four days in the snow

Day 1:

As you know…..i took the red eye from Kauai to New Mexico last Saturday night.

What you don’t know is that i will never take a red eye again….but money is tight and the red eye was the only

option for me. It was a full flight and there is nothing worse than a 5 hour flight when you are dog tired.

Dog Tired

I can actually say i slept about a whole 2.5 hours as my head bobbed up and down while drool trickled down

my chin and tried not to move very much as the man sitting next to me used my shoulder as a pillow.

I arrived in LA and quickly headed over to Starbucks to get a Venti latte knowing i had a three hour layover till

my flight to Albuquerque took off. The line at Starbucks was no lie…..about a mile long because the power to the

cash registers was out and the workers were having to use

pencil and paper to add and subtract change and it wasn’t going very well.

After i recieved my venti 15 shot latte….i meandered over to my gate only to find out that they needed one

volunteer to take a later flight. Lucky for me….i didn’t check any baggage.

And lucky for me…i only have 2 pair of jeans in my wardrobe at the moment and one sweater….

one sweater coat……

so packing was pretty easy for me.  There was no pretending to have oodles of clothes to take to the mountains

with me….and as much as i would love to have a suitcase full of clothing options….i don’t. All my clothes sit in 

a storage unit in St. Charles Illinois…….probably all moth eaten and rats are making their homes 

in my old boots at this very minute.

Plus…i would be sitting in a hospital for two whole days.

But i won’t lie….i was deep down excited to feel the cold air and see the snow.

Anyhoo…..i volunteered my little ole seat on the plane and got a nice little travel voucher for a future flight

and better yet….they would fly me into Santa Fe which is closer to where my parents live.

I didn’t even ask my mom if there was a Target in Santa Fe….because that didn’t matter…..

so when she picked me up and drove me straight over to Target….i didn’t really yell and scream with joy.

Okay…i might have yelled and screamed.


We spent about 2 hours wandering around…..

while i stocked up on work-out clothes….a cute new dress…..and just some odd and ends

that i couldn’t get without ordering online.

 We then got in the car and drove the hour and a half to their home.

We Got to the house with just enough time for me to brush my teeth and  pluck a few wild eyebrows….and put

some Visine drops in my eyes to get rid of the “is she doing drugs” look that might have accompanied my face.

We then headed to dinner with my brother and his wife…. my mom and dad….and myself.

I drank some fine non boxed wine.

I had good food and we all enjoyed some really great family time.

I had some more fine non boxed wine.

We talked about life and thoughts and surgery.

We toasted my brave but fearful mom.

Then we talked about changes going on with my family….because as of right now we are all insurance-less.


Bryan has been working so hard lately and now that it is slow season here in Kauai….the hotel where he works…

had to cut his hours….{that’s what happens when you are at the bottom of the totem pole of life}…

which means we don’t qualify for the minimum 30 hours a week required to have insurance.


All trials and tribulations……… since we are reach for the sky and grab that shooting star type of people….

 we will follow it where it goes….and if it burns out….which we know can happen….then we go with it.

But for right now….we are still sliding by…..with our shirts tucked in and smiles on our faces.

Just a crack in the track.

Monday morning we woke up at 4:30…..i had some coffee…..and we got ready to take my mom to the hospital

since she had to be there and checked in at 6. 

{i might have taken a few tylenol p.m’s the night before…..just saying…and they went well with my fine wine}

what i wore day 1:

After they wheeled my mom back….my dad and i waited about an hour then decided to go grab 

a bite to eat. We ate at a little place in Taos called Michaels. I really like Taos…..i don’t think i 

could ever live there…but i like it. 

My dad and i ordered Huevos Rancheros. I haven’t had that in a looooong time…and it was good.

There was a man sitting next to us who was an organic grass fed beef farmer and he was drives down

to deliver the beef to different places. We got on the subject of GMO’s.

I don’t know much about GMO’s but i got the low down….and now i know. 

Don’t buy GMO’s.

Make sure the tomato or the corn you buy is not genetically modified.

The end.

Anyhoo……i tried to order a bloody mary at breakfast…but i got turned down…no big deal…..

i was looking forward  to getting back to the hospital and grabbing some good ole hospital coffee.

Black…no sugar.

Mom spent 3 hours in surgery and one hour in recovery…..but came through with flying colors……

she was groggy most of the afternoon but my dad and i just sat there and kept her company.

We headed home around 6…..stopping by one of their friends who was nice enough to make us dinner

that we took home and ate. 

I was mid dinner with my dad when i remembered he had a mini {cooper not van} sitting in the garage.

The mini was his “special” car that he only drove when there was no snow on the ground……so when i

politely asked to take it for a spin around the block….not a second was spared when i was given

a big fat NO.

Dad finally caved…..and i promise there was no whining and begging on my part.

At least that’s what i remember.

pinky promise

what i wore day 2:

I woke up the following morning and drove myself to the hospital myself.

I spent all day with my mom ….just being present.

She was able to eat a little….and the nurse went over with us the instructions on how to drain her bags….

how to measure this and that…..and what not.

My dad arrived to the hospital late afternoon….and i left to go grab some groceries so that i could make

dinner for the family that night.  My mom was discharged home….and i met them at home….

but before we left the hospital…..we had a “throw the bra away” party……

That night i made dinner for the family… old stand-by favorite….rotisserie chicken enchiladas….

and we got my mom comfortable in her room… her all set up to spend the next few days…

then we found out my sister in law is pregnant with baby #2.

We almost spit out our guacamole.

Have i ever mentioned that my dad is a judge? 

Well…sometimes the Judge likes to interrogate people….and when the going gets hot…the hot get going….

and for some reason my sis in law felt like she was being interogated that night…..and couldn’t take the heat

anymore… she spilled the beans.

We couldn’t be more excited…..but just in case you read that wrong….

i’m going to be an aunt again….which means i’m getting old.

what i wore day 3:

My last day i woke up and spent the morning with my mom….then i took the mini {cooper not van} 

out for a spin….making sure not to scratch the doors or end up in a ditch.

My brother picked me up around noon….and we drove down to Albuquerque {3 hour drive} because he

had a little work to get done but also because i begged him to take me down the night before because the 6 am 

flight i had the following morning had me thinking i might want to actually sleep a little that night.

After my brother was done working…..he dropped me off at Anthropologie…..i just happened to have it map-quested…

so i gave him the most direct route…..where he dropped me off to wander around by myself for a whole hour.

I would just like to mention that i walked out of there without spending ONE SINGLE DOLLAR.

I decided to spend my $20 at Trader Joe’s instead.

That’s right. I brought home enough Joe-Joe’s to make Gabby want to call me out because of the extra tummy roll

i came home with. 


  1. Great post.

  2. That is precious time;
    worth every penny and
    hour of lost sleep!

    xx Suzanne

  3. I know just how you feel.We lived in very Eastern Montana for 6 years and we were very place bound sad to say.So just getting to wander through a favorite store is very fulfilling.We had to drive 220 miles just for a Target or a Costco nothing to fancy 10 years ago there either.Happy to be back in Oregon and I can get anywhere in 45 min.
    Glad everything went well with your Mum and you are back home safe and sound.Having that time with family is wonderful and the free ticket Woohoo! Good for you…
    You always look darling, you have such a great style.~Cheers Kim

  4. Anne McCarthy says:


  5. Feel like we just sat down for a nice chat! 🙂 Love all the photos and by the way, great sweaters!!

  6. So glad you were able to be with your Mom during this time….. You look adorable! and the photo of the ballet flats had to have been just for Sarah 🙂

    Prayers for your Mama’s continued healing ♥

  7. Glad to hear your mom is doing well. I have a totally lame question to ask you. I have seen that purse you are carrying in your last picture several times. I have tried and tried to find out the brand. Could you tell me please?!!??


  8. kinda felt like i was on that trip with you, thanks.
    and you look darling in every picture. i love that sweater with the yellow flowers 🙂
    happy your mama is home.

  9. Sounds like your trip was good for the soul, in more ways than one. So nice that you got to be there for your mom – I’m sure it meant the world to her. Love your outfits pics – super cute, as always! Happy Monday.

    P.S. make those Joe-Joe’s last!

  10. Loved this blog!

  11. You look adorable in all your photos! Great style! Glad to hear your mom is doing well.

  12. Best wishes to your mom. My mom went thru similar surgery last summer – although, we didn’t have a ‘throw the bra away party’! That’s such a great idea, or heck, just burn them! I love reading your blog.

  13. So glad to hear your mom came through the surgery well. And btw, love the dress in day 2 – was that the Target dress?

  14. Whew…a lot of happenings in just a few days! So glad your mom came through with flying colors:) Cute clothes!

  15. I have never posted, but read regularly. I LOVE your sense of adventure and voice that comes through. Cancer touched our life this past year via my 19 year old son. The absolute picture of health all his life, diagnosed with non-hodgkins lymphoma, he is currently in remission! YAY! Chemo. Radiation. Prayers. check check check My prayers go out to your mother and to you, as it is a very stressful time for the loved ones as well. Take Care!

  16. I love the coat you have on in the last photo.I am glad you were able to be with your mom and family. As for the insurance I know how that feels(not having) we pay all our medical cash because my hubby’s job does not offer insurance.It is an incentive to eat healthy!!! You are looking great!!!!! So cool you get to train with Gabby!!!! Aloha,Sara

  17. Love, love, LOVE every outfit you wore….sooo cute & hello bronze beauty…sooo jealous of your tan right now!!
    Glad to hear your mom’s surgery went well…I said a prayer for you all. I pray for fast healing now.

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