Hanalei Don

I just got home from work…..and i realize that even though i have introduced Don on instagram…….

i have not introduced him to you through the blog……which means i might be a little behind…..

but i just poured some fine boxed wine or two……and Griswalds Christmas vacation is on the tele…..

and i feel like writing today……

so i might as well introduce you to Hanalei Don.

He even has his own hashtag on IG…..


should you be interested in knowing what a hashtag or whatsnot…is.

I mean whatnot….

cough cough….

so without further ado….i want to introduce you to Don.

At first i thought i was on to something because i would just walk around the shop

cleaning up or dusting…….maybe even folding some shirts

and Don would be over in the corner just listening.

He never feels the need to jump in and say anything which i really have come to appreciate.

He is a listener….and for that….i am grateful.

Yes….he is a mannequin.

Yes……he might have worked at Old Navy at some point in his career.

{jury is still out on that one}

Yes….he has great eyebrows.

{colored penciled brows are coming back in i hear…}

Yes……he is tall.

No….he does not have meningitis nor does he have Hepatis A.

Yes….he just happens to have a slight yellow appearance…..

but since we love all colors……..

slight yellow is beautiful.

No….he is not married….nor is he forthcoming on his relationship status.

Yes….he does like to help me behind the counter.

No…..he does not smile.

at all….


but i am A-OK with it because i sort of love him in a non lover sort of way.

Sometimes he’s broken and in need of some tender loving care….

sometimes he just needs some support as he comes out of the closet….

{yes…i realize he might have had an arm missing…..but we are not perfect…..

and life goes on….so deal }

A few weeks ago i got a photo from a well known source that Don’s brother who lives in Vail, Colorado

had just had surgery and was recovering at a remarkable pace……

and because we could all use prayers at a time in need…..

i wanted to introduce DON’s older brother RON.

I can’t be certain to the type of surgery he had….but according to my sources….

he just had a colonoscopy.

{the face gives it away}

anyhooo……Ron made it through surgery just fine…..and he had the most wonderful staff around 

him in this crazy time…….so we are so thankful.

In the meantime……

my kids decided to come by the shop and because they are the best kids in the world………..
they comforted Don in this time of need over his brother….

and Lola held his hand 

{even though he has blue masking tape wrapped around his wrist…..but who cares ….right?!?}

it was a moment in time that we will not forget.




this is not Don….

that i know for sure. 

This is just someone who is changing her shorts in the parking lot.

I’m assuming she was either

a. wet and uncomfortable

b. hot and not wanting to wear anything

c. full from eating ice cream

d. none of the above

but since this has not one thing to do with Hanalei Don….then i’m sorry for interrupting 

because Hanalei Don has a few escorts for a party …..

and i hear that he is even going to wear his snorkel gear because he can.

He is Hanalei Don.


  1. All I can say…is thank you for making my morning BRIGHTER!!!! Love it….(he is actually kinda human looking in some pics)

  2. Good way to lighten a day! your post that is! thanks! jody

  3. Hilarious. Not just Don but that lady in the parking lot. How do you do it?! 😉

  4. Thank you for this morning laugh, I needed it today.

  5. You kill me. My favorite is the pic of you and Don…..and that somber look on your face. You are one funny gal! 😉


  6. OMG, I’m crying!!! This needs to go down as your best post ever!

  7. what a hoot. what a guy.
    always funny here!
    thanks for the christmas card. sweet! my kids loved seeing your kid’s picture.

  8. Kasey, Great post on Don and the very cute kids!! Loved your Christmas card!! Traci

  9. Laura who used to blog at piece of cake says:

    He looks a little stiff… And that’s a good thing

  10. Andrea Guillette says:

    I love that the women changing in the parking lot has her a$$ hanging out for the world to see but doesn’t want her feet to touch the dirty ground. thanks for the laugh. Love your blog…check in everyday to see what’s up with you (not too stockerish I hope)…lol.

  11. There is a Christmas movie called the The Perfect Christmas where a shop manequin comes alive!!! Just sayin’ .x

  12. Hanalei Don rocks and needs his own FB page to like!

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