shift happens

* I added some wording to my photo…..but i just want to reiterate that even though it’s true….

money helps. 

*Dear Pantene…..i like you…i don’t love you. My heart belongs to Bumble and Bumble.

* Fin Hudson turned 7  a few weeks ago….and the reason you haven’t seen any birthday photos is

because i’m pretending it hasn’t happened.

* My middle toe on my left foot is a little crooked.

*Don’t judge…’s an old war injury.

*So far March has been the longest month in my entire existence.

* I only tell you this because out of the last 18 days….the kids have only been in school 3 of them.

*It’s almost like i home-school now.

*Except i didn’t teach my kids one damn thing and we waited till today to prep for the science fair

that is happening this coming Wednesday.

* After marking camping with the kids for two nights off my list……….

{check check}

we treated ourselves to Camp Hyatt for a night.

*Actually….my friend and i treated ourselves.

*2 friends….4 kids….all in one room because it was all we could afford.

*The Hyatt  is probably the best hotel if you have kids…with acres of wonderful pools for the kids.

*Yeah for Kama’aina discount. {which means you have a local ID and can prove you live here}

* If you don’t have kids….i do not recommend staying there. If you can afford it…stay at the

St. Regis in Princeville or the Westin .

*I’m down one more pound….but it’s been 2 weeks.

*Make sure you are not extremely tired from having kids home for half the month that you

accidentally grab the KY jelly and squeeze it on your toothbrush.

*Make sure you don’t keep the KY jelly on your bathroom counter

* I secretly wish my friends here watched Mad Men so that when the new season premier

is on Next Sunday… that i had some girls to watch it with.

*Dear Anthro…..i just want you to know i still get your catalog…but i had to buy some

 clothes from Walmart. Call me if that bothers you…..i’m sure we can work something out.

* I’m sort of freaking out because Mason got the letter sent home from school about the 

“puberty” movie that they are going to show at school soon.

*I remember being in 5th grade and watching the girls version…..and it’s a little unsettling that

my son is now the age i was and that i can remember it like it was yesterday.

*Mrs Yonkers class.Peachland elementary school.The year i decided to get a perm.

*Why did perms always look great on the popular girls?

*That was the same year i sprayed Sun-In on my hair for the first time

while i sat in the sun for an entire day.

*Perms and Sun-In …..need i say more?

 *I might or might not get a tattoo when my friend Jill comes into town next week.

* I already had my nose pierced….how bad can a tattoo be right?

*My dad does not know about me and the maybe tattoo….so please don’t say anything.

*Yes….i still feel like i need to ask permission.

*Hey dad…..what’s up?

*I said MAYBE.

*Just like i said MAYBE to green juice.

*Word to the wise {or not so wise}: Jump starting a mini {van not cooper} with the red handle not on

the positive and the black not on the negative part of the battery is not only life changing….

it will make you rethink that Auto 101 elective class you screwed off in while in 11th grade.


  1. I love…love….love that quote and photo!!! It’s so very true:)
    Love your blog…just love it!!!

  2. Oh Casey how I LOVE you! 🙂 I needed that laugh today 🙂

  3. I was just talking to my honey about perms the other day. I used to rock the perm. Not sure how we got away from them…glad it happened. Give Jill a big squeeze from me when you see her.

  4. Loved this today!!

  5. I had a perm in 7th grade. Middle school which tells you how awkward the situation was.

  6. Get the tattoo!! I have one from 20 years ago that I love (a flower on my 2nd toe..trying to pretty it up). Now I want a tattoo with my boys’ names, but I fear I’ve left it too long and don’t have a place to put it that’s …….firm…….solid….


  7. Anna-Ruth T. Murphy says:

    Perm + Florida well water = “Brillo”…one of my high school nicknames :)…I feel your pain

  8. Good laugh today, I needed it!

  9. yea! we are getting tattoos!!!

  10. I was a perm girl too.-and sun-in. Looking back, I don’t know if it was harder on me or my stylist(mom) who had to endured my complaining. Thanks for making me laugh.

  11. Amy lowrey says:

    Kasey!! I had the perm in mrs. Yonkers class too
    & mine was equally bad!! She also let me borrow
    some nail polish over a weekend and I spilled it
    on our carpet and got completely busted.
    Hope your month finishes quickly and with
    a little more sun!

  12. Never had the perm {hair is curly all on it’s own} but I was all over the Sun-In. It was Sun-In or a mixture of lemon juice and water on the hair and baby oil on the body all. summer. long. Dry hair and burned, peeling skin…Not pretty. Not pretty at all.

  13. Ha Ha! Jump starting the mini van that way could give you a whole new perm!! Loved the post. Oh Sun-In what a failure you were on my hair. And for the record, lemon juice does not bleach freckles either……..

  14. Good thoughts to ponder.

  15. I love the Hyatt. I stayed there for my wedding (w/out kids) and I thought it was the most beautiful and relaxing hotel.

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