little moments


 Can i tell you what i love?

I love that my kids love life.


I remember when the movie for Soul Surfer came out and we went straight to the movie theater

…..large popcorn with butter please……

…..junior mints……..

{we were in Illinois at that time when the movie premiered  ….April 2011….

but we had spent three weeks the previous summer in Kauai...July-Aug 2010}

and because we had been in Kauai and knew that they had been filming bits and pieces of the movie

while we were there……

you better believe we took the kids to see that movie opening night.

We were one of about 4 families in the theater.

I remember looking around and wondering where the hoards of people were that wanted to see this

movie about a girl who gets her arm bitten off by a shark.


I guess the movie grew as it stayed in the theater….buy anyhoo……back to that night…….

we loved it.

I walked out of the theater that night and i knew…..i just knew……Kauai had a place in our heart

and it wasn’t long after that Bryan lost his job and here we are full circle.

We moved here thinking our kids were going to be the

best surfers ever

but guess what……

none of the kids wanted to be surfers.

Lola tried it…..


{damn it if i didn’t absolutely  love her surfboard…..LOVED IT….do you hear me….LOVE}

but she sold that amazing gorgeous board….


and bought two mice with the money she made.


Unfortunately only one of the mice gets photographed……

{if you follow me on Instagram then you know which one it is…}

and apparently he looks like he might have an “IN” with Cirque du Soleil in his future.

And when i show some of her girls heading out to surf…..


Lola is not one of them…..because she would much rather be boogie boarding…..


even though she was the one that seemed like the most excited to meet Sebastian Zietz

who was the triple crown winner…..


it was us momma’s who were even more excited.

{i almost licked him…..but there were children around and i didn’t want to set a bad example}


back to my surf story.

Lola’s out.


i don’t lose sleep over it.

she will never be a surfer.


Mason on the other hand…..


actually enjoys it……

but i’m not losing sleep over it either.

 He’s up for entering any available contests here………

even if it means he is competing with kids that are sponsored and have been surfing for years.

{i like to think that those first few years of having him watch baby Einstein videos was the key…}


Is Mason any good……


he’s really not.

does he want to join the surf team …..


he does not.

Does he beg to go surfing every day…….


he does not.

Was last Saturday the worst surf contest ever…..





because there were really good kids surfing…..

and i mean….

really good.

But the best part of it was…….he just wants to give it a try.

It’s about having fun for him…….it’s not about the competition……even though the last contest…

he made it to the 2nd heat which was a big deal for him……

it truly is about perspective.

I sit and watch these parents of kids who’s life is surfing…….

{think toddlers and tiara’s but on a beach}

because if my kids life was all about surfing i would be writing all about how awesome my kid can surf….

but they don’t…..and can’t.

and i’m okay with it.

But damn it…..i still dream about that surfboard that Lola used to own.

{did i mention we have mice instead now?}


Anyhoo…….Surfing is a way of life here……

so is boogie boarding and swimming and being in the water.

I am getting really close to actually putting a surfboard in the water……


but till then….

i’m still holding out hope for Fin.



but no matter what….….

 we bottle these little moments up ….they are fleeting…..and turn into memories…

and we celebrate each of these moments. 

{celebrating the non-win in the surf contest…..because that’s how we roll….}

Its this thing called life.….and we love every minute of it.


  1. You sure do live life to the fullest, and inspire us to do the same!

  2. Rose D., Frenchtown, NJ says:

    Damn, I loved everything about this post!!! Live big!!

  3. great post. great perspective on life and enjoying it as it comes.

  4. Love this post Kasey. A great roundup of your story. I still remember when you guys saw soul surfer. It was the fact that you guys saw it twice that peaked my interest to see it at all. Your kids are making amazing memories. Wherever you land in the future they have this amazing season in Hawaii and they will live to tell those stories themselves one day.

  5. Have I ever told you how amazing it is that you are raising your kids as you are? No? Well, I am now. And after seeing you on that surf board, I am signing up for boot camp.


  6. One of your best posts ever. Love every word. Great job Kasey Buick.

  7. You are so awesome! Great post!

  8. Hold everything!!!

    How is their kendama game?
    Here is my middle boy…duplicating himself for a doubles contest:

    • My kids are kendama freaks.

      • Wonderful!
        There are so many online competitions and some of it just involves entering a photo.
        Others are videos…the Kendama Squad on Youtube is Chad and his two friends.
        We’ve had some big name kendama players stay at our house funny. They are just
        kids to me but they are huge stars to lots of kids around the world.
        I can send you some stickers from the diff. companies if you want ’em.

  9. Yes c’mon Fin! haha Those waves look great. In Tasmania at the moment there has been no surf for weeks and my guy is going stir crazy! Send some my way!

  10. So my hubs son started surfing in Jr. High in Washington (cold place to surf) and got hooked and it took over his drugs or alcohol hooked…he was one of the most intelligent kids of his class, no drugs or alcohol… perfect kid kind of kid…then after graduating he begged to be able to take a year off to surf the Baja before entering college, and because he was a great kid they said yes……..after a year of them supporting him they said ”ok time to enroll what University do you want to go to?” and guess what….he never went, they quit supporting him and he slept in his car when he didn’t have a friends place he could stay at or he lived in his car so he could surf…got small construction jobs to be able to eat so he could have enough energy to surf…the hubs at first was very sad about his son doing this then had a change of heart and felt like maybe he had it all wrong and his son had done it right, is he the one who actually gets it that you don’t need to be out working hard but you need to be out ~living hard~ and enjoying yourself and if you can make it without material things and a home and a family then go for it? Just when my Husband started thinking maybe his son was just fine the way he is at 35, son decides that he needs to grow up he tells his Dad he wants to go back to college and work with his head and not his back…but he needs a computer and college tuition to make it work….so we gladly help him……So that is our first hand story of a surfer addict….ps I love your blog and so enjoy following your lovely family adventures…we will be in Kauai for a convention in a few weeks at the Hyatt, no car this time or I would make a trip up to see if I could have a drink with you…I feel like I know you after following your blog for so many years…but then that would make me a stalker..yikes!!

  11. Once again you nailed it. Love, love how you write. It ended perfectly.:) I’m serious when I say you should write a book. PS….Am I starting to see a six pack on you Kasey? Those sit ups must be paying off:)

  12. Love this one Kasey, thanks for sharing! Virtual hugs!

  13. Beautimonious photos, Girl. Love how you embrace the wild in life.

  14. can not tell you how exciting your life it to me, whilst I sit here in North Ga in cloudy weather.
    my allergies are killing me and I’m OVER it.

    I came here and looked at your pictures, and they took me away…kind of like calgon but better.

    you rock that bikini, girl.
    my kids tell me i’ve got abs of flab…so there’s no bikini in my near future. arrrrgh.

    you’re living your dream, and it is beautiful.

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