Private salsa lesson……

What a guy.

This is Ernesto…..

and sure enough…i showed up right on time this morning for my


SALSA lesson.

I’ve never had a private lesson before…

and when i phoned bryan to tell him…

he was shocked….

dropping the phone.
I tried to tell him that it was a salsa lesson…
but he didn’t get it.

See….i told you i don’t cook…

and i’m pretty much done showing you what i can cook.

I really don’t think i have much else .



the lovely Ernesto told me he wings it with the amounts

that are thrown together here for his

Mango salsa.

In a bowl he combines lemon juice, lime juice, honey,

and some chopped fresh cilantro.

wing it.

don’t email me for amounts.

i don’t know the amounts.


i promise it’ll turn out great;-)

Peel and dice up a fresh mango.

Peel and dice up a fresh papaya…

making sure to discard the seeds.

Add the diced fruit to a bowl…..

dice up a fresh red pepper….

also discarding the seeds.


If you are like me….sometimes i need to read that

because i would probably eat the seeds.

Peel and dice up about 1 tbsp of an onion.

Throw it all together in that bowl…

dice up one green jalapeno pepper…

also making sure

you de-seed it.

unless you want to burn your mouth.

Pour the dressing over the diced fruit……

mix it lightly with a spoon


Ernesto’s mango salsa.

It’s best if you refrigerate overnight before you use it…

sort of like marinating it.

Not only is it fabulous on crab cakes…

but grilled salmon or even as a dressing for salad.
{if you are ever in in St. Charles…make sure you stop
at his place..Diamond Seafood… for some wonderful fish taco’s}


oh…and i didn’t have to wear green today because i have a child named Fin.

His name is Irish.

I’m not.


  1. Beautiful site! Thanks for the recipe. I have 6 ripe mango’s waiting to become salsa!

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