girl and the goat {beach version}

It’s probably hard to believe……

but i’m going to say it really quick to give you a minute to absorb what i’m about to tell you.

Are you ready……

okay….them maybe you should sit down before you read the next line.

I took the kids camping.

I’ll let you sit on that for a minute…..while i go and grab another glass of fine boxed wine.

Are you hyperventilating?

Just take a deep breath……and grab your own glass of fine boxed wine.

Bryan and i aren’t your typical camper-type people….i tell you this because

my idea of roughing it is staying at a Hotel that has changed the H to an M.

We actually…..and don’t freak out here when i mention it….but we did camp once for an entire week

back in our courting years …..which is a good 15 years ago…..and we borrowed my brothers truck to 

drive up to Wyoming where we camped Devils Tower…..then over to South Dakota where we camped

Mt. Rushmore.

We even did a few one nighters

{not to be confused with swinging…}

in and around the mountains of Colorado back when we lived in Vail.

So….anyhoo….what i’m trying to say is that ……i have been camping before…..

it’s just been a very long time.

Funny how things work out….because not once did we ever think of going camping while we lived

in Illinois….and the one time i mentioned just getting a tent to throw in the backyard so that the kids

could have fun pretending like we camped….

all i could think about was that would be the night some serial murderer was on the hunt in our town.

Fast forward to Kauai…..the year that the Buick family up and does something  off  the radar.

What i’ve figured out so far this year…..

is this:

You don’t up and move to the island of Kauai if you don’t like to be outdoors.

period…end of story….because if you don’t like to be outdoors and active…then pack up and go home.

I don’t have anywhere to pack up and head back to… i jumped on the train that is taking me the

route home that i never thought i would be on.

Luckily for me… friends here are all very outdoorsy…

they surf

they hike

they swim

and good thing they like a good glass of fine boxed wine as well.

{at least we have ONE thing in common}

After 2.5 weeks of raining…..and i’m not kidding when i say that even the long time Locals were

starting to freak out…..that we started seeing a little sunshine and my friends and their families

decided to pack up {it’s Spring Break here this week} and drive to Polihole beach.

Bryan had to work…..and because he doesn’t have a flexible schedule….and the fact that after all the

rain we’ve had…..he couldn’t take any time off because every dollar counts these days….

 he just wasn’t able to join us camping.

{yes you read that right…..Bryan did not get to go…….}

So….here we are….

the night before everyone is heading out to go camping…..and all i’m thinking about is

 do i go or not….

yes or no

feather pillows or duvet

fine boxed wine or freshly squeezed green juice

{obviously…the fine boxed wine won}

and since we have no tent or sleeping bags…..we had to stop by my favorite place on earth….


where i bought a 4 person tent…..and a few foam pads so that i could lay my feather duvet on….

and we could all sing 

kumbaya… at night.

Thank goodness at last minute i grabbed some bars of soap and wet wipes ….{thank you inner girl camper} 

because it’s little things like that …..

that make you not vomit when the kids crawl into the tent with black hands and fingernails all ready for bed.

{i would like to take this moment to officially thank the maker of wet wipes……}

Polihole is on the completely opposite side of us….as far as you can drive….and the driest side of the island.

You can only access Polihole beach by driving 8 miles on a dirt road that is so filled with divots and pot holes

that you really think you will get a flat tire and have to hitchhike the rest of the way in.

{if you have a rental car….it is HIGHLY advised that you don’t try it… be safe and rent a jeep or a 4×4}

But lucky for us…..we relied on good ole mini {van not cooper} to get us in and get us out.

We made it in and the kids helped me put our tent together……

which i would like to state the fact that it is so easy bake oven easy

to take that tent out of it’s package and put together….

but does anyone ever take the tent down after camping…only to get it to fit right back into

the little zip up case like it came? 

Or can we just all agree that the tents all come home from camping in a garbage bag tied with a 


Can i get an Amen?

After putting up the tent….we made our way to the beach.

{which is where i am going to add……it’s the only type of camping i’ll do from now on}

We……{my three kids and myself} had only planned on going for one night.

The reason for one night is actually a smart plan if you ask me….and since you just asked….i’ll tell you why.

One night is great because if you don’t sleep well…..

or you have nightmares that there is a tsunami……

or hear mountain goats when you should be hearing crickets….

{and you know i love me some goats….}

then one night is the perfect answer to pack up the next day and head back home.

But…..even though i heard the mountain goats….

i dreamed of tsunami’s….

and i felt like i slept on the ground instead of a mattress….

we stayed an extra night.

red wine in glass jars with sunsets help of course….
and happy children.

Very happy children.

Children that keep telling you they had the best time ever…….

even though they are filled with mosquito bites and you are pretty damn sure that

your head itches not because of lice but because of  sand…..

and going to the bathroom in the middle of the night while carrying your own roll of toilet paper….

because it’s all worth it in the end.


  1. Oh my goodness! That looks amazing! How lucky to be able to camp in such a beautiful place! Your building such lovely memories for your family:)

  2. Wow! You are one fun lady!!

  3. wow.
    between this, and the juicing, I don’t know who the heck you are.

    I have never been camping.
    I have survived a total of 3 weeks with no power, water, heat, or car…
    and it all involved no showering and carrying a roll of toilet paper out in the middle of the night.
    so I count that as camping.

    Unfortunately, when our heads here itch, it is always lice.

  4. The things we do for our children – and find that we can survive! 🙂

    Those big smiles make it worth it. You’re an awesome mama!!

  5. You are so brave! I’ve never been camping…but if I ever do…I know I want to be in Hawaii on the beach! 😉 ‘Cuz you make it sound wonderful:)

  6. You are a wonderful mom, Kasey! Such great memories for you and your kiddos. : )

  7. So fun! We camped there when we visited our friends in Kauai (they live in Koloa). We had a fantastic time….anyone would be crazy to NOT want to camp there. It is heaven 🙂
    Thanks for sharing your paradise pics….

  8. Wow…. wonderful stuff, but it’s that photo of you and Lola that nearly brought me to tears. What a treasure. I’d give anything to have a photo of my mom and I where we are both just blissed out like that…. Make sure you save it for her. When she is 40 it will be one of her most important possessions. ❈

  9. My first holiday with my now husband was camping 1st n last time i’m not a camping girl . But I will always remember returning to the tent late and next to us the drunks (probably too many boxes of wine) started to sing backwards 100 green bottles and all 100 tents joined in for the night one of these great memorable fun moments and then I married the man. So although I hate camping in Ireland I’m sure I’d love camping in Hawaii.

  10. I would stay out there forever.
    Not kidding.
    I’m a little bummed to hear there are mosquitos though?
    Well, what did you feed the gang?

  11. husband is working late. kids are asleep. drinking a cup of tea. after hours on pinterest I found you. I adore your blog!

  12. I’m a camping Mom here in Washington state and a jealous one on top of that. We have to drive 3 1/2 hours and hike in 3 miles to camp on a beautiful, secluded beach like this! All the packing, whining, stress and cleaning are worth it in the end when I hear my kids relive the memories over and over. (A camping cocktail doesn’t hurt either!) Happy to hear that you made it through. 🙂

    P.S. We just fold our tent up and wrap it with bungee cords. So much easier than fitting it in that damn bag!

  13. Chris in FL says:

    LOVE IT!!! 😉 You know how to make the most of your time in Kauai 😉

  14. sounds like heaven!

  15. My GOSH the scenery is gorgeous!!! SO glad you had a fabulous time! The memories you are making with your children is absolutely priceless….

    Lou Cinda

  16. Kasey…you’re the funnest mom EVER! I just sat here & read this thinking about how you’re making some incredible memories for your kids…You & Bryan have done an incredible job of enjoying life with them…it sounds like they may never fully understand the hardship a lost job can have on a family b/c you’re just doing life & having so much fun…making the most out of your situation…what a gift & blessing for them.

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