the big bad four letter word

i would like to think my third child is sort of cute…..

adorable really

{does anyone remember when he won BEST IN HAIR??}

especially when he crawls into bed with me in the morning for a snuggle before heading out to

the kitchen and demands his breakfast be made.

I always oblige.

Third child syndrome does that to some of us.

{except when you are doing jumping jacks in bootcamp…..because that is a whole different level of third

child syndrome that doesn’t need to be explained}




i realize that today marks exactly one month since i’ve last blogged and i thought this post

would be a great way to reintroduce myself to you.

Hello my name is Kasey

and my third child came home with LICE last week.

So apparently they really do attack the poor and under-hygened kids after all.

Fin and his bestie and one other boy from the class all had LICE ……

except here we don’t call them LICE

we call them UKUS.

it’s a big bad four letter word that in fact does not start with the letter *F*

but sounds just as bad when you say it aloud.


pronounced: oohkoos

or you can just stick with the word LICE and everyone kind of looks at you weird anyway.


The school nurse pretty much said the boys were all high-fiving each other like it was some sort of 

tribal pact that they all three had UKUS.

I would secretly like to think they were happy only because they had been out on Spring Break for the last 

week and a half and on their 

one day back to school before the weekend

that they were actually happy about being able to go home at noon.

but no…… they were going home with LICE.


Now….if you have experienced lice….then i applaud you.

If you have not….then i have nothing to say other then the fact that one day your child might come home with

little black bugs that have invaded their hair.

The worst part was not the fact that we had to deal with the whole treatment of the hair….

it’s the fact that you pretty much have to wash 








but because i’m a freak….i washed everything three times….

and just when you think you are done…..

you start itching like crazy because obviously the whole family is infected.

Didn’t said child crawl in bed with you that very morning?

They weren’t….but still…..i treated everyone including myself and Bryan….

and then i re-washed everything….

threw away all hair brushes and combs….

all stuffed animals and small pillows were stuffed into plastic bags for the next few weeks…

every single corner of the house was vacuumed and washed.

I actually bought all new sheets because i’m that person that just doesn’t deal well with this kind of thing.

then i got out the clippers and buzzed Fin’s hair down to the nub

all by myself

it was a home hack job at it’s best because the charger ran out….but we dealt….





beautiful beach boy hair……till we meet again.

I’m sure this is not quite the post that my mom and MIL were looking for when they called and wanted me

to update the good ole blog….


Fin came home with LICE last week and i just want you to know life is life….and

life goes on around here.

over and out

check check


  1. I just want you to know I have been there. Done that.
    It’s not pretty but I love that you blogged about it;-)
    I’ve missed your blogging!!!!!!

  2. Kathy butler says:

    I always lived in fear of the uku project and let my thoughts run wild with the implications of a what an infestation would entail. I don’t know about you but I quit letting the kids spend the night for fear of the little creatures. I am so sorry you went through that. It could make you want to move…

  3. I love you. I’ve been checking in with the computer every single day and then when you least expect it, BOOM. Blog post by Kasey.
    I will always love you for being real and normal and funny but I think what I love most is that you don’t hide behind what most bloggers do with their religion, their wonderfully good and behaved children and what not.
    Kudos to you.

  4. The lil critters came to visit did they! How dare they……It is a ugly job to clean up after their mess for sure and yep just the thought of it makes you start itching like crazzzzy!

    Not a fun spring break for Mamma!

    Though a Dr. would have told you not to treat everyone if they didn’t have it due to the lice shampoo is a harsh chemical.I had a daycare and one lil girl got it and I wanted all to be treated but the Dr’s said not to and no one else had.Thank God!

    I have three girls with long locks, two are young adults and thankfully we never had to deal with it ourselves. Simply Luck as Girls share everything!

    If shampoo doesn’t work as it doesn’t sometimes use good old mayonnaise it smothers them.

    Thanks for sharing.I always enjoy my visits~K.Marie

  5. Oh the memories!! One daughter with waist length dark brown hair + one friend whose mother didn’t believe in treating = very nasty. We got rid of the lice and (sadly) the friend! It took hours and shifts between myself, husband and mom and one very fine tooth comb! Now my girls are in their 20’s…..and you can hire people to do all the treatments and nit picking!! Go figure!

  6. ugh. i’m like you with the washing.everything.3.times. have you ever had fleas? same sorta thing and my dogs are a 3rd child. climbing into bed in the morning. anyways . . . back to the lice. YUCKO. sorry about Fin’s hair but yeah that you don’t have to have 2 or 3 more outbreaks.

    so sorry.

    xo ellie
    ps good to see you posting even if it is for this reason.

  7. Oh I feel for you…we have managed to avoid…but as a teacher…..I know your pain…..I would thrown out the sheets as well….I am itching at the thought….well, spring cleaning, CHECK!

  8. Poor Fin.. Poor MOM. That is one of my worst fears. Praying we never get them. I’m looking for wood to knock on…

  9. Kasey, I completely understand! I remember as a kid my mother doing pretty much the same thing…2 or 3 times! Yuck! But we donn’t judge, cuz, well, you can’t help what your kids get into 🙂 And for updating your blog a month after your last post, you’ll see mine is way worse, even my profile is way old. Another kid-completely left out. I’ll get there…a 2 year old and a nearly 8 month old don’t leave me alone for long. Anyway, thanks for the post, I found it (sorry to say) entertaining but know I will be there one day again 🙁

  10. You had me rolling! Oh have I dealt with the Ukuhs! I work in a school and have gotten them from the kids at school!
    I am itching just thinking about it! And holy canoli’s! that shampoo and spray etc…it’s expensive!
    Glad you are now critter-free! karen…

  11. Ugh!! Just the word “lice” makes me itch…now I’m sure that other “four-letter-word” will too! I’m so sorry you had to deal with all that, Kasey. So NoT fun! But hey, look at the bright side…all your spring cleaning is done! 😉

  12. L-I-C-E is pretty much a four letter word in our household, and if you talk to a couple of fellow neighbors, they will tell you the same thing – wash, wash, wash – fell like it was yesterday, but thankfully it was 6 years ago. However, to this day I secretly still look at my kids’ heads checking for invaders.

  13. No lice here but we did have bedbugs once.


  14. ScatterJoyVintage says:

    We once had 5 foster kids. During lice-check, 4 came home bug free. The youngest one was soooo excited to share we me, by yelling to me from down the street and in front of all the neighbors, that she, too, didn’t have any lice but they found 3 fleas. crap. Said child became less excited as we began the eradication process. The cat and dog weren’t too thrilled either…

  15. Oh my gosh I started itching while reading your post. I am a grandma and my hair is long so is my daughter and granddaughter. I watch the kids while my daughter and husband work. I got a call from the school informing that my granddaughter needed to be picked up so I thought she was ill but no it was lice. My kids are grown so they never had it. So therefore my daughter left work and all of us went into high gear with the store bought kit. I told my husband lets just move and get new cars to solve this Ha Ha! The washing and all it entails is so much I caught a cold after I think just from the stress. We used olive oil, tree tea oil also as treatment . Now every time one of those letters comes home from the classroom we use a natural type shampoo just in case. My daughter and I look at each other and keep our fingers crossed. Oh and when we all had it, it was Xmas time. Thanks for your post as you are so funny plus I love Kauai!

  16. Your post brought back hysterical memories….I was a nurse at an adolescent girls residential treatment center several years ago….we had an outbreak of lice and somehow I got it and brought it home. I have five daughters and two grandchildren living with me and we were all sharing the same brushes and combs so of course, I shared my lice with everyone! The night I discovered the lice, we were up all night, treating our heads, washing the sheets, drying the pillows, bagging the stuffed animals, etc. I thought I would never stop itching. I was so paranoid that I hadn’t gotten rid of them! Several weeks later, we had an outbreak of crabs – thank God they kept THAT to themselves!

  17. Two of my three kids had it last year and I got them too (child three slept in my bed too!) and it was H – E – double hockey stix!!! All I can say is it changed our lives completely!Now I’m the crazy mom that makes her kids wear hoodies to the movies so their heads don’t touch theUKUS-ee seats! And all those eggs!!! I feel for you, I totally sympathize for you and may God give you (and your back) strength!

  18. I worked in our local middle school office off and on for a couple years and saw my share of head lice. That was nothing compared to most of my career in a clinic where the doctors liked to show me the creepers under the microscope. So thankful our daughter never brought them home. Just thinking about them makes me feel like I need to clean – or scratch – or both! So sorry for your experience…

  19. Chrissy says:

    Ugh. We just went through it. I ended up calling a service to come out and make ME and my daughter both lice free (she also always climbs into my bed in the morning and I’ve used my brush on her head countless times!). My poor daughter had it soooo bad. Somehow the DOCTOR missed it when I took her in to be seen for what we thought was itchy scalp only three days before the school nurse found an infestation of lice in her hair. SOOOO gross! But … one of the many things I learned was that lice can only live off of its host for 24 hours before dying. Basically, you could leave your house for 24 hours, come back and all lice infestation would be gone (as long as you were treating your hair of course!). They use a natural foam thing that dislodges the suckers and then that great metal comb pulls the suckers off. It was so gross but I had to do it on my head and my daughter every day for 2 full weeks to make sure we were totally over it (they are constantly laying eggs so even though the bugs were gone the first day, we still had to make sure the eggs didn’t get a chance to hatch. The eggs are NOT contagious.) I threw all their stuffed animals in a corner along with the throw pillows that couldn’t be washed. And then let them have them back after a couple of days b/c surely 72 hours is better than 24 right??? ;o) The service is called “Lice Happens” … their website has lots of info about what to do when you get hit with lice. Sorry you had it happen. This occurred months ago for us and I swear, I still itch. :o)

  20. Yep, it happened to us TWICE and my head is itching, just thinking about it. Those vermin just seem to be the thing that just won’t go away at our school, so my daughter’s hair is bound in pony tails or braids until she graduates from high school (she is in first grade). I smear tea tree oil behind the kids’ ears every morning. Lice suck, there is no other way to say it….

  21. Ahhh…the gift that keeps on giving! My 3 boys had it 2 years ago. I thought it was never going to end. I washed & washed & had a huge water bill the next month. I think I am still a trainwreck from that experience & it doesn’t help that I work at an elementary school & am the official lice checker! I must have drawn a short straw to get that in my job description! I still have dreams about getting the lice out… Thank goodness for Vodka 😉

  22. Sounds like you’ve been busy.;) Every time I go to a movie I fear of coming home with lice. I hear the theater seats can do that to you…..nothing that a small bottle of lysol can’t handle!:) Fin is adorable with or with out the locks:)

  23. I live in Minnesota. We had a big, fat snowstorm Tuesday. I work at a school and the little ones went out to play wearing full snowsuit gear – top to bottom. On Friday it was 70 and they were wearing shorts and flip flops. Huh? Anyway, I would like some consistency in my life. I love your blog. I love your adventures. I love what you are doing with your life. I am living through you. I wish so much you could find a little time to write a little more often. I am sure I speak for all of us, including your mom and MIL, when I say this. Please. Just a little more often. I know you have a full, active live. Mine, not so much. That’s why I love my blogs. My daughter and her family and I are coming to Hawaii next summer and your beautiful island is going to be our main splashing ground. We cannot wait! I’m going to go have my breakfast wine now…

  24. yes. i know your pain.
    all three of my kids got LICE in Orlando when we lived there.
    it was AWFUL.
    like you, i washed everything three times…put almost everything in plastic bags out in the garage….
    cried and freaked out a handful of times..said a few bad words. the worst kind of bad words. it was ugly.

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