little young love

This was a post from 3 years ago.

Because it’s valentines day and a day to love on the ones we love most….i thought i would re-share this

photo shoot of Fin and one of his first little girlfriends.


It’s okay to have a first love….and it’s okay to cry when you lose it.

I wanted to capture a story for these two…….because you see….this is one of Fin’s best friends…

and she will be moving away shortly. I wanted to be able to put something together..

so that when these two are older…that they have something to look back on…and remember when.

I wasn’t planning on showing these yet…but the more i look at the photos …the more i know how

much she’s going to be missed. Her momma is a dear friend and reads my blog……

so i know she will be surprised when she sees these photos and hopefully knows….how very much we love them.

I hope these images captured the sweetness that only a pair of five year olds could have.

See that book on top of the pile in the wagon… is one of our all time favorite books EVER…

it’s called ‘The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane’… Kate DiCamillo.

It’s the story about a rabbit…who is loved…then lost…and…well…i guess you just

need to read it now to find out what happens in the end.

The small grey felt hearts are from Ikea…as is the heart bucket. I found the branch in my yard..

and now it resides in my home. The child silhouette banner and hand held hearts were made

by my friend Vana at Le Papier.

p.s. No children were hurt or mistreated at any time during the making of this love story.

p.p.s. Children might have been given candy for their cooperation.


  1. Love!

  2. Kathy McElhaney says:

    I stumbled upon your blog about a year ago. My husband was entertaining the idea of taking a job with a company in Honolulu. I was scared to death, then I found your blog and loved your courage and the life you and your family are enjoying. He didn’t take the job last year. Then he was downsized in October and the opportunity opened back up. My husband has a strong sense of adventure, while I would like to stay curled up in my own little safe zone. We will be living in Hawaii for the next 6 months and I am now very excited about it! I really have you to thank. I’m stepping out of my safe zone and living.

    P.S. Love these pictures!

  3. I am late in the game here. I just peeked in here right now. Thank the Lord for your good and glorious photography to remember, and for the few years those kids had. Selah still has a part of her heart sitting on 12th Ave! Always. You are awesome to put their faces here again…

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