I am across the street if you need me

My MIL arrived a week ago….and she leaves tonight

I love my MIL. Her legal name is Judy….but the name she goes by is Traci…..

she grew up in Ohio {hence being named Judy} ….

then moved to Florida in her early 20’s {hence changing her name to Traci}.

Her oldest son {Bryan’s only brother} lives in NYC…..and and her youngest son {Bryan} lives as

far West as you can go in the U.S…..the island of Kauai.

These are a few thoughts about this last week.

{what i heard..} * The kids hair is so blond and growing like crazy.

{what she really said..} * I don’t mind taking them to get a haircut while i’m here.


{what i heard…} I’m going to go upstairs and rest a bit.

{what she meant…} *My daughter in law just erupted like Chernobyl ….so i’m going to hide in my room for a week.


Luckily for me she only hid for one night….and reappeared the next morning….

she was nice enough to try my freshly squeezed green juice only once…….

she really loved hanging out at the hotel where Bryan works……

she is hooked on Hershey kisses with macadamia nuts in the middle….

she got to see whales breach off the coast and they sounded a whole lot like her daughter in law

trying to bend down and wipe up the floor after a circuit training class.

{sorry….is that too much info}

Anyhoo……I believe she had a wonderful time with us….and i know for a fact….

that we thoroughly had a wonderful time with her here.

{even though a child might or might not have hidden her reading glasses}

Here are some photos taken in the last week…..

it’s not too often that you walk by a sign hanging on the front of a shop that states the way you feel….

This sign pretty much states everything.

the end

over and out

i’m having one made for my front door and back door…because you just never know who will knock 

at the back door….and i might even get one for the bathroom door.

We drove to the other side of the island last Thursday and drove up to Waimea Canyon….and as you can see….

a certain third child tagged along with us that day.

Does he look sick to you…..because he certainly does NOT look sick to me.

Third child …..no other words needed.

Mason had his 11th birthday party on Sunday….it was a fishing party on the Hanalei Pier. 

I was warned from one of my friends that RSVP’ing here in the middle of the Pacific isn’t a priority….

but i thought i was lucky when i got one parent calling me to RSVP.

Then three other boys showed up…..and that was the way we rolled this year.

1. Mason caught the biggest fish.

2. The boys at the party.

3. Mason fishing.

We found some swings hanging from a tree while out driving around.

{don’t hate me if i come back here in 2 weeks and shoot Fin’s turning 7 birthday photos….}

I promise i’ll change his clothes and style his hair.

It’s not Friday night if you don’t have a group of ladies that come up and want to pray for you.

{hey…..they offered a bbq of hot dogs and burgers on the beach …}

1.No…that is not a glob of KY Jelly on the beach….it’s a jelly fish on little bits of Sea Glass at Glass Beach.

2. Wailua Fall.

3. Kilauea Lighthouse.

We drove to the end of the road {northshore} on Saturday…….

1.Kalalau trail…..no…we did not hike it….but they sure looked good under the sign.

2. Fin’s footprints in the sand.

3. The Napali coast {which the Kalalau trail follows for 11 miles in}

Mason heading along the beach at sunset.

Mason and friends version of snowboarding. 

Lola and one of her besties Anya.

{Anya and her family came for vacation and ended up staying……yup….it happens}

This all happened in one evening:

2. It was a Monday evening….Bryan was working…..so i packed up dinner and we hit the beach.

3. I saw a girl walking on the pier in an ANTHRO dress….so i jumped up…and stalked her followed her.

{anyone that shows up on the pier in an Anthro dress…..well…..they deserve to be followed…..}

cough cough

1. As i was following girl in Anthro dress….a cute girl who was visiting from California

came up to me and introduced herself as a blog reader. 

{…i was still in my workout clothes …..had no make-up on and i might have been carrying a hidden margarita 

in my hand….so i’m pretty sure she flew home to her family and complained that i smelled like i looked…}

hey….she was in workout clothes as well…..so there….but what are the chances that fate brings a blog reader

and a blog writer together on a Monday night at the Hanalei pier.

{Thank you Anthro dress wearing Canadian independent film editor girl on her way around the world….}

1. Our very first Valentines night out in 11 years.

11 years ago {plus two days}……which was 2 days before Mason was born….

i put on my black PLEATHER maternity pants and we dined at Kincaids.{Bay Area…}

{I was cool back then……pregnant 26 year old sporting the pleather}

Seriously….didn’t we all wear black pleather pants back then?

I might have had to cut the pants off at the end of that night because if you did not know….

{but now you do…..}

sweat and black pleather {plastic leather} don’t mix very well.

2. Playing tourists at Waimea Canyon lookout with the oops baby next to us.

1. I took my very first ever yoga class in the history of the life of kasey.

2. Green Juice. What i drink every single morning in lieu of breakfast.

{and down 15 pounds since November}

well…..the exercise helps too…..all 6 days a week of it.

what a beautiful winter evening looks like…

and the only organizational sport that the kids are playing at the moment…

and it included water.

well…..that and writing 200 times that they will not ride a bike without a helmet.

Real life.

If you need me…..i’ll be across the street.

Taking a leap……

I’ve decided to take a leap. A big one. Sometimes when you jump, you don’t land very far, and other times you jump, you don’t realize how far you’ve gone.

I’m a lucky girl to have closed my brick and mortar when I did, because I look around and see what is happening everywhere. I do still plan on opening again, but not now, and not with what is going on in this country of ours. I’m also one lucky girl to have such a lovely little office to walk down to every morning after I get my kiddo’s out the door and on their way to school. Really, it’s because of you my dear readers, that my online shop keeps me going and your encouragement keeps my spirits lifted.

My passion for style, colors, and placement only goes so far in my home. You’ve seen my home, you’ve seen a babies nursery that I helped in styling. You’ve seen my shop.

In the last 4 weeks, I’ve given advice to those who ask, I paint furniture for clients in my spare time, I give out paint colors to those who request it.

So, this is the leap I’m taking. I want to be able to offer you, my readers, a way to work with me via this long distant relationship that we have. I would love to offer you more of my services, even if you don’t live in the same town as me.

Do you have a question regarding what to do with your bedroom? Which paint would work? Should you move some things around in your living room? More light, less light? Wallpaper or not to wallpaper, and if so, where should i go? For some people, they just need a little reassurance, or maybe just a tip or two.

My leap, this jump is my next phase of what Lola B’s can bring to the table.

Or what Lola B’s can do to a wall.

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