the mini van from lot 2 aisle 6

I seriously didn’t mean to disappear for weeks on end.

Honest….and i really didn’t eat too many of those blue cheese and onion bites.

{maybe i had a few more then i should have …..}

we have a lot on our plates right now and every time i sit down to write it all out….the words just

jumble all up and nothing comes out right.

So i have a stiff drink or four and then you can’t even understand my jumbled up thoughts so i consider

it a wash and try again the next day but here we are and i’m not able to talk in complete sentences so really

it’s probably better for all of us if i just sit here and drink while letting all of you watch the polls on television.

Bryan and i were able to sneak away to California last week……my mom came and watched the kids for us

so that we might be able to attend my childhood best friends wedding in Los Angeles.

I really didn’t want to come here and write all about our trip because in one of my last posts about our

struggle with money and our house back home ….that had brought on some not needed comments about

what we should or shouldn’t be doing……

but this is my blog….and this is my diary of our life…..

and as long as i sit down to write it all out and you sit down to read it…….

i will be open and honest. 

 i’m all out of fine boxed wine… sometimes i’m more open and that could get me in trouble.

We had this tripped planned way before the doom of day hit us so needless to say….many times we went back

and forth as to should we cancel our trip or not…..cancel or not……but in the end it wasn’t about the money

that we would be spending on this trip… was about that we needed this trip together.

My best friend since i was 12 was getting married.

This is the girl who when we were 16 years old and out way past curfew……

would help me when i would call home from wherever we were…..and my dad would answer the phone….

i would the one saying…..”hey dad….i’ve got it…..sorry Junie is calling me so late”

then he would say….”hang up the phone” thinking i was in bed but i really wasn’t because i was over

at Junie’s house. So really…..that one reason….along with the fact that she was in my wedding…..

and after being in my wedding……

pretty much promised that she would never never never ever in the history of the world get married ever…not ever.

{maybe i shouldn’t have had all my bridesmaids wear pink taffeta ….hmmmph}

So of course we had to go to her wedding.

and the fact that she was there when Mason popped out of my vagina and scarred her for life.

See……i wouldn’t have missed the wedding for anything.

We used some airline vouchers that we had ….so we pretty much barely spent anything on the tickets to get 

to California…..

and we stayed at my mom and dads beach house that they’ve had for years up in San Simeon.

Needless to say……even though we weren’t stressed about money for  this trip….

the trip just didn’t go smooth right from the start.

First of all…..they ran out of wine on the flight to California.




Then we missed our connecting flight through Los Angeles because apparently there was weather over the pacific even though i didn’t see one single cloud in sight…..but our flight was still a half hour late in landing…..

then we had to rent a car and drive up……

which wouldn’t have been a big deal except for the fact that the car we rented was a piece of SHEET

and i’m not kidding when i say don’t rent a car because it’s the cheapest car you can find and the rental car

company lets you pick out any car from their lot of 8 cars.

We picked a mini {van not cooper}….and not because we are cool like that…….

but because we knew we were meeting friends for a day of wine tasting so it would be nice to have a car that

could fit all of us in it instead of us all driving separately and having a bunch of designated drivers vs. just one.

We left the car lot at midnight in Los Angeles and headed north…but not before we grabbed some

In and Out at 12:30 to keep us company on our 4 hour drive up to San Simeon.

You read that right….

In and Out past midnight for our 4 hour drive up north.

We arrived in beautiful San Simeon at 4 in the morning …..climbed right in bed and slept a whopping 5 hours

before getting up and deciding not to waste the only day we would have together before our besties from

Chicago flew in to spend a few days with us.

First stop together on our one day alone……was Target.

I know……sexy right.

I might have even splurged and bought some new panties from Target…..since they were buy 4 pairs get one free.

After we roamed the aisles for 2 hours then headed back out to the mini {van not cooper} so we could

drive over to Trader Joe’s and stock up on some of that two buck chuck we were craving.

We walked up to the mini……and low and behold….someone had hit and run us.

I think between the no wine on the airplane….the missed flight….the not much sleep…and the fact that

i had a double double at midnight…..

the two fangs that appeared when my lip curled up and the twitch i was having in my right shoulder

pretty much told me that this trip might just go down in history as the trip that shouldn’t have happened.

Or maybe it was just another sign not to rent a dodge caravan from the cheapest car lot in LA……not that it was 

the mini {van not cooper}’s fault…..but i believe in faults…..and this mini was going to be a fault.

Officer Shemale showed up and between the biceps and the fact that he/she rode up on a motorcycle….

i knew that we would be well taken care of.

Thank you sweet mary.

We exchanged home phone numbers and i knew i could call him/her with any questions or concerns.

The following day……the stars aligned and all would be right in the world.

Our friends from Chicago had made it……our friends from the bay area had made it……

so we celebrated with lots of wine and great food while lunching at Novu in San Luis Obispo.

I might have had more wine then food…… i think.

After partaking in some non fine boxed wine…….

my friend Alison and i decided to walk across the street and sit in the church that was housed by the 

San Luis Obispo mission.

It was beautiful and quiet.

Then Alison’s phone rang.


she answered it and headed out the back door but not before the lady who was sitting in the front pew

turned around stared me down for 638 seconds.

So i stared right back.

Then she got up and started walking back to me.

I said Sheet twice very quietly and made sure my phone was on silent as she sat down in the pew in front

of me and asked me was i visiting or did i live around there.

Then she went into how she was homeless and all she had were the 2 suitcases sitting outside

and then she asked if i could spare some money so she wouldn’t have to sleep in the hills again tonight.


Hit a woman when she’s down. I almost wanted to tell her that we needed money too…..but life has a way

of showing us the dirty when we need to see it up close and personal….so i gave her a $20

{did i really need 10 bottles of 2 buck chuck……}

and she thanked me and walked her way back up to the front to wait till the next girl from out of town

sat down in pew number 16 to reflect on the day.

Friday morning we all got up early……and headed out in the screwed up mini {van not cooper}

and waited till the clock hit eleven and the front door opened up at the very first winery.

It’s sort of a tradition to be the first ones……..

an hour early…..

and all of us standing around at the front door looking at our watches and then counting down the last

ten minutes out loud like a bunch of fun people that we are.

We packed a picnic with us and hit our favorite wineries that we’ve been hitting for years…..

and this year we added a few extra because…..well…..we can handle more wine and also because

our designated driver had just finished a defensive driving class … we felt safe.

Even though said driver couldn’t do a three point turn and might have run over a wild turkey that was crossing

the road at the most inopportune time……that said……we still felt safe.

Saturday morning came too quick and we all packed up….said our goodbyes…..and walked out the door

to get in the mini {van not cooper} to drive it back down to LA for the wedding of my best friend.

I wouldn’t miss the wedding for anything said Kasey Buick as she dragged her suitcase behind her

and headed out to the beast of a car.

Flat tire in case you couldn’t tell what that photo up above is.

It’s 9:30 in the morning….we have a 4 hour drive ahead of us and we know what traffic in Los Angeles is like.

10:00: Bryan and his friend Rob try to get the spare tire out from bottom of Mini

10:30 Bryan and Rob successfully find spare tire and unsuccessfully do not get it on.

10:45 Call made to Triple A

11:30 Triple A successfully puts spare tire on but spare tire is a temporary spare that can only be driven 50 miles.

11:33 Kasey starts to cry

11:35 Drive 45 minutes to closest tire shop to get the spare fixed

12:30 On the road to Los Angeles.

4:00 Traffic is at a standstill as we enter Los Angeles.

4:30 Wedding starts

5:00 Arrive at hotel… to room… time for shower…..brush teeth…change….wash tire grease off hands….

spritz perfume to cover non showered bodies.

5:30 Grab taxi…….

walk into reception which was at the same place as the wedding to everyone seated and watching

us as we saunter in like a couple who obviously missed the ceremony and only wanted to attend 

because of the free booze and food.

But for the first time ever……we really did miss the ceremony because of the worst car in the history 

of the world.

It was one of the most beautiful receptions i have ever been to…..

and i’m not saying that because i’ve only been to a handful of them in the last 10 years…..

but because i love style and i miss what a little style and creativity can do.

My friend had old movies playing on a big screen in the background during the whole reception……

she had mason jars everywhere with candles…..

it was beautiful…even though we missed the ceremony.

So here we are……back home in Kauai……having spent a much needed break away with each other.

Our house back home is still not rented…..and going to California wouldn’t have changed that fact.

I am still working a few evenings a week at a little boutique here in Hanalei……and we have some

major decisions that we have to make in the next few weeks regarding what is next for us.

November is a month that we all need to be thankful….even though it should be a year round event….

and i’m thankful that i have a wonderful family that is healthy and most of all happy.

Life is always going to have ups and downs

that we know

and when we are down….we need to support each other…..

and just because some of us go out of our way to experience life differently then others……

doesn’t mean we still won’t feel the blow of a hard hit.


  1. Girl what an awful turn of events. We had a trip similar to that on one of our trips to CA. As we were driving back to turn in our car we got backed into. Lovely! Then on our way home from the airport at like 2 in the morning we got pulled over for speeding like 5 miles an hour over the limit. I’m so sorry you’re struggling. Praying renters comes…that decisions will be made simple…

  2. Yuck-foo…that is a rough trip! But ultimately, you got to be with people you love, so yay!

    PS – Halter Ranch?! I recognize those doors. ; )

  3. as an outsider who somehow stumbled across your blog a couple years back (and enjoy following your life/posts), please don’t ever feel the need to explain your life/finances to the general public. how you live your life is your own business. those of us who do not know you personally but love reading what you blog do not need to be sitting here in judgement of you (actually same applies to those who DO know you.) you do not owe any of us any explanations. those who want to judge should find a new blog and/or get a life. sorry to hear your trip was (in some parts) a bust but i’m sure you will be laughing about it soon enough; on the beach, watching an amazing sunset while enjoying some fine boxed wine. 🙂

  4. i love you kasey…
    i needed a kasey update…
    sorry you missed the ceremony…
    you’re a good friend kasey buick

  5. I discovered your blob when I was recovering at home from a hospitalization. Your blog provided me with some much needed laughter and smiles. I have missed your posts and am glad that you are back. I always have admired your honesty and sense of humor. Please never censor yourself. And I am thinking about making some cranberry bars…. soon…..

  6. I enjoy reading your posts. And I agree wholeheartedly…never feel the need to apologize or reason with the trolls…it’s your life, your blog and we are lucky to be entertained by you. Things will work out, they always do.

  7. I completely agree with Andria. It amazes me how much we sit in judgment of others. It’s like its our national pastime. Part of why I love coming to your blog to follow your family stories is that “you tell it like it is”. There are NOT very many blogs that can pull all of the stories, photographs, and reality together the way you do. Our own musings of the world around us isn’t always picture perfect…and that is the beauty of blogging…to capture the good, the bad, and sometimes the ugly.

  8. heart you Kasey! Keep on sharing about your beautiful and real life! xo

  9. becky up a hill says:

    York Mt. Winery, I went there one time with my lovely was 1980…thanks for the update, it was a good sorry about all that car mess..

  10. love it! i have missed your beautiful posts…

  11. Kasey, Glad you and Bryan are back in Kauai. Always here for you! Love to all, Traci

  12. Some people just don’t know how to follow a dream and so they pick apart the people that do. You may not be having the time of your life right now, but your are learning and experiencing more than you ever would have living in the suburbs of Chicago. Hang in there, girlfriend. Things have a way of working themselves out.


  13. I am so sorry for the less than ideal trip but even more sorry for the mean and judgmental people out there who feel the need to make a difficult life even harder than it has to be.

  14. I love that you gave a homeless woman $20. You guys will land on your feet! This was a great post!!

  15. Kasey ~
    so glad to see a new post – I’ve missed reading what your crew has been up to. Actually, I did see you one day (I was vacationing on your island).. but you were busy and I didn’t want to bother you. Hope you continue to make us smile with updates now and again !

  16. Dear Kasey … here’s another loyal reader who agrees with the others above. I’ve missed your wonderful posts and I’m so happy you’re back! And hang in there …. our adversity usually works itself out and we come out better than expected. Now I’ve just got to find some of that fine boxed wine you’re so fond of …. 🙂

  17. Dear Kasey,
    I too stumbled upon your blog awhile back and have missed your posts! Too bad people suck…. not all people… just the ones that think they know the best way for you to live your life. I love your pics and reading about your adventures. It adds a smile to my day. Welcome back.

  18. love, i ditto those above. and screw anyone who comments negatively on those who are making brave and hard choices and have the courage and humour to put it out there… we made a life changing move and like you, life in the last few years has been kicking us up the butt, fiscally, career, health, but this post was fabulous and made me smile, and it’s that that will get you through it. oh, that and boxed wine, or in my case, v cheap vodka tonics!

    keep on keeping on and bottoms up!

  19. Thankful is the word we all need to remember…in spite of ourselves and events that happen…I bet you will remember the trip as an a year or so….you go girl….

  20. Wow, an adventure within the adventure you’ve been on for the past year! You are the bravest family and I so admire your courage to keep putting yourselves out there. I’ll be looking forward to the post telling us it’s all working out just as you’d hoped.
    Love the photos!

  21. I really needed to read this. I have been struggling and I can always count on you to put a positive spin on any little (or big) mishap. You are a true inspiration!

  22. that is awful.
    all that way and then miss the wedding….i can’t imagine how disappointed you were!
    someday….you will look back on that trip and realize something.
    i don’t know what but you will.
    we had a trip like that once and from it i learned my husband does not like surprises. AT ALL. i planned a big surprise trip for us and it was so terrible. things went wrong. and he wanted everything planned out and budgeted. but i learned something big about my marriage.
    so something will come out of this.

    and good for you for writing what YOU want on YOUR blog.
    amen to that.

  23. Well you just do what you gotta do Right! You find a way, you make it work and you move forward.Life does not stop living and so we must all roll with the punches right! My best to you~Cheers & Blessings

    P.S~Let me know if you need a Trader Joe Food Box sent your way. 🙂

  24. i’ve always enjoyed (loved) your blog.. you keep it real and honest.
    one of the things that i actually enjoy the most is that you talk about the ups
    and the downs in your life. so few people out there do that.. and it’s not that you
    need to make everything public but you let us know just enough that we, as your readers,
    can feel as if we know a little bit more about you beyond the crafts, recipes, etc. (is that so bad? i guess
    i always want to know the person behind the blog)
    i am praying for you.. that a door opens up for you and your family so that you can find a little measure
    of peace. <3

  25. Oy….good times, eh? I’m praying for your house to rent and for y’all with whatever decisions you need to make.

  26. what a tale! glad you made it in the end. Sometimes eh! the trips that become little missions, or big missions! just to test us. Well done, Heather x

  27. I’m so glad you are back! I’m so sorry you had some downs on your trip but it sounds like there were also lots of ups to outweigh the downs. I am also sorry you receive negative comments. We read blogs because we are interested in what you say. I love the tips I’ve gotten from the blogs I read. They have great advice, information and it’s just fun to read that other people are going through some of the same things I am. I think when people read blogs every day they feel a sense of “ownership” or something that makes them feel they have a right to criticize. Please try to ignore that. None of us can or should judge anything you bloggers say or do. It’s YOUR life. We are just sitting here, in the comfort of our own homes, spying, basically. Try to ignore those comments because they come from people who have absolutely no right to make them. Whatever you do, it’s your life and I’m just happy you are sharing because in so many ways it’s a heck of a lot more interesting than mine!

  28. So glad your back posting! Life is full of challenges that at the end of the day make us who we are. Your blog is place I come for a smile and some good honest truth. Thank You for that!

  29. One of my new favorite quotes “Everything will be all right in the end … if it’s not all, then it’s not yet the end” — Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

  30. Peggy in TN says:

    Your trip is one for the memory books that’s for sure! At least you had Target and Trader Joe’s. I just had my uncle bring me four cases of 2 buck chuck when he came down from Chicago…that should get us through the holidays…haha. We have a Trader Joe’s in Nashville (80 miles away), but they don’t sell wine–only beer. Boo hoo. Glad you made it back safely from your trip and that you shared your adventure with us.

  31. well said. all of it. every teeny bit.
    glad you can look at the wine box half full even when it springs a leaky poo or two.

  32. Ditto what Andria said…. In the words of the great Katharine Hepburn, “Never complain, never explain.”
    xo, L

  33. I am thinking you are so lucky! I mean you got 2 buck chuck afterall. I have always wanted to try that. I try to convince friends to bring it to me if they travel, etc. But no luck so far…

  34. Funny post AND bless your heart!!! Live the life you want and say what you want/make no excuses–I love that the most about your blog. You are open and honest and let people comment-no matter what they say. Continue to be you…that is what I am trying to do with my life.

  35. Hope your luck changes . But you have health and happiness and a wonderful family living in paradise while money is a worry to you I am sure in many ways you are the lucky one. Keeping my fingers crossed that your house rents.

  36. Glad you’re back. I needed a good laugh. Have missed your humor!

    Sorry you’ve gotten discouraging comments. I applaud you for living life on your own terms and going out on a limb. We have one chance at this life and you all are really liviing it…experiencing so much that life has to offer. Most of us go through it unfulfilled because we never have the courage to take a real chance.

    Looks like some people need to find a new blog to read. Thanks for sharing and being real!

  37. Sometimes the moments/memories are so much more important than the money. I’m glad you guys took the risk because in a few years you won’t even remember the financial status, you’ll be giggling about the adventure you two had.

  38. Hi Kasey: I am so sorry for all the challenges you are facing. I wanted to tell you that I think you are missing seeing all your amazing talents. You have an incredible eye for photography, you can throw a party like no other and you have a loyal blog following. I think that you would be a great event planner/ wedding planner. I know its easy for me to say, however I also know sometimes it hard to see when you are in the thick of things.

  39. Susan Yaklin-Everson says:

    Wishing you the best!

  40. You’re great

  41. Wow! If bad things happen in three’s, you have certainly fulfilled the quota. I love your blog and just wanted to ask if you had considered renting your house to vacation travelers? Maybe,just short term until you find a permanent tenant. I live in MN and our neighbors own a duplex that they successfully rent out on VRBO. Just a thought… Good luck! Also, If you do consider to rent to vacation travelers, I’d be interested!

  42. Wow!!! I had to go back and read the NASTY things people wrote. Seriously hypocritical to give you a hard time about venting to your online (friends) followers. Nobody is making them read your blog. They are complaining about you complaining (venting)?! Seriously?!
    All I can say is Kharma is a giant bitch and anybody who judges somebody will eventually have to walk a longggggg mile in their shoes. So…. hang on, you are doing what everyone else is doing, just trying to make it. I think that you are constantly talking about how grateful you are and how much you appreciate life. So what if every once in awhile you let off some steam. It just shows that you needed someplace to vent.
    Sorry the car was such a piece of crap, at least the reception was banging!
    Have a wonderful day, you deserve it.

  43. You look happy to me. You gave to someone in need and it will come back to you. Just hang on a little longer. It will all come full circle. Heres to boxed wine, friends, and lifes ups and downs. We all have them

  44. hi, again, kasey, i swear i’m not stalking you… just reading your awesome blog… just had to say~i live in slo! small world. my husband works at novo. smallllworld, indeed.

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