On the beach

A few things before you proceed to view this post.

1. We don’t have a dog in our family photos.

2. We have fine boxed wine in them instead.

{sorry mom….it was all Bryan’s idea}

3. There might be some driftwood in our family photos.

4. I realize it might be time to change up the photos in my header.

5. I don’t like brussel sprouts.

6. I made the bunting flag out of a $2 pillowcase from the thrift-store.

7. I am so in love with my family.

8. We lost a stable life only to gain perspective and thrive with change.

{all photos done by my good friend Jessica Woodford }


  1. these are stunning! and ur kids are so beautiful xx

    Give away time on my blog!

  2. Just beautiful! You are so smart to do this for your family…
    Merry Christmas to you~SueBee

  3. Wow, what amazing photos! Your family is beautiful. You all look so happy and healthy. Have a very merry Christmas!

  4. Beautiful!

  5. Kasey, you all look so beautiful and truly happy! Merry Christmas!!

  6. Holy smokes woman, these are beautiful!

  7. I love what you did with the driftwood, so clever. You ALWAYS have the best ideas for family photos. Loved the library ones and now these, amazing.
    Gorgeous family Kasey

  8. Finally we get to see some more photos of YOU! I have missed your style photos and such so this was a nice treat.
    Love your dress, but what i really love is your necklace. Do share.
    Lola’s dress is beautiful and Mason is gorgeous.

  9. BEAUTIFUL. You sure know how to style a shoot girlfriend!

  10. These are beautiful, Kasy!
    Your kids are getting so big.

  11. Love! You all really look so freakin awesome, i’m trying so hard not to be jealous.

  12. You have such a beautiful family and all of you looks so happy and content there in Hawaii! All of the pictures are perfect for Christmas cards…well almost!! Wish I were there!

    Happy Holidays!


  13. Beautiful and isn’t Jessica delightful?

  14. Great pictures!

  15. Kelley Doi says:

    Amazing family photos!! Where’s the one of you drinking directly from the box?

  16. So absolutely beautiful captures. I have to ask how you got the driftwood into the sand. I tried to do that last summer at our beach and my cabana kept falling down!!! Pissed me off royally.

  17. Fabulous, dreamy pics. Have to say, the boxed wine placement reminds me of the Flat Stanley pics I took years ago. Conspicuous, yet not. Here’s hoping you have a wonderful Christmas.

  18. I really enjoy reading your blog. You always make me smile. I really love the photos, too. Your blonde headed “babies” are so cute. You have a beautiful family. Thanks for sharing part of your adventure in paradise with us on the mainland.

  19. What a beautiful adventure your on. The kids are growing like weeds and you all look so happy.
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family..

  20. Absolutely gorgeous…every single photo…and all of you:) Merry Christmas (Mele Kalikimaka) to the Buick family!

  21. beautiful family! Merry Christmas!!!

  22. I think the bootcamp is agreeing with you. I can tell you’ve lost weight. Great pics!

  23. Gorgeous! I really love the black and white one of you and the boys!

  24. Casey these are the best photos EVER! They so beautifully capture your family at THIS time, on THIS adventure. I love how blonde the kids have become. I hope that they will look back at these photos and see the love that their parents had for them and eachother that they could DO something so few can to make this hawaiian adventure possible. Capturing it like this was a fantastic idea! Merry Christmas!

  25. sorry Kasey with a K

  26. Your photos and family look amazing. Love them and so happy you are enjoying your time at the beach!

  27. The pictures are AMAZING…every single one of them!!! You look stunning especially in the picture with you & the boys and the one of you & Bryan…sooooo pretty!!! I like the quote on the picture…so glad you’re enjoying this change of pace & being joyful through what could’ve seemed a bleek situation. God knew just what you all needed and you’ve enjoyed every minute of it…minus the whole no Anthro & Target thing 🙂

  28. Beautiful photos Kasey, I love them!

  29. Your pictures are beautiful!

    Have a Wonderful Holiday!


  30. Love the photos. My absolute favorite is the one where Lola is leaning over Bryan’s shoulder and he is trying to give her a kiss while you are watching. Beautiful pics!

  31. I’ve read your blog for a few years (I love your sense of humor.) but I don’t think I’ve ever commented. These photos are GORGEOUS. I get the feeling that you think the entire world thinks you’re insane for moving to Hawaii. I don’t. I admire you for it. I think the Tolkien quote is perfect. Maybe it’s just my outsider perspective, but it seems like you guys are thriving on a whole new level. I know you miss your gorgeous house and your things, I would too. But it looks like you are creating these moments of pure magic for your family… Hats off to a brave, brave lady. Happy Holidays.

  32. babe in batavia says:

    love all the pics!!! you all look great and mason’s hair is perfect!!!

  33. Incredible here. Just couldn’t hear and see a better story about how your live’s have unfolded there. The kids look so so different, and it’s just something to see how you’ve adapted there. Wonderful for you all.

  34. Juliana Longiotti says:

    Lovely pictures… happy holidays!

  35. Amazing photos of your beautiful family. You are all living a wonderful dream right now. You’re very lucky! Have a Merry Christmas!

  36. Of course you & your family are engraved in our hearts forever now.
    Thank you again for the opportunity to capture this day…..miss you all like crazy!

  37. your photos are gorgeous and your family is flawless! just splendid to look at.

  38. Beautiful family photos! It’s been wonderful following your family’s journey. Merry Christmas to all of you

  39. Beautiful family and beautiful photos

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