I’m here. I’m also not.

I lost my voice in this place and right now i’m just living this life without putting it into words

on a page for everyone to read.

My mind is so full of what i need and want to say …..and maybe one day soon i will be back

but till then i am on Instagram.

You can follow me there {i’m under KaseyBuick}

it’s certainly no blog…..but it is day to day photos of the life we are living here still on Kauai.

I miss writing.

I miss this place…..

but till i find my voice again….i just wanted to let you know that life for The Buicks

is rolling right along.


  1. Have a very Merry Christmas!

  2. I don’t have Instagram and don’t have a device that it’s compatible with but I started following you on Twitter! I love the pics you post on there:) Have a wonderful Hawaiian Christmas!

  3. Miss your posts but relate to your words. Time is short, life is good-do what you can. Wishing you a Merry Christmas.

  4. Merry Christmas. Miss your blog, but glad you are doing what you need to do.

  5. Miss your writing, but glad all is well with your family. Merry Christmas.

  6. Miss your blog also, laughed so many times at things you wrote. Have a Merry Christmas.

  7. love you
    miss you
    love your new you though!!

  8. i’ve been feeling this a bit too lately. just wait it out friend. love following along on IG:)

  9. Miss you here…But I still love ya on Instagram!! Merrry Christmas!

  10. love that Kasey. I love seeing what you are up to on Instagram and sometimes simplicity is all that is needed. Words are not always easy to come by while life is being lived. And that is okay! xoxo Kara

  11. I have missed your voice. But glad life is good.

  12. You are very missed but I totally understand. I love following your daily adventures on IG. Kauai fits your family well! Merry Christmas! xxoo

  13. Thank you for your writing. You have such a talent for words and you always make me crack up with your humor! I’ll be waiting for a comeback. Much thanks and happiness!
    Susan, Michigan

  14. yesterday, i finally got the chance to meet (well, via the phone;)) kimberly taylor. i shared a little bit of our story with her, & she recommended (very, very strongly) that i follow your blog, …& not only follow~ but find/read your back-story! we want to make some major transitions in our life, but at the same time, we’re tied to “this life” (a son in high school, financial debt, extended family…). for now, we’re taking steps. i look forward to reading your back-story (& present-story)… & am on my way to follow on instagram.

  15. {…& the fact that you are pulled away from this spot because you are “living this life” (she talked about this too!)… i love it.}

  16. Been many, many, many times to where you are on Kauai and always love coming here to remind me of my past life….enjoy your story and your pictures…guess I will have to figure out this instagram deal

  17. nelson37 says:

    We just got back from Hawaii. We’ve been there before. Last time – Big Island, Maui. This time Oahu (Waikiki – never ever again!), Big Island and at this point we said we probably would never come back to Hawaii. Then we went to Kauai. Well, what a game changer. The most beautiful place ever. We loved ever minute and I can see why you don’t come back. BTW are you done with the blog? I check every day for a new entry, and every day since December 20 I’ve been disappointed. I can’t take so much disappointment. Please write.

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