Peep houses

On occasion…i will sit down with my children and do something that requires me to actually be a

hands-on…fun…totally cool…mother.

I might even win a ‘mother-of-the-year’ award this year.


I’m not counting on it though…because my youngest…


let’s just say i have to have a small little conference with his teacher next week.

Anyhoo…where was i?

Oh yes….fun mom comes out every once in a while…and that would be me.

We made these little Peep Homes last year for Lola’s girl scout troop…and i thought i would

share them with you all.

You will need some graham crackers….i use the real deal….not the cheap ones because they break easier.

You will also need some squeezable white cookie frosting {wilton} to hold the graham crackers in place.

{i find the frosting at Joann’s or Target}

I find the candy grass at Target…

….and peeps are everywhere right now.

I like to try a few of the peeps first though… know…to make sure they are NOT poisoned.


My kids like to decorate the homes when we are done…so just find some little candies to use if you

decide to decorate the homes as well.

{i normally frost the sides..put the house together and have it sit overnight before adding candy}

Sometimes i will eat the candy while my kids put the houses together…and it’s been known…

that on occasion….that there is no candy left.

And voila…….the end product…’re very own….

Peep house


  1. These are so cute! I had no idea they even MADE candy grass… I may need to look into this.

    • candy grass is from Target…when they put out the easter things. {this post of from last year….just so you all know}

  2. LOVE! Seriously love.

  3. OK..I think I’m going to throw up cuz I am just THAT excited!! lol! LOVE your motto “when in doubt…go all out” I am TOTALLY gonna be stealing that from u. Is it stealing if I tell u I’m doing that up front? Also…PEEP HOUSES? You don’t CRAFT? You SHOULD! PEEP HOUSES?! I’m thinking…I have to do a project for my 1st graders class next month and this will fit.the.bill! Where did you find candy grass??? ACK! I’m on a sugar high just looking at it! Love your stuff!!!!

  4. Super cute! Have got to get some of that candy grass for some Easter projects.

  5. So cute! Where do you find candy grass?

  6. I am coming over from Today’s Creative Blog – and helping shower you with love from there. This is so adorable!!! I am your newest follower – can’t wait to read all your other entries!

  7. aww poor lola! Hope she feels better soon. LOVE the peep houses!! Adorbs!

  8. I just found you over at Today’s Creative Blog. This is the cutest idea ever! I’ve gotta get me some of that candy grass. So fun!

  9. how cute I cant wait to try these

  10. These are so cute! My little girl would love them. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  11. Oh. My. Goodness. FABULOUS! You have totally {won} “mother of the year” award in my book! I cannot wait to try these!
    And ‘grass candy’? Say What?!

    Thanks for sharing!

  12. Adorable! I love it! Unfortunately we missed out last year, but so glad I found your idea for this year! We’re going to make these with cousins this weekend. FUN, FUN!!

  13. wow..awesome, going to test it on my kids and then maybe our NFP holiday programme for eater…really really cool! thanks !! I saw it on pinteresst:)

  14. Found you through Pinterest!

    Love this idea! Thank you for sharing. 🙂

  15. Lauralou says:

    I hope it is okay that I pinned it on pinterest…with the link back to your page. This is such a great idea. I can’t wait to do this with my boys!

  16. LOVE! So doing this with my kids!
    Thanks for sharing!

  17. Doing this with my preschool class this afternoon! Found the edible Easter grass at Kroger too. Thanks!

  18. This is so cute- found on pinterest and had to repin!

  19. barbara horton says:

    love this idea. bought all items, but have trouble getting the “house” to stand up while putting on top! so i cannot imagine how i would manage my kids, from church, since i couldn’t do it myself! any hints, so disappointed in myself! (and no, i am not a beginner do’er either!)

  20. Johnnie Lou says:

    You are a doll! Because of my need to be “Grandmother of the year”…I will make these with my little angels. Stay adorable!

  21. Made these with great niece 3 and great nephew 5. Used regular easter grass. Kids loved it but had trouble getting frosting to hold. Used canned cake frosting per another site. Wish I had seen your site first.

  22. I have been having trouble with them when I made one it absorbed the moisture from frosting and made my gram crackers soft what am I doing wrong

  23. If I wanted to make these as party favors, how would you present them?? or box them??

  24. Walgreens has the candy grass this year as well.

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