May Day

Tap Tap Tap

is this thing on…..

Oh….hello there!

So first of all….i apologize that it’s been so long.

Secondly….we’ve been having a crazy wonderful last few weeks…..and i just have not had one single

moment to sit down and start typing away.

We had some Chicago besties here….then my mom arrived….and then my dad…..

and now there is only a few days left of school…so i’m scrambling around tying down all the electronics

and fastening any loose objects before the herd of children descend upon the condo in droves.

Oh…and we are also trying to pack up and go camping this coming weekend with all of our friends

as an end of the school year bash.

{i know…camping as a bash…..right. I’d rather send them over to grandma’s house for a weekend and sit

myself all alone with a mimosa in hand….but that’s not going to happen}

And also….one week from Thursday the kids and i head back to Illinois for a week to see friends and then we

fly down to Florida for another week to see grandparents. So…as you can see….life has been a bit crazy

and it’s only going to be more so in the next few.

Bare with me though……

Let me tell you….we have decisions to make in the next few weeks….hard ones.

We have two choices.

Do we 

A: Head back to chicago the end of summer…..the lease will be up at our house back there….so we can move back…

start Mason in middle school with all of his friends…Bryan can look for a job….{get a job doing what he

really should be doing} and settle back into being normal.


B: Stay one more year.

The reason it’s so hard is because there are so many little things we need to consider…..which you don’t think

about on a normal day. Like…..the longer Bryan is out of a job ..the harder it’s going to be to get back

into one.

Not that being a poolside server isn’t a job;-)

But we also LOVE it here.

I mean LOVE.

Kauai really is the most beautiful place.

Gah! I hate decisions like this.

Anyhoo….a few weeks ago the kids had May Day at school.

The schools here take great pride in preparing for this holiday….and the kids in each class get to

perform a dance out on the front lawn.

My mom has been here the last week and a half…. so she was able to watch as well.

{by the way….she looks great and is feeling wonderful}

I really love….LOVE Hanalei elementary school….and it’s been one amazing year for the kids to have gotten

to experience the Hawaiian culture this last year.


This is Fin’s first grade class….

One of the things i truly love is the mountain behind the school with the waterfalls….

just to have that as a backdrop has me speechless.

The kids had a blast that day……and it is definitely something going down in their book of memories.

I have so many photos to show of the last few weeks….and it’s my goal to sit down tonight and go

through them all and post them in the next day or so!

I promise.


Grapefruit juice and vodka promise.


  1. I wish you guys could somehow find the best of both worlds! Brian finding a job in his industry but working from home so you guys could stay in Kauai!

  2. I would totally stay another year in Hawaii or maybe forever! I can’t imagine living in such a beautiful place and then trudging back to dreary Illinois. That’s where I’m from…I actually lived pretty close to you in the Chicago suburbs, but then I moved down to Orlando, FL in October of 2010 to escape the bitter cold Chicago winters. I can honestly say, I haven’t missed the cold weather one bit, but I do miss my family & airfare is so expensive! Not sure what line of work your guys is in, but it would be awesome if it was something where he could work remotely and just travel when needed! I mean who needs to sit in an office these days…that’s what FaceTime is for, right? LOL. Anyways, best of luck in making one hard ass decision! Out of selfishness, I do hope you stay as I love reading your blog posts and seeing your gorgeous pics of Hawaii & the other blog I follow that lived in Hawaii just moved back to the states. *sigh* 🙂

  3. Oh god you HAVE to stay! Why would you leave? Noooo. Stay! I vote stay. (Stay).

  4. you gotta ask God about this. Seriously. He is good with the BIG decisions.

    My feeling…as I have moved away….and then come back…

    the LONGER you stay, the harder it is to move.
    Deeper friendships and roots form.

    Where is family to you?
    Are you okay with the distance from yours?
    For me…2,000 miles away got HARD.
    I had four kids…no help…and parents AGE…they can not always jump on a plane to see you.
    And well, yeah…they AGE…and I felt like they were missing out on my kids, as well as my kids missing out on their grandparents.
    I left LA and honestly, with the exception of missing a couple of friends, I have never looked back.
    For me, being close to my sisters and parents outweighed the love of the beach and the sun.

    but this is your life…

    Do you see a future for you and your husband there?
    Can Brian be and do all he wants to in Hawaii?

    Is a “real job” for Brian a higher priority?
    Can he be happy working his current job and staying in Hawaii?

    Are you okay with taking this year adventure and leaving it at that?
    Or do you feel like it is unfinished…that you have more to learn?

    What do the kids want????

    Where is wine cheaper?????????

    It is a tough call.
    Start making lists and lists…pros and cons…and PRAY.

    I will say this…

    I have never seen you look happier…healthier…and more at PEACE, EVER.
    Yes. You are now an awesome SKINNY bitch and you are rockin your new bod BIG TIME.
    You are fabulous!
    But what shines even more is something from within…
    maybe it is just all of that juicing….
    but I think your soul has benefited big time.
    you are truly shining.
    and blogging less…
    which means you are living to full capacity.

    be it a year in Hawaii or longer…it seems to have done you and your family very, very well.

  5. Such beautiful photos Kasey! This past year has been amazing just simply watching through my computer screen. It is a toss up. A) I would desperately love to see your Chicago house again! B) Hawaii is amazing. But ultimately only you guys can decide what is best for your family! Sending you much love as you make this difficult decision! But remember, moving to Hawaii was a difficult decision…and it proved to be totally worth it! xo

  6. you should stay:)

  7. I’ve been wondering what you were going to do. It really looks like you are all having the time of your lives there. It would be such a hard decision. Maybe when you come home it will become more clear for you.

  8. Mason looks like he is ready for middle school! Good luck with decision making- that’s not an easy one.

  9. angie D says:

    We have family living in Australia wrestling with the same decision. Our brother is an economist for a major bank. Forecasting is his forte and he has advised them to stay put for a year and let the US job market and RE market improve before giving up their job there. They are in a tourist area with almost no unemployment and of course they are all loving the lifestyle there:-) No one can forecast for sure what will happen, but many believe things will improve next year.

    I have to agree with what Laura said. I am new to your blog, but in reading back through your archives, I have to say there is something different about you other than the weight loss. It is obvious in recent photos that you have a certain glow from within, maybe a peace of sorts. Your kids seem to be thriving as well. At any rate, base your decision on what makes you all happy. Yes, we all need money, but having lost a few older family members recently, I can tell you that when you’re old and gray, the memories will mean more to you than your bank account. And who knows, maybe a wonderful opportunity will present itself there and you can have the best of both worlds. I love your blog and your honesty and will keep reading no matter where you are:-)

  10. Great pictures of the May Day celebration and oh what memories the kids are making. Whats another 365 days…
    I do agree with Becky that your trip to Chicago may make things a little less fuzzy for you when making your decision. GOOD LUCK!!!

  11. Linda Marquez says:

    I think you should start looking for a job yourself, so you can help the economy of your family, its nice to stay at home, “working” for the kids and stuff, but think aabout your husband for a while, if ou want a better future for your kids you need to find yourself a job, so like that you can get a mini cooper (not van). It wouldn’t be a hard choice if you get a job and so you husband can start looking for something in his field whereever you are.

  12. STAY! The job market is still crappola so what difference does one more year of bliss make? A lot really – you guys are super happy there – you are all beaming and making memories that will last a lifetime. When it comes down to it we don’t actually need much in life but good friendships and happy memories – seems you’re on a winner – why throw that in and face the hell of a broken economy etc?

  13. Oh i dont envy you those decisions. I have some tough ones to make too and it wrecks my head to try and weigh everything up. Hawaii does seem like a great place though…… 😉

  14. so so cute, and you all look totally native there now. and you’ll make a great decision about where to go from here, I know it!
    hope to see you soon here!

  15. The school looks like a very special place. I am so sorry you have to make all of these big decisions. I can only imagine how hard it is.

  16. If you can rent your house stay. You are so happy. You are all happy and healthy the 2 most important things in life.

  17. Aw, you guys are looking great!! It is obvious you are really enjoying life.

    I forgot what Brian does, but is there any possibility at all he could use those skills there in Hawaii? I am sure you have already thought about that, but I was just curious.

    Maybe your decision will be easier after your visits. Hope you have a wonderful time traveling!

  18. Good luck making the decision about what comes next for your family Kasey. I know it won’t be easy but whatever you choose will be right for you.

  19. Allison says:

    Did your hubby get to see the Jenner wedding?? 🙂 Ahhh..Brody Jenner…he’s so darn dreamy!

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