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To be  honest….

the idea of juicing didn’t turn me on in the beginning.

Juicing shouldn’t turn anyone on……really….since i’m being honest.

Especially since i could just run to the market and buy some green juice by Odwalla or Naked.

Except that stuff here costs an arm and leg and just think of the plastic waste.

Bryan and i had chatted about investing in a juicer….but we didn’t have the extra money to invest in one…

and then one day right before Christmas….we were strolling the aisles at Costco when low and behold…

there was a juicer that was less than $100.

$89 to be exact.

Hot damn!

We got online and found out that the Jack LaLanne had good reviews for a mid-line juicer….

so we went back and bought invested in one.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money on a juicer….you don’t.


Pinky Promise

And over the course of the last few months…i also found you don’t have to spend a lot of money on  

the fruits and veggies as well.

We buy most of it from Costco…in bulk….like the already peeled baby carrots that cost around $6

and last 2 weeks……the huge bag of spinach for around $8 and lasts about 1.5 weeks once opened.

The huge bag of celery which is $4 and lasts a little over a week…and the bulk green apples i get 12 for $8.

That puts my average cost for juicing at about $70 a month.

{obviously if you want to go all organic it will run you more…a lot more}

The cucumbers and the ginger i find at our farmers market….{organic i might add…}

i also buy Kale there as well when i need a change from juicing with spinach.

I spend about $3 for my ginger and it lasts a month…and the cucumbers are normally around

2 for a dollar…but i normally cut the cucumbers in half.

So….have i confused you?!

What all this means is that for less than $70 a month…i can juice almost every day.

And i do.

and drinking juice out of a Mason jar is so much prettier….

My green juice recipe for my morning consists of:

1/2 cucumber

3-4 celery sticks

a handful or two of baby carrots

one green apple sliced and unpeeled {to sweeten up the juice so you don’t vomit}

a few handfuls of spinach or kale

and i cut off a bit of ginger and throw it in with the carrots because it’s hard to juice just a little bit of ginger.

You don’t need much ginger….or don’t add it at all depending if you like the taste or not…..but i like

that little bit of zing. If you don’t like ginger…you can add some lemon instead.

Celery and cucumbers are made up mostly of water….so when you juice them you will notice how much

juice comes out…..they are also low…and i mean LOW  in calorie count!

Happy dance

My green juice is my breakfast 4 days a week….and on the other three days i eat eggs {for the protein}

but because i’m not hungry first thing most mornings…i just juice.

This is just what i do and what has worked for me…….

even though i know that all health studies show that Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

I know that….and you don’t have to email me to let me know.

check check

When i eat breakfast first thing in the morning …. before i workout then i don’t feel so hot.

When i  juice first thing…..then workout….and eat mid-morning…i feel great.

It’s what works for me.

See what works for you and try it….

Another one of my favorites to make here and there is Cucumber, Pear, and Pineapple.

1 cucumber

1 pineapple spear {rind removed}

1 bartlett pear

a handful of Kale or Spinach leaves.


One thing to remember when juicing is that when you start adding a lot of fruit to your juicing…

you are adding sugar.

Even though fruit is good….the sugar from the fruit adds calories…so be aware to not overdue it on the fruit.

My juicer is one that you don’t need to peel the cucumbers or apples….but some juicers you have to peel

a lot of the fruits or veggies before juicing them. Something to consider when investing in a juicer.

Oh…and free tip for the day: Use your juice pulp and add it to your fresh baked goods.

{did that really just come out of my mouth??}

I better go wash my mouth out with some freshly squeezed wine.

So…do you juice? If so….please share your favorite recipes!


  1. I have to admit the juice doesn’t look great, but I hear it’s all the rage.
    I came across a video the other day about a woman who has cancer and is treating
    it only by juicing. She’s been in remission for over 5 years and it’s all due to juicing and
    her healthy eating.
    I”m going to try it.
    You rock!

  2. I agree! Green juice does NOT look good but you have me wanting to try it.
    I’ll start with the Odwalla;-)
    The pear one with lots of fruit sound right up my alley.

  3. I got a juicer pretty much like yours (the white one) for free a couple of months ago. I DO buy organic stuff for it, but I probably can still juice for about $120 a month. I’m kind of scared to do the math for real 🙂

    One of our favorites:
    (Anthony only likes the fruit juices, so I make this for us about once a week…I don’t do sugars in my other juices)
    1/2 pineapple
    5-7 strawberries
    a few mint leaves

    And my standard green juice is
    3 stalks of celery
    a handful of grape tomatoes
    1/2 inch of ginger
    several spinach leaves rolled with cilantro and parsley
    a bit of kale

  4. Wellllll….. I’ve been meaning to juice for over a decade, now. heh, heh. Alright! Cappuccino maker next month and, then, juicer the month after that. (I NEED a cappuccino maker since I can’t get my favorites from the coffee corner of Border’s bookstore, anymore. I’ve been desperate for months and months and months! =( ) This year, we’ll have raised beds for veg, again, so…..I think your post is perfect. Very timely! It helps for someone else to forge a path ahead, sometimes. =]


  5. Ya know, I haven’t “juiced” before…but I must admit, you’re making it seem more appealing! Maybe I’ll give it a whirl;)

  6. I used to juice. I have a cheap one. Can’t remember the recipes. So going to dust that baby off. It’s working well for ya. I do however make a mean green smoothie for breakfast every morning.

    It’s my green Elvis smoothie…I kind of made it up.
    One frozen banana
    1 teaspoon local honey
    1 tablespoon natural pb
    1/2 scoop whey vanilla flavored whey protein
    2 big spoonfuls of plain nonfat greek yogurt
    2 big handfulls of spinach
    Maybe 1/2 cup water
    Blend in blender until smooth.

    Very yummy and has lots of protein

  7. I jumped on the juicing train a few months ago and I totally love it! I don’t have any specific recipes to share (although if you visit Kris Carr’s crazy sexy life site http://crazysexylife.com/ you can find tons!) but most mornings I juice some combination of kale, collard greens, spinach, berries (if we have some in the house), cucumber, celery, ginger, apple, beet, carrot and once in a while some citrus for fun. Even if I don’t touch another fruit or veggie for the rest of the day I feel like I’m covered nutritionally when I start with a big glass of the juice. And it makes rationalizing everything else I eat/drink a whole lot easier ; )

  8. You do have to get over the
    ick factor of drinking something
    green. Funny how that is. I
    did a three day detox last spring
    and the juice each day was green.
    The fresh taste is so much better
    than the bottled green juices; who
    knows how long it is in transit
    before it gets to you? Thanks for
    the review of the Jack LL machine.
    It’s going on my b-day list!


  9. I had done some juicing on a fast that I did through Gweneth Paltrow’s site GOOP. It was actually pretty good. It was a great fast and I felt fabulous from it. It had juices, chicken and smoothies. Very cool. Check it out.
    Thanks for the info.

  10. I wish I could do this…..but I can’t even eat the majority of these veggies if they were loaded in ranch and cheese! I will just continue on w coffee and an apple a day! 😉 you are doing so great w this!!!

  11. We have started juicing too. My 13 yo has joined in, not the 7 yo. No sick kids this winter!!!!

  12. 🙂 It all looks so yummy. I have the Jack LaLane juicer. I bought it after reading the Gerson Theory book about juicing to cure cancer. It is a great book if you get the chance to read it. I am not juicing now because Im a bit lazy to wash the veggies and clean the juicer. I know it’s terrible. Good health is so worth the time. I also have the Jack LaLane book on juicing… I guess Ill
    pull the juicer out of the cabinet and maybe tomorrow Ill juice…. Your such a good influence…
    I of course listen when you talk about how yummy the BOXED WINE DIET is too.. 🙂

  13. Glad you warned people about the sugar…some people don’t know and go overboard.
    GOOP is a wonderful website…kinda neat to get into Gwynnie’s head too 🙂

  14. I am sorry but that looks so gross —I could never do it

  15. But does it taste good? Really? It doesn’t look all that tasty, although green is my favorite color. I just might try it. You are inspiring me~
    (and scaring me a little…)

  16. Stephanie says:

    My husband and I bought a Breville Juice Fountain and have been juicing, it’s delicious! We add some beets to it, very good for you and turns the whole drink red. Our pulp comes out very dry, and I am considering creating a compost. How would you use the pulp in baking recipes?

  17. You are oh so healthy! Love your outfit! At the moment I’m on a green tea kick. Just like you never thought you would be on the juice kick. I’m drinking 2 cups o green tea a day. {Still drink coffee in the A.M though} If you drink it daily it suppose to make you look 10 years younger over time and help melt the belly away. Ha! We shall see…

  18. Joanna Powell says:

    Hi Kasey, I’ve been reading your blog for a while, but I don’t think I’ve commented before. We started juicing this year. I love it in the morning. My husband bought The Juicing Bible by Pat Crocker and it has great recipes for juicing and even recipes for the pulp. My husband has lost 10 lbs already. My favorite green juice is kale, spinach, strawberries and carrots.

  19. I’m back to using a blender because I want some of that fiber. My favorite most mornings is a smoothie with lots of kale or spinach, a little oj, 1/2 frozen banana or 1/2 apple or 1/2 cup frozen berries (any), a spoonful of ground flax seed, and several spoonfuls of unsweetened greek yogurt. Sometime looks a little funky, but always tastes yummy. Several servings of veggies and fruits right off the bat!

  20. Devoted follower here ~ and I’m so happy that you’ve been taking such good care of yourself! You look fabulous by the way 🙂
    I’ve been considering juicing lately…my hesitation is that I’ve lost 10 pounds since January by reducing my carbs {mostly sugar and white things, but I try to limit fruit too just because of the sugar — like you mentioned in the post}. Having said that, I LOVE green juice from Odwalla or Naked and you’re post made it sound so easy that maybe I’ll give it a try!

    Even though I don’t juice, I make smoothies for my family with breakfast several days a week. I’ve tried to sneak in spinach but the youngest turns his nose up at it. The smoothie of the day today was milk, plain low fat greek yogurt, frozen strawberries, and a spoonful of honey to cut the tartness of the yogurt. It’s high in protein and was a big hit with 2 outta 3 at the breakfast table!

  21. Chris in FL says:

    You are looking great girl! Green juice….yum! My juicer is in my cabinet collecting dust. Juicing is so very good for you! This is one way to get your fruits and veggies in one glass. You have some yummy recipes for green juice. I will have to give them a try someday when I dust off the juicer. 🙂

  22. It all looks deliciously refreshing, Kasey! What progress you’ve made. We do carrot, apple, beets and kale with cilantro. Love that combo and it’s no longer green juice, but a nice deep pink juice! Fennel, cucumber and carrot is another favorite! Fennel is delicious with anything, really. Also, I keep whatever green “waste” I have from parsley, beet tops, radish tops etc. and throw those in too. Cheers!

  23. I have been juicing for about 3 years off and on or so and I do love it. I bought two juicing books that offer specific recipes for various things/health concerns (like acne, stomach issues, skin, asthma, etc. But really it is nice to see various combinations. One thing about organic vs non organic. Although it can be pricier, one juicing guru said, if it is not organic, you are drinking a nice glass of pesticides. That so grossed me out that I buy organic. You are right though, you can get it very inexpensively at Costco or farmer’s markets and it is SO worth the $$$$. I am thinner and feel better than I have ever felt when I juice. Also, my skin glows with health. Sometimes, I get lazy and that is when I gain weight and start having health issues without fail. Thank you for this post, I need to get back on my juicing wagon TODAY!

  24. Hey Kasey! I have been trying to increase the amounts of raw fruits and veggies in our diet for quite a while. It has been so hard for us but we are finally having some success.

    Everyday we have a smoothie with bananas, dates, blueberries or mango, or pineapple, broccoli heads, flax seed, chia seeds and some herbs – maca and ho shou wu. That will hold me for a loooong time.

    We try to have a green drink every day but we get hard headed about who is going to wash the veggies and sometimes niether of us do it. I know…we are ridiculous. But ours is similar to yours, only we usually make enough for two glasses for each of us. It includes 1 head of either romaine or red leaf or grean leaf lettuce or kale, 1 cucumber (they are huge right now), half a stalk of celery, 2 apples, a lemon, a bag of spinach, a broccoli stalk and about an inch of ginger. Oh man, it is sooooo good!!

    I recently read it isnt good to drink the same greens every day, so we will be cutting down to either a lettuce, spinach or broccoli instead of all. Someday I will work up the courage to try collards and mustard greens.

    Now, we have started having a green salad for lunch and a salad before we eat supper, which helps us eat less of the cooked stuff.

    I even finally lost 3 lbs this week. Wishing you the best!!

  25. thanks for the recipe. I want to try this. I don’t own a juicier, nor can I afford one. do you think this recipe will work in a food processer?


  26. Question: do you add the pulp as a replacement for something in baked goods {like how you can use apple sauce instead of oil} or do you just add it to a regular recipe in addition?

  27. I just made your green juice…. Pretty yucky. Thanks for sharing! Guess eating healthy can be quite nasty.

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