.

    i need to learn to love the moment i am in.

    but it’s hard after reaking your frenchy posts!

    they are magical!


  20. Don’t worry about the bumps – just call it “parking by ear”.

    Thank you for taking me on the tour with you! There are weirder things than steak tartare out there – if you ever meet an andouillette, run a mile – honestly it is the only thing I haven’t managed even a mouthful of. Think hog farm….

  21. Okay, at the blue shutters, I started silently screaming. It’s just too much! I mean, I love this too much. I have to confess that my heart revved at the start with the mention of choc croissants! Then, you have me laughing OUT LOUD – really! (not just “lol”) You guys and your car! You guys and the people you meet (and pretend to meet i.e. at #4)! Your photos and your adventure! It’s just super, super duper!!!!!!!! Cant’ wait for the next installment!

  22. I would have bought all the pillows too…

  23. I felt as if I were right there with you…amazing photography Kasey! I just did a make-believe (wishing) virtual vacation to the French Provence…someday…*sigh*! Loved it all and your stories always make me laugh.

    Have a wonderful weekend friend,


  24. oh your photos are so dreamy.

  25. Chocolate & croissants…truly yummy! The French certainly know how to start the day:)
    And now, thanks to your wonderful photos and those fabulous shutters, I want to go to St. Remy! But I don’t think I’ll do any driving;)

  26. Ok…that pink toy dude loose like Karl Lagerfeld. hee hee

    I scared my dog when I burst out laughing at you riding on horseback with Tristan…and your soaps.

  27. ok…he “looks” like Karl Lagerfeld…not “loose” like him. sheesh.

  28. I love the picture of the awesome old lady….everytime I see it, Just Dance starts playing in my head. I don’t know why. Maybe it’s the expression on her face and the way she’s posed. She SO wants to dance.

    Anywaaaay….I’ve had too little sleep and too much spray paint… 🙂 LOVE the pictures!

  29. ohhhhhhhhhhhhh….if I click my red shoes… will I be there?

  30. AMAZING… what a perfect day!

  31. I love the photo oh you…ooh la la..very French looking! 😀

  32. I want a french choc crossant…and that daybed all the french linen pillows were on!

  33. Kasey,
    I want those soaps and linens. I love your description of what you were imagining doing with those soaps…

    I hope you guys don’t ever stop posting about your trip to France. It is so much fun to read!

    Take Care,
    p.s. I have seen tartare. We lived in Japan for almost 2 years. I couldn’t believe it when they wanted us to eat that.

  34. Once again Kasey ~ I *almost* feel like I was there. Castles are overrated so no loss there (I say with a grin). The cars are so little over there they are funny! Enjoy your linens and your soap!

  35. hi sweetie,
    what a beautiful set of photos. i love love it here.
    thanks for visiting me, i have left you a little message, on my blog.
    : )

  36. So much fun!
    I think the two of you should just travel to exotic locales and report back to the blogging world.
    Let’s put it to a vote!


  37. Oh you make me laugh!!!

  38. Cute pick of you in the white frilly skirt. PS I vote…….. YES!!!!!!!

  39. wonderful, I love this post, Isn’t France wonderful. I lived there for two years and I have such fond memories. Wishing you happiness. Katherine

  40. Just love these pics!

  41. You do know that those little pink toys he asked Kim to squeeze are in fact ‘anti stress balls?’ Just making sure you knew…

  42. Still loving this story and all the details!!!

  43. *sigh* such an amazing trip! 😉 envy envy! he he

  44. I’m dying over here at the antique shop and the SOAP! I didn’t know I could wish for soap so badly after only having seen it in pictures… but I’ll take it all, please and thanks!

  45. Have just read your french adventures – You sound as though you would be a great friend to travel with – lots of laughing, food and wine. Enjoy your reminscing.

  46. Where’s part 6?

  47. Um, yes found your blog through 320Sycamoreblog and I must say you have been added to my FAVORITES after reading your girls in France Part 1-5. I must go with my best friend and soon. I had so much just reading your posts and I’ve never ever been.

  48. Merci Internet gods! I somehow stumbled upon your blog and have been laughing out loud for the last 20 minutes. I’m also traveling to Paris with one of my dearest friends next summer, and I so look forward to it after reading about your adventures. We will definitely be referring to your posts when we start planning out our days.

    Thanks for the entertainment!

    Also, what kind of camera do you use? Love the pics.

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