knock knock

My mother in law called yesterday and left me a voicemail …….

she said…..

i have a new computer and i don’t think it’s working because i’m pulling up your blog and it still has the post

from two weeks ago.

I’m still here….check check….double check.

I apologize for not posting as much this month …..but this one year thing is just flying by….and we are trying to wrap our

bodies around as many memories as we can… the posting might be far and infrequent some weeks and 

visa versa.

We’ve just had a really busy last few weeks…..and life has just gotten in the way.

Good times have been had lately.

I would officially like to state….that last friday i finished my 10th week of training with Gabby Reece….

and i’m down a whole 10 pounds {on a good day…and without a scoop of nutella finding it’s way into my mouth}.

Only 11 or so more weeks of class left…and Gabby packs up and heads with her family back to California….

but i am so happy to have been invited to join her class….and it’s paying off.


Some of our best friends flew in from Chicago last week and spent the week with us…..

they arrived last Monday night…..and we initiated them with our first big monsoon rain of the year on Tuesday.

It rained so hard on Tuesday that the kids school called an hour after they were dropped off to tell us that 

school was being cancelled and the kids were being sent home.

{does anyone just hit the ignore button on the phone when they see the school calling…}

I reminded the school that we just had a three day weekend….and did they take that into concern when calling me

to let me know that they were coming home.

Apparently not.

The kids school is on the other side of a river…so when it rains…..and it rains hard…..the bridge is closed to traffic

going in and out of Hanalei… the school kids are put in priority….and bussed right out.

So we all hung out all day……with pouring rain….and power outages… one big happy family.

{and somehow there were a few additional children that came home with us as well….}

Last Thursday we decided to have some of our friends over for a cocktail party….

we had our new friends…..along with our chicago friends…..and it was a fun evening.

I made brie and fig bites….

{i might have a problem with eating brie….by the spoonful….}

and i’ve been dreaming about these ever since….so i’ll take some more photos for you and post the recipe this week.

{warning: do not weigh yourself after you have eaten all of them…..not a good idea}

we all drank some good fine wine…..

and wine goes very well with brie.

I was also able to bring my friend Alison to one of Gabby’s classes with me…..

and not only did Alison get her butt kicked kick butt

but Bethany Hamilton showed up for class as well that day….so needless to say….even though we 

were sweating like pigs on slaughtering day…..but we got to sweat with Bethany.

{and no….that is not me bending over behind Alison puking……}

We spent a lot of time at the beach…..

{they left their kids back home in chicago….so obviously….i let them take over some of my parenting…it only seemed fair}

We also did what we normally do when we have friends visiting…..

we rented some SUP boards…and sent them out into the water.

{i monitored the cooler….it’s my delegated duty you know….}

Yesterday was their last day here….so we headed over to the South side of the island where they had been

staying for the last few nights and joined them all day poolside.

We drank some more fine wine……

the boys kept checking in with us ……because they were parked in the bar watching football…

and i barely saw the kids the whole entire day because the hotel had the most amazing pools…

we felt like we were on our own vacation all day.

The kids did keep coming back to be fed though…..

I have a feeling my mother in law might just be calling me today and wondering if i might want to 

check myself into Rehab with all the photos of fine wine drinking last week.

So before she calls….let me just state that as of Today….i’m going off the fine wine drinking this week.

I’m switching to Vodka.

It makes my green juice taste SO much better.


  1. ya’ll look so great!! oh my gosh!!!
    & did i know bryan had a tattoo? we would be fast friends don’t ya think?
    miss you

  2. You look great! What a fun week, and please post more!!!

  3. I was starting to get real worried, as in REAL WORRIED!
    Looks like you had a wonderful time with your friends, and the weather turned out for the best.

  4. I must say, Hawaii sure agrees with you Kasey Buick.

  5. I was getting worried as well. Whew.
    Please share that recipe, I am starving for some Brie and Fig anything!

  6. uh you don’t have to apologize for having fun in hawaii! if i was there i’d probably never blog. who wants to sit behind a computer when you can enjoy every second. i’m beyond envious of your classes with bethany and gabby! unbelievable!! oh and congrats on the 10 pound loss. blood, sweat and tears. i bet the other 11 would just fly off if you stopped drinking wine…i’m just sayin’;)

  7. I love the sign the guys are standing beneath. How much do they rent for?

  8. hi, one of your lurkers, saying hi and I live through your posts….i think its just awesome that you and your family had the courage to do this, you are making wonderful memories for your whole family…please post more…:)

  9. I love the life you are leading as well. You are living it to the fullest and I know we as your readers are living through you.

  10. I can’t believe you take that class from Gabby, so so cool.

  11. Always so pleased to hear from you, Kasey. Your photo with your friend on the recliners looks like coming from a Slim Aaron’s book! Cheers!

  12. You look Fabulous! Hawaii sure does too! Keep sending us the sunshine!

  13. Your MIL isn’t the only one that missed you! And, my sister and her hubs are on your island this week for vacay. I told her to watch out for you and introduce herself if she saw a woman on the beach guarding a box of wine and licking famous people.

  14. Your life looks fabulous. I always say the best way to parent is to have some cold wine in the fridge. It got me through some tough months alone with a toddler!……. still works with a teen.

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