did you hear

I decided to hire an assistant to help me since i’m so far behind in blogging but

she never showed up this week and then when i thought really hard about it….i realized that

it was just a dream that i had actually hired someone to help me keep up….

and i had to make dinner all by myself and then to top it off…..

i ran a few loads of laundry…fold them….clean the bathroom all by myself as well…..

so here i am……back to the blog.

What is going on in my little neck of the island is this:

 My Costco came out with a brand new Vodka….and it runs just under the $14 price point…which means

more vodka for us!

I used to buy Skyy…….but now i don’t.

{but if you work for Skyy……call me…because i would be happy to work out a deal with you}

 That boat up above is mine…..and i love it. It just doesn’t know it’s mine yet……i see it every time i’m 

at Anini beach….and one day i’m hoping i show up and there is a 

“free to a good home” sign hanging off of it…..but since i haven’t seen that yet…..i’ll just

stand by and daydream about it.

 I started writing a book……but i didn’t get very far…..

because i fell asleep when i took too many of those expired Target brand pm’s.


I can already tell you what is going to happen at the end of the book…..



will get into some great college….probably on full scholarship…..

I’m thinking Harvard….Stanford……and it won’t be a football scholarship…..that’s for damn sure.

It’ll be more like….


i’m thinking humanitarian……or kindness.

{they will start giving those type of scholarships in the future}

He marries a good woman…has a handful of kids….and lives happily in the Midwest…..

oh….and i really love his wife…..because he married a slightly older woman…

and we become wonderful friends especially since she is French and her family owns a beautiful

old mas in the South of France where they raise goats and make Chevre for the best restaurants in the world.


she marries quickly right our of college…..and to someone wealthy…….

she never even had to have a full time job……

and he promised to take care of her the rest of her life.


{her future husband is so wealthy that Lola is able to buy her parents a beautiful ocean front home on Kauai}

she does not have kids…..instead she raises mice for the local pet store and because she is

married to this incredibly wealthy man…..

in their spare time they travel the world where they feed homeless dogs and give them water.

Fin ……

gives the local Junior College a try….lasts maybe 1 semester before dropping out and 

remembering his days on the beach of Kauai…..heads back to Kauai to work at the local surf shop in Hanalei

making $8 an hour and loving every minute of it.

He will never marry…..because he loves his mom so much.


and he still comes over for dinner at our house every night because Lola had bought us a beach front home here

and before i forget …….I still do Fin’s laundry because i just do.

We all still get together every year…..the whole family…..and do fun things like we used to do when the kids

were small …….

And as for me and the hubs…..

we settled down nicely…..opened our own paparazzi business of photographing people….

famous and non famous….

because even non famous people like to be photographed you know….

Did you hear about that new nighttime medication …..it’s NyQuil but without the Quil…..zzzzzz

{so you don’t have to have the stuffy…sniffly….headache….}

which pretty much tells me it’s supposed to be amazeballs….

because sometimes we just need the Quil.

Over and Out.


  1. You.Are.Hilarious
    I have been missing your blog posts, so I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the spitting of coffee all over my computer screen this morning.

  2. Pretty awesome! Thanks for the laughter today 🙂

  3. Love it. Sounds like a fabulous ending to your book. 🙂


  4. Jessica nailed it. Very funny, I could read a whole book! Must be too much sea air {or vodka} but your words make excellent reading. xx

  5. Hilarious. but just so you know… I mean I don’t want you to feel stupid (not say’n I was) or anything… Harvard doesn’t give football scholarships. Ask me how I know… actually, please don’t 🙂

  6. I love it! “I started writing a book…”=story of my life, and I happen to like being so caught up in the real life book I’m living, too. 🙂

  7. Hahaha – as always, you make me laugh. Looks like you are all continuing to enjoy island life. It looks so beautiful.

  8. was that guy just in tighty whiteys? like, fruit a tha looms? the heck?!

  9. And just where are Grandma and Grandpa in this futuristic scenario??? They won’t be THAT old yet!!!

  10. you’re Hilarious!

  11. becky up a hill says:

    Please tell me those thirsty and hungry dogs are getting watered and fed when Lola and her rich hubby don’t have the spare time? I may not be able to sleep today…as I’m getting ready for a nap 🙂 Great blog girlie!

  12. I’ll buy a copy! Amazonballs.com! LOL!!!

  13. Omg I think I have found a mad cow that is madder than me!love to read all the way from England.Keep drinking the vodka .xx

  14. Omg I think I have found a mad cow that is madder than me!love to read all the way from England.Keep drinking the vodka .xxX

  15. HA HA HA!! I adore your sense of humour!

  16. What a great imagination you have…believe and you shall receive…about the boat I mean…oh and everything else.
    Thanks for a great read… you should persist with that book…I’d buy it! lol 🙂
    Bec x

  17. You know. The part about Fin? That’s the best part. Made me smile and tear up a little. That’s what I dream for my children. To just do what makes you happy. Don’t worry about pretenses and what others “think” you should do. Make enough money DOING SOMETHING THAT MAKES YOU HAPPY so you can live comfortably.

  18. I love it! Your blog is always a fun read!

  19. The zzzQuil is pretty much amazing. And it says it’s not addicting, so it’s totally okay to take every night.

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