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I wanted to share what i’ve done with some of my photos that i have taken thru Instagram.

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I love taking photos and i love how in one click on IG… can make anything look good…..

even if it’s really not good.

Do you understand ?

With one click…..i can make Living in Kauai look like there are no worries at all because of the rainbow i

just showed off over Hanalei bay but in reality……the house is a disaster…there are 2347293487 loads of laundry

to catch up on and your daughter had to sit on a bench at school during recess because she wasn’t

being nice to someone.


i don’t know if any of you have printed your IG photos but right before Christmas i finally got on the bandwagon

and ordered a bunch to use as cards to gifts…..and i also ordered a sheet load of them to start some sort of

photo gallery wall of our time in Kauai.

{even though we still don’t know what our plan is going to be come this summer….}

I know there are a bunch of companies right now printing IG photos….so i’m sure you could use any of them….

i happened to use Prinstagrm {here}.

I love them…..

The little squares are sized  2.5 x 2.5

and i knew i wanted to make a few calling {business} cards with them because duh….

1.  I don’t have a business

2. You never know when you might need to hand out a calling card

{not to be confused with calling girl……because that is not what i’m advertising…}

unless you need a roadside massage.

check check

Sorry….no roadside massages being given here.


I found really cute washi tape at our ONE AND ONLY CRAFT STORE HERE ON KAUAI

{don’t cry for me Argentina….}

and because i probably could have printed up some cute labels to slap on the backs…..

but i can’t because i have a printer that pretty much prints out dirt…..

and there is no money to invest in a real life can do everything in one sitting printer….

i had to rely on the good ole handwriting by yours truly.

I slapped a few different pieces on the back and then hand wrote out my info.

why does looking at stripes on a computer make my eyes roll back in my head and

instantly bring on a migraine?

IMG_4601the investment was small….

I paid $12 for 48 of these mini squares….

and the shipping is a flat $7 so for me it was more economical to order a bunch of photos at one time.

The washi tape was $4 a roll…..

{i know you can find it for less online…..but my craft store had a great assortment and so i was able to

just pick up a few rolls and save on shipping.



I don’t know who i plan on giving them out to…..

or for what fashion….

but i did decide Fin needed some of his own cards to give out to the girls……


I mean….really…….the kid is going to be 8 next week and so far he keeps on getting bigger

even though i told him at 5 years old that he was forbidden to have another birthday.

I love you pink


This post contains a do-it-yourself Valentine for you child’s class that is not only inexpensive….

{think minimum wage making family + no decent craft store on the entire island}

but so easy…….

{that an “award winning mother of the year even though she has no trophies to prove it”}

could do in just 20 minutes time.

And since this was my first year of not buying the bulk pre-made cards from the store…..

i sort of decided that this was my project and not the kids….which means that i totally put these 

together without the assistance of little helpers……which is why i took these photos ahead of time…..

because i know FOR A FACT  that as soon as they leave the house….the kids will cross out

any word that says “LOVE”.

Unless you drive them to school….then you might have a chance that they will arrive in tact.

First: all you need to do is hit your favorite paint store…..

{we only have one… i was lucky that no one else was painting “be my valentine” this weekend

and scour the paper paint color samples.

I have a feeling that taking all of the “Be My Valentine” is NOT…i repeat….NOT illegal…..

since i’ve taken many of paper paint color samples before…..

but if you are feeling like you don’t want to just grab all the samples and run towards the door

as fast as you can…then i suggest just asking the guy at the paint counter if you can have them.

I was lucky that there were a few different samples to choose from…..

so i chose the “i love you pink” and the “valentine’s day” along with the “Be My Valentine” cards….

and two of the sayings were on one card.

I happened to have some washi tape……in pink….but i know you can find some at

your local craft shop {like Michaels } or you can find it on Etsy {here}

if you can’t find any….or don’t want to pay for it…then just use thin white masking tape…it does the trick.
I bought some little lollipop sticks …….

and just used a drop from the hot glue gun to adhere the stick to the back of the paper paint sample.

and then i used pencil to write in little notes and what-nots on the Washi tape.

For the record….Mason wanted NOTHING to do with these homemade Valentines…and i don’t blame him…

so these are great for the girls and the little boys.

{unless your kid picks out the paint sample color that says “orgasmic red”…..then you might have a problem.

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