Strong is the new skinny


I am a little nervous about showing these photos….but because i’m so proud of all the hard work i’ve been doing the last 4 months….i will go ahead and show you all.

You will see the BEFORE and the MIDWAY.

I just want to start off by saying that when i started training back in the beginning of November…….i didn’t have a very realistic goal in mind. I knew i needed to lose weight and i knew i needed to train hard. What i didn’t want to do was change my entire lifestyle…..because as we all know that this momma likes her wine….and since it’s good for my heart {hate to conflict what the good doctor states} i wasn’t going to give that up. Even though i am eating healthier…… i have a new love for quinoa…..i also juice every single morning {i’ll show off my juicing recipes soon}…

fresh squeezed green juice really is good for you.

{it’s up to you whether you add vodka to it or not}

I wasn’t about to give up having pizza if we went out for pizza…or not indulge in my favorite thing in the world….BRIE. So…that being said….the weight loss is taking a little longer for me…but i’m okay with that BECAUSE i’m gaining muscle as i lose fat.

It took me a while to not hate that fact.


I started training with Gabby Reece the second week of November….and if you remember reading my blog back then…i pretty much begged my friend who was in her class….to invite me. My friend did…and i am so so grateful.

Gabby’s class is circuit training….which means lots of weights and Tabata style….you can see a peek of what we do Β {here}. On alternate days…i was walking 4 -5 miles and doing some stairs {all free} but when my friend Sharon came to visit…she took me out for a few runs because she is training for some half marathons.

{didn’t i say i would never run again after that one 5k last year??}

I really hate running…..not because it hurts….but because i pant like a dog and look like an ostrich that was let loose from the zoo.

It’s not a pretty sight….but i decided i have to up my cardio this next month if i want to see a quicker change in my body especially since i won’t let go of my nightly vice.

This is a photo of Gabby…myself…and my friend Sharon who was visiting a few weeks ago. Can you believe i’m 5’7 ?

Gabby does not charge us for the class that we take three days a week. Crazy right?!

I wouldn’t be able to afford it if she did… another reason the stars aligned and Β it’s making it easier to meet my goal. Β {Thank you Gabby!}

The class beats us up on some days… this photos of my arms…

we had been doing 4 minute planks….but i learned that i wasn’t doing planks right if i have rug burns on my elbows….because i should have been using my core to hold me up and not my elbows.


So i just told everyone that i got those from a good romp in the sack with Bryan.

Anyhoo…..i started my training back in the begining of November after i had stepped on the scale and Β had reached my ALL TIME HIGHEST weight i’ve ever been….and that included the day before i delivered my kids.

In the span of 19 months….i had gained a grand total of….

drum roll please….

25 pounds.


So….instead of pointing out the imperfections….i’ll point out the the improvements.

1} My neck and chin have definition

2} My stomach is tighter and thinner

3} My ass is no longer a booty call

4} My chest is smaller

5} The dimples on my thighs are almost gone

6} My cankles can now be called ankles again

That photo on the left was taken the 2nd week of Novemeber…and i weighed 162 pounds. The photo on the right was taken last week….and i weighed 147 pounds.

My goal is to be where i was the week i went to France….two years ago this coming April……and that’s 137 pounds.

{i would love to be 130….but i’m being realistic at this point so i’ll take 137 and know that i’m stronger and healthier}

April is also my last month of training with Gabby….because her family moves to California for the other 6 months of the year.

So there you have it…..i’m down 15 pounds so far.

10 more to go.

I’m stronger….i’m feeling great and it’s only because i wake up every day and DO something about it.


  1. You look mah-velous!! Way to go, Kasey:)

  2. You look amazing! Way to go girl.

  3. You go girl!

  4. Wow!!! Good for you! So wonderful to have such a great class and for free, of all things…bonus! You look terrific. It’s hard work and you did it. Congrats and keep it up! Strong is the new sexy….. πŸ˜‰

  5. You look so great!

  6. Whoo hoo HOO! You look great! Good for you, Kasey. Keep at it. I joined in about 3 weeks ago, right about the same weight, and 5’7″ too. At 55 I’m finding it much harder to whittle down again, but I’m sticking with it. I’m down about 6. If I’d give up wine in the evening, it would go faster…. πŸ˜‰ Umm….no…I’m not gonna! : ))

  7. You go girl! You look awesome! I sooo need to start a regiment workout! Hmmm, that Gabby looks oddly familiar to Gabriel Reese! Am I correct?

  8. You are awesome! So proud of you. I can’t wait to wrap my arms around your skinny ass and give you a big hug……in TWO weeks!

  9. You look great. I know how difficult it is to get back into shape. I am so much happier when I work out consistently. I wish you continued success.

  10. Martha Clark says:

    you look wonderful and way to go…glad you are soo proud of yourself because you deserve it

  11. You are looking great and way to go! You have a lot to be proud of! Best of luck in reaching your final goal as I know you can do it!

  12. You look great Kasey. It’s within reach just keep it up! I’m heading off for Sprng Break in a month and it’s bootcamp time. I’m hitting it. No bread or sweets either. I’m right there with ya. I’ve gained 15 pounds in the course of the move. Down 5…10 to go.

  13. Laura Macklin-Purdy says:

    Hi Kasey!
    I’ve been reading your blogs and keeping up with your life on fb…you are such an inspiration! I applaud you and have to say, you are much braver than I would ever be to post those pictures! you look amazing =)
    Keep up the great work and keep blogging…I love reading about your life!

  14. I’ve LOVED seeing your updates on social media. It inspires me. Seriously.

  15. You go girl! Today is “International Woman’s Day” so this is a perfect and empowering post! Thank for sharing. πŸ™‚

  16. You can do it Kasey, keep up the good work!
    You look great and especially happy!

  17. You look fantastic! You are such an inspiration. I want to learn how to make the green juice! Share some recipes please!

  18. You always look great . . . and slim . . . in every single photo.

  19. Wow! That is about all I can say…….
    And you make me feel guilty!

  20. Strong is totally the new skinny. And you’re doing awesome. I’m looking forward to your juicing recipes!

  21. You should be so proud of yourself, Kasey! You look great!

  22. Hi Kasey, I was really interested to read this (and thank you for sharing the pictures; it give such a clear picture of progress, even if you find the first one hard to look at). I do circuits twice a week, and running and I have realised in the last six months how much it has changed my strength and stamina. On the weight front – I have gained weight, which everyone tells me is muscle. It’s hard to accept that as I can’t get back down to the weight I was, I look kinda like I did, some of my clothes don’t fit so well as I have muscles in places I never used to. It’s not been as dramatic a loss as yours but still, what you wrote really made sense to me. It is a lifestyle change and one that you have to embrace completely (juice and all!). I think you look great and I think it’s an amazing programme that you’ve been able to join. Wow for Gabby Reece. Keep it up…strong is the new skinny. Lou x

  23. P.S. I was considering skipping circuits this morning, but after reading this…noooo!! I am off now! Lou x

  24. Great job, kasey!!! You look fabulous!!

  25. Way to go!!!!
    I love that saying…..strong is the new skinny:)
    I put that as my facebook status once after I was feeling pretty proud of a long run I had just completed!!

    Keep up the good work!! I know…I have my fair share to lose after indulging in way to much pizza and wine this winter:(

  26. awesome work! now if i could just do the same!

  27. Good for you Kasey!!! Thanks for being brave enough to show us these pictures. I have been feeling a little discouraged lately about my own weight lose journey gained 20 pounds during treatment and cannot lose the last 10 even though I’m working out 6 days a week! But I’m sticking with your motto strong is skinny, because I’m stronger than I have ever been.
    Can’t wait to see your juicing recipe’s .


  28. You look amazing Kasey! Great work and it’s paying off!!!!!

  29. You look amazing! Good for you! Thanks for sharing this inspiring post!

  30. Catherine says:

    You Go Girl! You look amazing and I’m so happy for you! I’m sure you feel better too!

  31. wow. thank you for posting – very inspiring!!! i have the turkey wobble chin fat which is so horrible and making me terribly self-conscious and thought there is NO WAY it would go away but I see from your pics, it is possible to lose it in that area – you look absolutely wonderful and love the “strong is the new skinny” mantra – thank you so much. Today I will be strong!!! P.s. Please post your juice recipes; I’d love to try them & have my kids start as well – love to replace the morning coffee with a juice instead…

  32. Fantastic, good for you, I was a print on Pinterest saying Strong is the new Skinny and thought that was fabulous! You look great! Janell

  33. Awesome, Kasey. My favorite part is that you didn’t go crazy changing your diet. A girl’s gotta have treats. I have found I can eat all the same stuff, just not the same quantities, and and stay strong-is-the-new-skinny ; ) YOU GO, GIRL! Awesome.

  34. You look great!

  35. Whoo-Hoo! you look so good!! My trainer also suggested I give up wine…then she backed it down to just 2 bottels a week. Must have scared her with my Laser Burn Look. My daughter turned me on to an awsome blogger: Oh She Glows check her out her recipies are sooo good. I love her Overnight Oats. They sound bad… cold oatmeal… but they are so good. Keep it up sister you inspire us!! oxox

  36. So proud of you! No I don’t know you in real life, but I am so happy for you girlie! Thank you for being real and just being awesome! And yes, STRONG is the new SKINNY!

  37. Crystal Kay says:

    Congrats Kasey! You look wonderful and are so inspiring!

  38. Awesome! Well deserved wine after workouts like those. Now I know what all those cars were doing at the Princeville Community Center πŸ™‚

  39. Hey! You are a hoot! I am with you…I am at 46 pounds with 10 more to lose. Wish I had Gabbie Reese, but will make do at the local rec center. Can’t justify the fancy bootcamp killer classes these days, big bucks. Good luck! April will be awesome! Look forward to reading your progress.

  40. Kasey, I had my ah ha moment after reading this post. Put on my gym clothes and hit the gym. I have 10 to lose and am determined now to do it. You look dynamite!!

  41. Those are awesome before & midway photos. Thank for sharing and motivating all of us! And 4 minute planks? Seriously? I think I fall over shaking after 45 seconds. Must. Work. On. The. Planks.

  42. You are looking great! You are very dedicated and it really shows. Maybe I’ll start running with you…. I did say maybe!

  43. Way to go Kasey! You look great…no more booty call! So funny! Keep up the awesome work!

  44. Wow, you have definitely inspired me! I mostly ride my bike and walk, but I have committed myself to riding my bike and walking an hour each day – as those are the work outs that work best for me. I also love that you are not cutting everything you enjoy out of your life, but working with it! Keep up the great work, you look fabulous! xxoo

  45. Thanks for sharing! Keep up the hard work. You rock lady!!

  46. You have so much to be proud of!! I’m so impressed! I’m kind of where you were in November, weighing the most I’ve ever weighed, not pregnant though(that number would be really scary!) I need to get the motivation to do something serious! Maybe this will do it for me!

  47. Well done you! Iam so impressed. Its great to see real before and after photos for once.
    Congrats on all your hard work!

  48. You look great!!!

  49. Wendy in Kennewick says:

    Congratulations! You are looking fabulous!

  50. Last year I ran three marathons in 2 months (4 if you include my training run) and since that last marathon I have gained more than 20 pounds… in just over 6 months. I too reached my highest weight ever. Needless to say… it made sense that I decided to give up sweets for lent and now am on the road to losing what Ive gained. This is truly an inspiring post and it shows that if you put your mind to something you can see results and feel better too. Thanks for sharing. You look great!

  51. This is great!!!

  52. What a transformation…love it. Thank you for sharing your before and after pics(very brave and it helps so much to motivate). Thank you again for sharing you!

  53. Way to go Kasey! What a transformation, and committment to go for it. I cannot even imagine taking care of that body in the dew of Hawaii. Sure beats gyms or regular sidewalks. But your right, if you’ve got in in you, just DO IT as they say! Cool to see all your friends who have visited you too.

  54. This post just gave me the lift that I needed to get back to serious work!
    Kasey, you look healthy and wonderful. Thank you!

  55. Ok, I’m way behind on your posts but you look fantastic! I’ll be looking for your juicing recipes, that is something I want/need to start doing!


  56. Way to go! You look terrific and stronger is fantastic!

  57. Funny how I discover your blog just as I am embarking on my own ‘getting fit’ journey. Thin is not attractive to me. But fit definitely is. Congratulations!

  58. Wow, I don’t know if I’m more impressed by your weight loss or that you train with Gabby Reese. Either way, super awesome.

  59. you rock! A – mazing!!!

  60. Good for you! I have been doing the same and people notice and ask what I have been doing, and I say HARD WORK!! I too have been running and it makes a difference to step up the intensity. Keep it up!!

  61. You are amazing! Inspiring in every way — living your life and rocking at it no less!

    Congratulations! πŸ™‚

  62. Rebecca Frame says:

    I am so proud of you…it is such hard work…I turn 37 this summer and have realized over the last couple of years how easy weight can be put on and how hard it is now to take off.

    Thanks for sharing and putting this out there…I take away from it a grand dose of inspiration!

    Good job girl. Go and get that 137!


  63. Shar Yates says:

    You look fantastic! This is a very inspiring post. It proves a person can be normal (drink wine) and still make improvements! Keep us posted and good luck making your goal!

  64. OMG – go you! You look amazing and you are beaming health – well done – that’s such an amazing effort. The big thing here at the moment – all over the news – is the importance of giving up sugar – and how you drop pounds by doing so – it goes to fat in a nano second as soon as you swallow! If you want the ebook – let me know and I’ll e it through to you.

    And don’t panic – the (life saving) good news is when you get to about page 16 – the magic words of wine is ok appear – thank the lord for that!!!!! Otherwise i would have thrown the thing out! Life is short – we need treats!

    And i love strong is the new skinny – you are so right – and skinny isn’t that great – makes many women look ill and old. And when they do that spray tan thing – ill, hold and orange!!!!!! What would granny say about that?!!!!

    Rock those green juices – yum!

  65. Michelle says:

    So glad I hopped on here and read your post today! I am in month 2 of fitness training, today I got in the ever. dreaded. Bod Pod. If you don’t know what that is, it’s a horribly mean machine that will tell you, you are an excessive fat person {even if you don’t really look it on the outside} which then tells you that you are just lazy and gross. My own version of personal hell, really. Well, today’s read was not a good one, I guess even though you lose 2 lbs, the fact that you lost lean mass and fat is not good either.. boo! It’s inspiring to hear that you are not willing to give up your nightly vices and who would give up pizza and brie?! Yet, you still get out there every day and work your buns off and look awesome because of it! Way to go girl! Strong is the new skinny and you are rockin’ it! Congrats and thanks for the inspiration on a day that I needed it! πŸ˜‰ XO

  66. way to go girlie!!! xoxo

  67. Thanks for sharing – you have inspired me!
    I love Gabby Reese and often point to her as a role model for my 6’1″ 15 year old daughter who plays volleball…I will continue to watch your progress and get inspirations – thanks again for sharing πŸ™‚

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