now is a good time

to say hello…because it’s Friday…and you know how i like a good Friday.

{que the chorus…..}

I thought that since

i’m going into hibernation mode because as of right this minute….this very minute….

my kids are home for a whole 3 weeks from school.

{the school here seems to think we are semi year-round……go figure}

I know….what am i complaining about….i’m home in Hawaii for crying out loud….

but because i’m allowed to complain…and trust me…i will….

three weeks is a little on the long side.

{especially since our Christmas tree involves an artificial palm tree in the corner…}

This is a little sneaky peek i got from my good friend J.Wo {photographer extraordinaire} of me and my boys….and 

i realize Mason is not smiling….but i don’t blame him…he almost 11.

I told all the kids that they have to get hair cut over break…but not Mason… way….because it’s taken these

last 4.75 months to get it to look like that.

{he washes it every morning and blow dries it… lie…}

okay and here are some random photos….

Christmas cards done…mailed out…and sealed with a kiss.

this was really funny….i had made the kids eggs for dinner one night when bryan was working and decided to just

go ahead and draw on some….

{i have an artistic side if you didn’t know….}

but i forgot that i did that and put them back in the fridge.

The next morning Bryan opened up the eggs and got upset because the kids weren’t coming clean with who was the one that decided to draw on them.

Yeah….not a cool move on my part. I’m sorry kids…i can only imagine the pain that was caused.

Fin Hudson….

age 6

still does not wear any underpants….and is A-Okay with it.

Here he is all dressed up in Aloha wear for his first ukulele concert….

My kitchen…..try not to drool all over the Formica counters and cupboards….

but i do love some white…and even if it’s white formica….well.. heck….lets have a party!

I think this was the only photo i have of the night Bryan and i ponied up for a sitter and hit his work party…..

apparently…..we were playing black jack….but i don’t remember much…..

“what happens in Hanalei…stays in Hanalei”

Like i said….i don’t remember much….

and yes….i took the time to Occupy Wall Street…..because we all need to do our part.

That is all i have for you right now…but i thought …since i haven’t answered any Q’s in a while….

feel free to ask them and i will answer them as you ask them.

Only if you have any….since it’s been a whole 4.75 months….and you might have some…


Hey Kasey….have you lost any weight since starting Gabby’s bootcamp~kill me~i can’t breath~class?

Um….no….i have not….but i noticed my thighs are huge….. thank you  so much for asking.

and these weights are the root of all evil….

trust me….

because women who have had three children {that pretty much narrows only myself in the class}

should not be lifting weights and doing squats at the same time.



  1. I have to laugh when I see your driftwood on the wall. When we lived in Hawaii my hubby (who was just my boyfriend back then) dragged driftwood up from Waimea Bay, hung it on the wall of his bedroom and hung his wetsuit and flippers from it. Needless to say it didn’t look all pretty and artistic like yours, but HE thought it did. oy.

    Question…did you design and print your Xmas cards yourself or are they from a card site like Shutterfly. I haven’t done any this year, but it looks like you made yours yourself, so I just might be inspired to do some if you tell me it was easy peasy. Thanks!

  2. I love that you are living a more simple life . Do you think that will stay infused in you when or if you move back to the states ??Also what is your favorite flavor of boxed wine and which is the best brand?? Wow I asked 3 questions ooppps !

    • I’ll probably go on a shopping spree just to get it out of my system;-) but it’s been great living so simply. I am a pinot grigio girl but when it’s on the cooler side i like a good red. We buy the inexpensive bands…..Oak Leaf.

  3. That’s quite an update! Your kiddos are so cute – love that Christmas card!

  4. I am so jealous of you in Hawaii, but I understand why 3 weeks with 3 kids will be hard hard work. Masons hair is beautiful and he’s right not to cut it, he’s like a blond Justin Beiber lol. I hope you enjoy your vacation very much, and remember this will become one of their memories, when they went to Hawaii for Christmas, try to do some silly things that they will get to cherish forever! Enjoy, and your thighs are not huge, you crack me up.

  5. You look great and you have the most beautiful children. You’ve given me an idea for my FL driftwood, thank you. AND, in my book, Formica is livable as long as it’s white. lol

  6. Ooo…question! I want to know how you get your pictures to look so soft. Do you use a filter or a special lense? They don’t have the hard glare I’m used to seeing. I love them!

  7. No question….Just a huge Miigwech{that’s Ojibway for thank you} for all the entertainment. You are blessed with three beautiful children and an amazing husband. I wish I had the courage to live a life outside my Suburban cul-de-sac. But for now I must be content with caffeinating Maple Grove {that’s our town} each morning{ I work at Starbucks}. And sharing a Happy Hour beer with “My Dream”… husband each evening.

  8. Wendy in Kennewick says:

    Per your last comment, There’s always Depends. In reference to your lack of weight loss, remember huge thigh muscles weigh more than fat thighs. I had the same concern after working out at my gym 5 days a week for the last 5 months until I convinced myself of this!

  9. Love the Christmas card…love the photo of you & the boys! And I agree, three weeks does seem a tad bit too long. 😉
    But try to have a “Mele Kalikimaka” anyway!

  10. I did not think of you today when I went in Anthro in Nashville. Nope, not once. Until I heard
    some ladies talking about you.
    JK…but it could happen.

  11. Mason looks perfect – broody but kind and gorgeous – if you know what I mean?! Downunder we are on week 2 of our mammoth almost 8 week holiday summer fiesta – we do it tough here – Xmas in the middle of the hols – and then M has his birthday as school goes back – then stomaches it out for another year! Enjoy the beach and get them making craft out of drift wood – then sell it! Perfecto! Happy Xmas! xxx

  12. Okay. That last paragraph had me trickling a little — like only a mother of 3 could trickle. I notice you have the token rice cooker on your counter. Is it always stocked? Your J. Wo photos are amazing. Do you make ono loco mocos?

  13. Three weeks…calls for a bender. For me a cake would suffice. Not a wine girl. I have been doing Brazilian butt lift for 3 weeks and I haven’t lost a pound. My pants fit better. I am guessing they would fit even better if I would quit eating the treats I buy for gifts…only to eat and buy again!!

  14. Haha!!! I love Mason’s hair…it’s AWESOME…and I kinda like that he’s not smiling in the pic 🙂

    Merry Christmas!

  15. How did you find your place in Hawaii while still living in the states?

    • We are renting the condo from my parents. They’ve had it for a few years…..and when we decided that Kauai was the place we wanted to move to, it just happened to work out that the previous tenants were moving out.

  16. Did you give up on answering questions? Your last sentence reminds me of what a girlfriend, who is a mother of 2, said to me in a letter: “I laughed so hard, I had tears running down my legs”.

    As for me…well, I still am not sure I could do the Boot Camp. Not only would I maybe have tears running down my legs, but wherever I work out needs to be loud. And by loud, I mean, especially when I am lifting really heavy stuff, or doing an awkward yoga pose…if you catch my drift.

    And for my real question: Will you take a super secret photo of Gabby Reese for us?

    Merry Christmas Kasey! 😛

    • I’m sorry….i didn’t realize anyone was asking more questions;-)
      The music in bootcamp is super loud so you can’t hear anyone grunting {ahem…me}.
      I will take a photo of gabby…i’m just working up the courage to do it.

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