Come out of the closet month

I’ve decided to name the month of March as “come out of the closet” month.

If you have a green rubber band then put it on your wrist and stand up proud!

I have a sneaking feeling after showing off my beautiful green juice that some of you might have

felt rejected and wanted to know where the vodka was hiding in that post.

{i’m just addressing some of the texts i received yesterday…}

I  wanted to be the first to inform you that I officially DO NOT add vodka to my green juice in the morning….

i save the vodka for the afternoon evening.

To be brutally honest…..

Bryan and i love to add vodka to our Acai.

Vodka to Acai… like Salt is to Pepper.

The sand is to the ocean…..

the sun to the moon….

tylenol to sleeping pills.

If you haven’t had Acai juice yet…..then let me be the first to inform you that it’s a superfood juice

{we buy it in bulk at Costco}

it’s gluten free and low glycemic {which is code for: freak drink}

I’m not making fun of of you freaks….because i’ve joined you.

I’m a freak

but it’s okay for this month only because it’s COME OUT OF THE CLOSET MONTH!!

I swear normal kasey will be back soon….but I’m on this crazy kick to lose

10 more pounds and it’s hard work….really hard…and since Gabby is on vacation this week…

it means i have to work harder and by myself.

{i don’t remember giving Gabby permission to take a vacation….}

The only reason i’m letting you in on this tiny fact is because i also wanted to share some of 

my favorite recipes with you. Not all of them are crazy healthy….so stay tuned…because my favorite one

Brie and Fig jam bites  will knock your ruffled knee high socks off.

Anyhoo……i’d like to introduce you to …….


Quinoa is pronounced like this: KEEN-WA.

I also buy my Quinoa at Costco and it comes in a huge bag. 

It also raises the freak flag because it’s gluten free and for those of you that gave up eating white rice and pasta….

you can totally eat this because it’s a grain.

We started eating it because we wanted something that was filling but wasn’t rice or pasta.

Trust me when i say this….

but Quinoa is delicious…it looks like cous cous.

You cook it just like you would rice.

I have a small rice cooker so i throw it in in the morning and it’ll stay warm all day till i’m ready to serve it.

This is what i add to my quinoa:

*1 cup  diced yellow or red pepper

*1/2 cup chopped onion

*1. cup of crumbled feta cheese {give or take depending on how much you like}

*a dash of salt and pepper

*2 tbsp of evoo

*1 cup diced up cherry tomatoes {i like the sweet yellow ones}

and avocado.

In case you were wondering where i am right this very minute….

i was kidnapped by my friends…

and made to pack up my kids with a tent and a sleeping bag.

I’ve never been camping with the kids before….so wish us luck.

{don’t worry….i made sure to pack the vodka and wine…..}


  1. I love this post:)
    Your vodka is my wine!!

    And I LOVE quinoa!! Delicious and easy to make with just about anything:)

  2. Kasey, You do look great. I love the fact that your juicing has given many courage to try it. Your honest simplicity was a wonderful inspiration for health. Another important fact, it is healthy lifetime habits you are using to regain your desired weight. Everybody is inspired ….you are a fun beauty … Obviously the rain has subsided since you are camping..does Hawaii
    Have Mosquitos? I have never desired to travel there but you have totally convinced me. xo jody

  3. You look fantastic and I love the new dimension( ie freak eating), to your posts. It’s good to have a little balance ! 🙂 And it has helped me not fall off my own weight loss wagon. Thanks.

  4. Keenwa?? well I never.
    Camping? In Hawaii? Run, don’t walk!
    Take lots of pics for us, I’m nosy.

  5. Looks like another yummy recipe to give a try!

    Don’t think I’ve ever commented on your blog, but I do like to follow :]
    I have to tell you thanks for inspiring me to finally break out the juicer! Something i have been wanting to do but seems that my little friend Mr. laziness likes to take over my ideas alot of the time :]
    My sister had given me one about a year ago {its a Waring Pro,} and its been sitting up in the cupboard just collecting dust. I read your last post and decided what the heck, gonna dust it off & give it a try. Well, I did & yum not so bad! Tried both of your recipes & both ,(once you get past the not so appealing green color) are quite delish! So I’m thinkin’ I could make this a habit. I hope :] as long as i can keep Mr. lazy at bay. Anyway just wanted to say thanks for the inspiration to finally get off le’ bottom and give it a try.
    P.S You look great!

  6. I make my quinoa with chicken broth instead of water. A friend turned me onto this and it makes it SO flavorful!!! Try it sometime!

  7. I was about to suggest the same as the above…organic chicken or vegetable, even beef broth gives it so much flavor. Add roasted veggies, like peppers, sweet potatoes, onions, green beans, etc. on top and you will crave it every day after. We use to feed our kids quinoa after swim practice..such a great source of protein!

  8. I absolutely love quinoa, and make it often… I’ve even added browned ground beef or turkey together with roasted vegetables, and the kids devour it! I’ve posted a recipe for a superfood salad recently, check it out. Next time, I will add asparagus and grilled shrimp!

  9. Love the tips on quinoa and juicing! I have never tried quinoa before…but it looks delicious and I am definitely going to try it! I love that you are sharing all the changes you are making and new tricks you are learning! You are losing weight the right way and I am so glad you can inspire other women {and myself} to make good healthy changes and not just crash diets! You are beautiful and inspiring as always! xo

  10. Went to Costco and got me some of this. It is So SO SOOOOOO Yummy. I added the onion and peppers (also from Costoc) and then today my husband made it and added mushrooms and spice… IT was even better.
    thanks for turning me on to it. Now if I could pronounce it..:)

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