get high on life

 My birthday came and went. I am now officially 38……and i feel like i’m not my age but what is age….

really it’s just a number right?! I like to think i’m pretty healthy….i’ve lost much needed baggage over a 6 month

period and let me tell you…..nothing feels better then feeling good about yourself.

The natural high……

rocky mountain high…..because if the natural stuff doesn’t work out….then we are moving to Colorado.

When i was elementary school my parents sent my brother and i to a summer camp that was aptly named

Get high on Life”

i won’t go into the beautiful details of this summer camp or how my parents shipped my brother who was 

7 at the time and i was 9…… to this GET HIGH ON LIFE camp….. over to Catalina island for 3 days

and neither will i go into the details on how i was so homesick and my brother was dirty for all three

days and we both had to end up sleeping in the camp directors tent with him and his wife because we 

were miserable and i also won’t go into details on how much money my parents had to pay in the amount

of collect phone calls i made from the pay phone calling home because i’m sure now that they are reading this that

they will look back on this and think to themselves….

did i really send my two kids to a camp called


Anyhoo……i don’t know where i was going with this other than the fact that we are talking about getting

high…but the all natural high that comes with life.


My birthday was pretty amazeballs.

Hands down…it’s been one of the better ones i’ve had….and i would like to also mention that this my 2nd birthday

here in Kauai. 

First and foremost….one of my closest friends from back home sent me an awesome box filled with all sorts of

goodies….and in the box was one of the things i had requested from Trader Joe’s…’s called

Cookie Butter.

I couldn’t wait… i grabbed the jar and twisted the lid……and found this:

apparently someone had decided to try the cookie butter before it went into the box and was mailed to me.

No one has come forward from that household to say they did it…..

but i have to smile because that is something that would totally happen in my house.

Secondly….i asked my family for some perfume

nothing fancy….since i’m over that whole thing of being fancy…..just something that i could spritz on

before i head out the door to work or better yet….something that yells my name when i walk into a room.

Thank goodness for kids that listen….because really…..

I love my new CONFESS.

First of all….i’ve never been a lover of Obsession….but i do love me some Confess…..

spray version…..

in a can

from walmart


Best card ever…..

two things about the above words from lola make me love her even more…..

1. Paris

2. Obviously

I rented the movie Family Stone over the weekend because i did….no need to explain it…..

and we watched it over and over together. 

Lola is turning into a mini me….which i sort of love/hate at the same time. She wants to get a phone so 

she can start instagraming…..and she would like to have her own blog.

I asked her what she would blog about….and she told me the first thing would be about her new skinny jeans

that she talked me into buying her yesterday even though the kid hasn’t worn a pair of pants in 16 months.

Anyhoo….back to last week.


I mean the week before last week since i just realized today is Monday .


Last Friday morning was my actual birthday….and my good friends decided it was in my best interest

to spoil me and treat me to spa day.

Yes….spoil me indeed.

I would be a fool to turn them down so i obliged…and needless to say….

it’s been a long time since i’ve been to a spa where you actually spend the entire day there for just

one treatment.

the day was nothing less than spectacular….and i am one lucky girl to have made some wonderful friends.


Where was i?

6ix things have happened in the last week….and that is why i have felt compelled to write it all down

here now for me to remember and what not.

 The most important of all….

our house has been rented which means that even though the last few months have been more then 

stressful….it also means that it gives us some more time to figure out what comes next.

Not that we know what’s next…..

at all….but this gives us room to breath.

 I am working 2 nights a week. Mondays and Tuesdays to be exact….and i don’t walk back home in the door

till after 9 at night….which means i don’t see my kids for 2 full days…..but so far…it’s worked out with

Bryan’s schedule…

but i’ve made the most of it…because of Don.

Don is pretty awesome

He is one hell of a good listener…….

{even though i’m pretty sure he’s recovering from Hepatitis…due to his yellowing skin…so don’t judge}

Don raises puppies in his free time and i do believe he used to work for Old Navy once upon a time….

just don’t ask him where his hands are.

just don’t…….

old war injury.

Saturday i loaded the kids up and we hit the beach.


it’s what we do on saturdays

and needless to say….my Saturdays are sort of holy around here……..

Anyhoo times 3.

or 2

what i wanted to mention is that the other day i was wondering around Walmart looking for tape and blank paper

when on the overhead speaker system a voice came on and told all of us that were wondering the aisles 

searching for something but not really anything

that the system was down and at this point they were only accepting cash till the systems were fixed.

At this point two things happened.

1. All but 8 of us left their carts right where they were……

and i mean left their carts.

{including what was in them…ie: eggs….milk….for who knows how long…..the point being they left the cart and walked out}

2. Those of us with cash sort of looked at each other……all 8 of us……cash in hand….

giving each other the silent high five because we were the only 8 people in Walmart left….

feeling a little bit apocalyptic …….like we were the chosen few…..

but all of us were slowly eyeing each other as we went through the check out line…..

thinking we might have enough cash in our wallets….

hoping really……

praying in the lines of Walmart…..

and at this point… as i knew it was over.

1. I was in Walmart

2. I had to pay with cash

3. There were only 8 of us in the entire store

4. I only had $16 in my wallet and i was one of those that left her cart full of toilet paper and gift wrap in aisle 6

grabbing the much needed shaving cream and toothpaste walking up to the checkout with the silent high-fiving

of the other 8 cash paying customers like i was one of them.

Cool beans people….cool beans.

I’m rambling now….so i must apologize.

Me and my friends at the beach on one of those holy saturdays…..

so really i just want to leave you with this:

1. There are beautiful horses that live right across the street from the beach

2. you don’t need a gorgeous house with beautiful furniture to make soft taco dinners looks amazing

3. friends going surfing never looked so good


  1. I am always happy to hear good news from you darling! Happy birthday to youuuuu…and I am ghappy to see also that you always look great…such a nice family adventure…. baci from cold Northern Italy, Monica

  2. somehow seeing your pretty life and the way you like the small things in life, makes me love mine more. does that make sense? i feel inspired to see/create beauty in my life!

  3. Oh happy day!
    Love seeing you blog. I love your life kasey, even through the ups and downs. I just knew everything would be ok in the end.

  4. That last photo of the girls surfing is beautiful. Happy monday girlie.

  5. I love it when you post. Makes me dream.

    Today’s made me realize I’ll never be skinny enough to live in, let alone visit, Hawaii. Dang.

    So glad your house is rented! Exhale.

  6. Yup, what Kristin said. Seeing the picture of all the friends on the beach I realized is skinny and beautiful, they must not allow anyone with love handles or muffin tops on the island. In any case I’m glad your house is rented, it just means I get to live vicariously through you for a few more months, during the cold, snowing days here I’ll be watching your blog for pictures of the beach and sun.

  7. I am so happy about your house being rented, even I sighed when I read that. Please tell me that all those girls on the beach in bikini’s are your boot camp friends.

    Happy Birthday!


  8. Obviously…you are high on your you should be. Check

  9. living the high life for sure.
    happy birthday.

  10. Becky @ Farmgirl Paints says:

    Uh I loved every single second of this post. Girl you transported me. Wishin’ I was wearing a hat that says “good times tan lines”! Happy birthday. Wondering if you are making it to Gabby’s classes…

  11. oh man. i love it all.
    & i really need to know. does the spray stuff smell great ? for real? inquiring minds…
    & i loved the spa day
    & your soft tacos
    & the ball cap
    and the letter. the letter!!!

  12. sounds like you had a wonderful birthday,
    thank GOD for friends right? 🙂
    and seriously, is everyone over there tall and skinny??
    so happy your house got rented, what a big relief!

  13. So glad to hear about your house being rented out… good news, very good news.

    Happy belated birthday!

    Good to know at least one woman doesn’t care about getting older.

  14. Hi Stacey, love that first photo! And glad the house is rented out, take care!
    Maureen x

  15. Happy belated birthday to you!

  16. Kathy butler says:

    There are a couple of things in Lola’s letter that make me like her more….”they are the choices that we make that make us who we are”….and “Spectacular”
    Who is this kid?

  17. What fun pictures!

    sandy toe

  18. That last photo is priceless! I never would have even thought about taking on the adventure you’ve been on. I’m way too steady Freddie but it sure is fun watching you and your family.

  19. Chris in FL says:

    Happy belated birthday to you. 🙂 And what a sweet, sweet, card from your girl! She’s a beautiful young lady! 🙂

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