Sail me away…

Let me start off by saying… all have some pretty fabulous names coming in for the 

name that baby contest…….i am loving reading all through them and can’t wait to see what they decide.

{no baby yet…..just so you know…}

I really think they like my suggestion of Buehler….

i’m keeping my fingers crossed.


I feel very behind in blogging……..

so my plan is to get all caught up this week……

pinky promise

So as i work my way back to blogland this week…

i thought i would  start selling some of my driftwood sailboats.

I’m not setting up a shop or anything at this time….

{been there….done that}

 Here are the details:

These boats will ship via USPS in a flat rate priority box which i have found to be the most economical from Hawaii.

The sailboats range in size and the ones that will fit into the flat rate box 

approximately measure anywhere between 6-10 inches in length & 8-15 inches in height.

I’m pricing them at $38 and that includes the $11.35 for S & H.

That puts them at a little over $26 a sailboat…..from Kauai….made by yours truly;-)

I have large ones….but there is no way to ship them economically without it breaking your bank.

You can email me at {} and you will have to have a paypal account

and obviously if you are local or are wanting larger ones you can email me as well and we can

work out those details as needed.


{I also realized i never chose the winner from the Captain Morgan giveaway ….

so Annie …commenter number 2….email me}


  1. Emailing you right now!

  2. We’re pinching pennies for the next month or so but, when we’re over this hurdle, I definitely would love to buy one! Hopefully it’s okay if I pin one of your pics so I can easily get back to this post:)

  3. These are very fun! I will see if I have a spot for them.We own a beach cottage and they would be oh so perfect~Cheers Kim

  4. Love these! They are so cute.

  5. okay so if Annie never gets back to you I think if I was you I would pick # 71!
    love your boats!

  6. Did you ever sell the pies at the farmer’s market? I haven’t been keeping up with my blog reading, like you haven’t had time to write…but I was curious how it went.

  7. Hello there, I saw a beautiful photo you have on Houzz. At we want to add a page called My Girls Closet, and that photo of an armoire might work. Is that something you’d like to consider? my number is 616-617-6464 or you can just email me back! Love your website-enchanting. Thanks-Kim

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