no one warned us

I realize it’s been a few weeks since i’ve last posted……

but as soon as my MIL left….we had some Chicago friends come into town and they were

here for 5 days….and then they left.

Since they left we have had rain.

Lots and lots of rain.

So much rain that there has been no school the last few days.

Then yesterday a mini hurricane blew through and half of the island is without power…

and the only road that circles the island is closed in numerous areas due to mudslides

and fallen power lines.

Luckily we are safe and sound….we still have power and our home sits up above our favorite little town of Hanalei which is completely submerged in water.

We have friends that live in Hanalei {and that is where the kids go to school}…. 

the town is just a lake at this moment.

The photo below was taken the day before yesterday….but it’s worse today.

We’ve had our friends kids with us since Saturday….because the road in and out of Hanalei is closed

and there is no way to get them home. Luckily between another friend and us…we have been

switching off having the kids every other night.

I’ll be back soon with some new posts….but just wanted to check in and let you know that

we are A-ok .


  1. Holy moly! I know that exact road…all of those pretty taro fields!! WOW. At least you guys are up higher in the Hanalei valley – nice and safe.
    Our friends live in Koloa and told us it is soooo bad. The problem with living on an island – there is nowhere to go 🙁
    Hope you are all stocked up ….. lucky you guys still have power – and humor 🙂

  2. Wow no notice at all, Scary and hope you have enough food for all your troops if you can’t get to the store.Will check back later~Blessings Kim

  3. That’s a lot of Water!! Keep those Rain Boots Close By.. Glad everyone is A..OK… Stay Dry, hope is stops soon…

  4. Oh my goodness that is crazy! Glad you are safe.

  5. OMG that is a LOT of water. Im happy to hear you are well. I hope the sun shines and dries things up for you all.

  6. Oh wow- thats a lot of rain. Glad to hear you are all fine. Hope things get back to normal for you soon.

  7. Thanks for checking in Kasey, stay safe and sound,
    Maureen xx

  8. Eeek….the price to live in a tropical paradise. So glad you are okay.

  9. NOOO bad things like this can’t/shouldn’t happen in paradise :/
    Do you want a helicopter to drop some..I mean, pick you up?
    I’m gonna go look at the live webcam in Hanalei…

  10. praying you stay safe xoxo

  11. Glad you are all OK. At least you have rainboots and fine boxed winde (no misspell – long story).

    The hubs and I are planning a trip (the honeymoon we never had) to Hawaii. We don’t know which island we will end up going to and we are thinking September. Not certain the best time to travel – apparently not in the late winter/early spring?

  12. hang in there Mrs.Kasey . I been watching the news the news and thinking about you.I hope the weather there gets better. Hope yo have enough wine he he to make it through those dreary days. I will be praying for sunshine for you. Be safe…..Chcikie

  13. hang in there Mrs.Kasey . I been watching the news the news and thinking about you.I hope the weather there gets better. Hope yo have enough wine he he to make it through those dreary days. I will be praying for sunshine for you. Be safe…..Chickie

  14. …glad to hear you’re doing ok…
    Hope you’re well stocked with the essentials…like chocolate and wine…and anything glittered with sea salt…

  15. I’m glad you are okay…but so sorry for the rain! Wishing you well and lots & lots of sunshine:)

  16. Love your blog and humor in addition to your tongue in cheek conversation. I too lived on the island (in Honolulu) for a number of years and I’m yearning, dreaming, salivating and plotting my return for a pipe dream of retirement. I know the financial struggles, the culture shifts and obstacles as well as I know the freebies (beach memories), plate lunches, church on the beach, consignment shopping, simple living, and secret window shopping while others spend $$$$$$$$$$$$$$……

    You are inspiring, innovative, brutally honest and candid which is what people need to know about trading a certain color of collar life for a life of Hawaiian shirts, flip flops, and struggles to pay for even a simple life. It ain’t easy baby. Been there, done that. But I’d do it again in a heartbeat.

    I lived “there” without cable, internet, Walmart and at the time when Costco was just arriving, I lived there without air conditioning and with geckos. I lived there when my son went to a private school (catholic) and he wasn’t catholic…..we hid our agnostic beliefs.

    I worked in downtown Honolulu and it drove me to being schizophrenic when it took 45 minutes to drive 9 miles. (now, Atlanta traffic is nothing….just saying….).

    I know how it is when friends/family descend upon you for their ‘dream trip’ to Hawaii and yet you’re still faced with the financial burdens of housing, food, entertainment to make their dream come true.

    Having said all this and more that I wish I could say, I applaud you and your family and I DO understand. Actually I feel like I’m living vicariously through you in a certain way as I’ve done it before (years ago) yet it all sounds so similar.

    Best wishes and continued success in your choice. I’d do it again if the chance or planets lined up just right!

  17. Glad your okay Kasey. The view is just alarming. Wow. What an ordeal.
    Selah and I are reading, she wanted to see some pics of the kids.

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