Taking chances….

It’s only 8 pm here….we are three hours earlier then the west coast….four hours earlier then rocky mountain time….five hours earlier then my old home in chicagoland….and 6 hours earlier then east coast.

Our friends have finally caught on…and have stopped calling at 4 in the morning….which was no big deal…because then we would turn around and call them at 3 in the morning their time.

As the next few weeks sink into more of a normal routine for us…..

the kids all start ukulele classes at school….

lola continues surfing lessons from bryan….

{so far she is the only one that has the passion for it…}

i continue to watch the surfer boys….

{really…someone has to make sure that they are not doing anything they shouldn’t}

and trying to fit in.

Sometimes i feel so out of my element….but i have to sit back….and grab at that little piece of paper…the one i wrote down all my wants and dreams….the place where i put my fears…..and know

ย that what we are doing is


and not just for us…

but for these three kids of ours.ย 

We are 3000 miles from the west coast of california……..holy gravy…..that’s a long way from home.
No….we are not in the south of france….renting a little cottage…..

we did not move just to get away from the weather…

{even though come middle of january….i’m sure we will be phoning home about it}

the real deal is….Bryan was let go…from an amazing job….and we had to rethink our lives.

We had to think what would be best for our family….and we are not afraid of chances.

Anyhoo…..i’ve gotten some emails from readers….wanting to knowย 

how did we make this work…

why did we do this….

ย and where will we go next.

What i thought this post could do is answer some of your questions…..if you have any….and maybe i can’t answer all of them…but at least i can answer the ones that pertain to what we did.

So….go ahead….ask away…..just don’t ask if i have bacne*…..

that wouldn’t be a fair question…now would it?

*back acne*


  1. I think what you are doing is amazing and admirable and all of those fantastic things! The experience and memories the kids (and you guys!) will have are second to none. But, I am curious what you do for health insurance. Especially having the 3 kids.

    Every time I pick up a People or US lately it seems like some celeb is vacationing in Kauai- I always think of you!

  2. kasey, first of all, what you’re doing is so brave! but how do you make ends meet? do you make money from your blog? did your hubby really get a minimum wage job in hawaii? and what is the cost of living like over there? how long do you plan on staying and what kind of culture shock have you experienced (aside from the mullets on adorable little boys!)??? in my humble opinion, the experience you are providing for your children is invaluable, they will no doubt thank you for it when they’re older and i have a hunch they’re already thanking you for it now! bisous xoxoox, maria

  3. I love reading your blog (almost more so now that you’re in Hawaii). You have such an open mind about things and aren’t afraid to share your life story with total strangers. Ha! Since you’re allowing personal questions now, I was wondering what does your husband do for a living and is this something he plans to continue or is this a short term job for now? Also, is the home you’re renting for a year from someone you know or did you rent it from someone unknown (through a company)? Finally, what made you choose Hawaii, in the first place? I just thought it was so far from your family and friends and very expensive to live there.

  4. I am so happy for you. I would love to go and live somewhere wonderful for a year or two. Such a great adventure. I don’t have a question, just a congratulations!

  5. Just one, cause there will be manymany:

    Is life there, the one you dreamed about?

    All the best, you and your family are a.m.a.z.i.n.g!


    • i love that question….i even wrote it down to put in a journal where i keep sayings, quotes, poems, words that i like…
      it sounds like the opening sentence in a book….

  6. Did you take a naked driver’s license picture? Cause I can’t see your top very well……Hahaha There is more to life than money. If more people realized that, the world would be a brighter place.

  7. Hey there! I Love reading your blog…am super hooked now that you’ve up and moved to Hawaii. Congrats on being brave enough to grab hold of an adventure like that! My question is…what was the biggest fear or anxiety you had to let go of before you could commit to doing this? (I’m assuming you had some!) Really, I’m envious…love your attitude to life! All the best! x

    • Ok, how in the world did you manage to take the greatest picture ever taken at the DMV? It is so stinking cute, you go McLovin!! Ok, I really do not have a question but I hope you have a question for yourself during this journey. The question I hope you ask yourself is “Why didn’t we do this sooner?” We lived on Oahu for 4 years and absolutely loved it.

  8. i think you are amazing…considering your kids state of “happiness” before yours is very admirable…i’ve learned that my kids have made me a better person…they are my gift and Jesus tool to mold me into his image…it is when we are “stretched”, during difficult times that we grow the most…security is really over rated and most of the time just makes me neurotic…because of the economy, financially we have struggled, but God has met every need and we have prayed and my kids have been able to see Gods provision…don’t have any questions, just congratulations!!! i’ll be praying for ya :)) nora.

  9. Okay. Lemme just say, your driver’s license picture is OUTSTANDING! Congrats on that. We all know how hard it is to get that one picture to look just right at that one specific time. Next. Have you lunched with Pierce Brosnan yet? And, how awesome is it that you’re doing this? Not just talking about it, but actually doing it. Most people would immediately jump into the nearest opening in their present location upon being let go from their job. What you’re doing sounds like something I would dream up but my husband would never agree to. Of course, everyone’s wondering about the money situation (admittedly, me included). But then again, that’s a delicate subject. But just don’t give up hope about being far away from everyone and everything. There’s a reason you are where you are – whether you made the decision to be where you are or not. And if anyone can make good things happen, you can.

  10. I loved your blog pre-move and I love it now too! I can totally relate to your moving experience, just in the opposite way….We moved our 3 kids from sunny and warm Dallas/Ft. Worth to cloudy/cold Montreal Canada, not once, but twice: 91/92 and 94/95. We look back on those times with fond memories. Instead of surfing, we went skiing every week and learned to live in lots of snow. I will admit, it was expensive and a little lonely at first, but it was one of the best things we ever did and wouldn’t trade the experience for anything. …And your kids are old enough to remember it, yet its pre-high school. What perfect timing!!! I think you will look back on this time of your life and smile. P.S. We visited Oahu with our 3 kids (who are now in high school and college) last summer and it was amazing!!!!

  11. What’s the one thing you wish you’d known before moving?

  12. What you are doing is so amazing!! I am impressed every time I read your blog. I am sure you were so afraid and sometimes wonder if you made the right decision, but kids are so flexible and who know where you will go next? Without getting to personal I was in a similar situation 6 yrs. ago, but my husband could never recover from losing his job, it was everything to him. Sadly he passed away shortly after accepting another job that he hated. Made me realize life is short and I enjoy things differently now. Good for you for being so flexible!!! Good luck and keep stalking, I mean sharing the movie star stories!!

  13. No questions, just congrats for being courageous and open to life!

    I think you’re getting to live an experience that many of us would like to try ourselves, but can’t or won’t for various reasons. And I think your family will see so many blessings as this year unfolds!

  14. My in-laws all love hawaii and vacation there quite often. We also talk about moving there, but I hear the schools are pretty bad. What do you think of your kids school so far? Love your blog, thanks!

  15. You guys are living what we want to do as soon as our kids are a bit older. We are still in the 2 -3.5 year old stage- I know alot of people travel with toddlers but we are waiting a bit longer until they can enjoy and remember what we are doing! Our dream is to buy a sail boat and just sail around- not necessarily around the world- but just around- our plan has not gotten much further than that:) Thanks for the constant inspiration!

    ps- while waiting for the kids to get older we do loads of closer to home trips- we call it practice!

  16. I wondered how y’all came to this idea of doing something so drastic. I know Hawaii is very expensive to live in. But on the other hand I admire y’all so. And money doesn’t make the world go around it just pays the bills. This move has obviously been good because everyone looks so happy and brown. You followed a dream and most of us don’t or won’t ever do that with our lives. I am so jealous.

  17. Smoking license photo girlie… Hawaii loves Kasey!!!

  18. are you lonely? have you made many friends?

  19. I am wondering – if you could have anything from the mainland that you can’t get there, what would it be? Hell, what five things would you want?

  20. I think you’re funny, I love the way you write and appreciate the fact it’s not all lollipops and rainbows in your world the way it is made to seem on some other blogs – that’s why I read your blog, but since you’re asking for questions, any question, no matter what it is, I do have one because it’s always bothered me.

    With all you have going for you, good looks, supportive husband, healthy kids, why do you feel the need to make fun of other people? Your last post pointing out the woman behind you in the photo, asking for captions/comments on how she looked was just plain mean. You posted another one a year or so ago showing a chubby woman in the background and questioned when it became fashionable to wear inner tubes (or something like that) in public. It was mean.

    Why do you do it? Those posts aren’t funny to me and I’m sure not to the person in the photo – who could read your blog for all you know.

    You asked for questions and so I decided to be honest and ask a real one – not fluff.

    Why do you make fun of people for the way they look?

    • I’m going to answer all the questions next week but i’ll answer yours now.
      In my last post i did not mention anything about the woman behind me….not one word. All i asked my readers for was a title to my photo.
      I’ve never said anything mean …..but i do take photos of people and have commentary.
      People eating…yes.
      Fashion police….yes.
      But i’ve never stated in words anything cruel.

  21. Are you planning on getting a job?

  22. I’m glad everything is working out. Chip and I moved to California (from Colorado) last October. While I was glad to be back in my native state, the move was very stressful and we were in temporary house for 5 months while we bought a short sale house. But it was all worth it. At first if felt weird, I felt sort of rootless – not a Colorado girl – not yet a Cali girl. But now I feel great – love my new house and have found a new place for my business, I’ve made lots of new friends I’m so glad we took a chance.

    Your kids will never forget this time and they will benefit by your example of taking a risk and doing something for them. I know a family that traveled the USA in a motor home for a year – both mom and dad. It brought them closer and it is something they will always remember.

  23. I wondered about the job thing too — kids are in school —- will you work?

  24. hi kasey , this my second comment…i think you’re awesome…anyways, i thought it would be a great idea to send your husband’s former boss and thank you note and a basket of your mac nut muffins…just saying, they really did ya favor…god bless:))

  25. I was reading your comments and noticed the one that asked why you say mean things. You said you don’t but I have to agree with that reader you do. You might not say it loud and clear but it’s there loud and clear in a silent way. I applaud the reader who asked the question because she was being real. Look back on your posts you might see it.

  26. its almost 9am here…maybe i should call & say happy 3 am.
    i’ve almost done that so many times!!!

    love your cute Hawaii drivers license

    we’ll chat this week. not at 3 am

  27. How do the kids love it and are they adjusting?
    Oh, and I just love following along:)
    mullets, people in sweats, beach photos and all!

  28. Just a statement….If you think Kasey makes rude comments, why the hell are you reading her blog?

    • Come on… really? This is the best argument you can make? Why do you think shows like Jersey Shore, The Housewives, Jackass, etc are popular? Assholes are entertaining. I think it says more about a certain kind of follower of Kasey’s that people defend her to the death even though she is, blatantly, mean. I sort of follow her regularly because she is silly and stupid (photos of her house were always well received however now that she’s in Hawaii I’m pretty bored). Her regular fits of meanness- snippy comments about someone’s outfits or weight just made me pity her- classic example of someone feeling better about herself by belittling someone else. She is quite clearly a very insecure person. Someone who regularly posts photos of her family in artfully posed positions and mildly self-deprecating photos of herself is screaming for approval. I find it interesting that someone who is obviously a very social person has yet to make even one friend in Hawaii. Or maybe she has but she’s too embarrassed to show them off to her sheeple. Love the narcissistic tone of a question and answer thing as well. Well done Kasey.

      • Patricia..really? I think you need some simple instructions. Step 1: Stop reading. I hope that is simple enough for your simplemind!

  29. i don’t think kasey is mean. shes real. she is being who she is in real life. like many of us are in real life. its funny and its the same funny she always is. so why do u read her blog if you can read another blog where they are perfectly perfect and probably walk on water?
    kasey, why are you so freakin real? damn i’m so sick of you but i’m going to keep tormenting myself and read your blog, cuz i am an idiot.

  30. http://thenolansonislandtime.blogspot.com/

    you need to check this family out! they may not be on the same island…….and her husband is in the military………………but they too are having a ‘hawaii adventure’…..you could compare days! love reading your blog…..you make me smile…………..btw..great photo on license!

  31. I think you are the coolest person I feel like I know but have never met! My hubby too lost his business(job) due to this wonderful “non-recession” we are in and I would have loved to have been able to fly off to Hawaii to live but since we are still stuck in middle Ga. I am getting to live it thru you. I would love to pick your brain abt. alot of things but will only ask…What do you think you will do after this year in Hawaii is done? and…if you see Gerard Butler on vacation there, will you PLEASE stalk and take pics? and if possible lick him and tell him that’s from me!

  32. Hey, goofy girl… so brave of you to show everyone your ID. With # and all. That is the fake one, right? *wink,wink*

  33. Whats a typical day in your life now? In other words, how do you fill in your time while the kids are at school and without new friends?
    We did the move for 12 months interstate here in Aus, years ago (before kids) and I found it really hard in terms of lonliness, but I learnt to enjoy my own company more, got fit and read lots of books. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Hope you make some new buddies soon, although I am sure the time with your hubby is nice too.

  34. Oh and look forward to hearing more about your celebrity stalking, ah I mean spotting ๐Ÿ˜‰
    I wonder who the first celeb will be that you get to meet for real?!!

  35. Loving reading your blog!! Too funny!! You have inspired me to write more on mine. The Josh Groban post had me laughing out loud…more than once! Nice to meet you. ๐Ÿ™‚

  36. Hi, what a fabulous place to move!! I want to know how in the world you are making it money wise? I’ve heard that Hawaii is crazy expensive. Did you guys have a pretty big savings to help with the initial move? Could this move turn into something more permanent? My sister is a bartender and while she makes way more than minimum wage with tips, she definitely couldn’t support a family of five. If you are making that work, I’d love some money managing tips! Ha! Way more than one question I know… sorry. Great blog!

  37. I love this blog. If I didn’t I wouldn’t follow it soooo, for anyone who has a problem with it, the solution is simple.

  38. Kelly Carothers says:

    Hi Kasey ๐Ÿ™‚

    I don’t have any questions…As a single mom who packed up 2 babies and moved halfway across the country by myself to a place where I didn’t know a soul…I get it (I had an entirely different set of circumstances and that move was 100% a necessity but it was the best thing I ever did). I just wanted to say..I read that post people were complaining about and I don’t see where anything you said was rude or mean..and to be honest, the only thing I noticed that was sort of funny was that the person behind you had a mulett. I don’t know what people would take time our of their day to read your blog if they don’t like what you have to say. Anywhoo….I wish you a lovely weekend from over here in Tampa ๐Ÿ™‚

  39. I think it’s fabulous, risky, fun and brave!! I believe your kids will benefit in huge ways and I also think your funny as he..!! I love your blog..keep writing!!

  40. Hi!
    Am jealous of your new Kaui life.What a great adventure for your family.
    Would give you a comm.if you could find us a nice beach rental for my husband & I ?
    Do you plan to stay in paradise more than one year?
    What dream job did Brian have?
    Warmest wishes from San Diego.

  41. Hi Kasey, I have enjoyed your fun blog and your sense of humor and I am happy that you and your family are having a new and interesting adventure in Hawaii. I suppose I am one of those idiots but I did not realize, or maybe read your blog frequently enough, to see how truly unkind you and many other people can be. Who knows, maybe your new experience will open your eyes as to how short life is and how UNNECESSARY it is to spend your time making insinuations that are just plain mean and encourage others to be unkind. Kasey, you are so talented with your gifts of writing and photography and it is a shame that you waste them with such posts. Ladies who made rude comments on the last blog post, shame, shame, shame on you. Why spend your time being nasty? Isn’t life too short? And what if that woman was your dear friend – sister – mother – daughter????

  42. i would comment and day that kasey “gets away” with “making fun” of people (as some said above)– because she also makes fun of herself in a healthy kind of way. (i like people who dont take themselves super seriously) i am not cool with being unkind to homely people but i would say i see her style of blog as a fresh, real, and candid way of speaking that is really rare and very, um refreshing.
    before you throw a stone– have you ever said an unkind word about a person? i know i have, and do want to be a more gracious person. thanks for the reminder.

  43. I blog and I don’t blog. And when I read comments like this it makes me not want to start up again. I have always taken a brake because I find the commenting and posts well just remind me of high school. This post reminds me of that again. Kasey has a blog that the whole world sees and with that will receive comments that are not always sunshine and puppy dogs. I applaud the poster from Kramers Angle for saying loud and clear what she thinks and letting people know who she is. Sure Kasey does not say anything mean but there are certainly underlying tones that are loud and clear. I think Kasey is very talented person who has had much success with her blog. I think people enjoyed your beautiful decorating ideas and tolerated your strange posts of crashing weddings and putting up pictures that are unflattering. Now I think you are in a new land and don’t have your gorgeous house and talents to share so your very sarcastic posts shine through loud and clear. Use your talents to find a new hook in Hawaii that all your readers will continue to love. While I don’t like some of Kasey’s post I do think she is a talent and enjoy reading her blog. And for the girls who feel they have to protect I wouldn’t get to caught up in it. Kasey has the freedom to put what she wants on her blog, commenters also have the freedom to say things that they believe in. Differing opinions and thoughts are good, that’s what makes the world go around.

  44. Kasey-
    I love reading your blog and hearing about your adventures. No one is forcing anyone to read your blog, so if anyone has a problem with it, they should simply unsubscribe. Your followers do not want to hear their remarks.
    Hope you’re having a fabulous day!

  45. Wow. How surprising that the comments have gone in this direction…Not what I was expecting. Like lots of others, I can’t imagine how you’re making it work financially, but I’m thrilled that you seem to be happy with it all and I think your kids are thriving. Taking chances is always risky and no matter what the outcome, you’ve done a cool thing! I think I detect a bit of sadness about not having ‘girls’ around to hang with…? That would definitely be hard and I hope you find some soon!

  46. Hi Kasey! I was just wondering how the kids were about leaving their buddies (especially your oldest son)? Oh, and one other question – did you move around a lot as a kid?

  47. Second question: How much sunscreen do y’all go though each day? Or does your skin adjust to the sun?

  48. Hi Kasey, this was a good read to find out what is going on there, and leading up to. You sound joyful being there overall, so what a wonderful turn of events. IT’s cool too Brian has taken to his job and lovin it. Enjoy all that comes your way there, soaking up much sun.

    Remember God, and his plans for you life.

  49. I wanna start off by saying I live your blog. Call me a sheeple but when I read I feel like I am listening to one of my friends. The haters above obviously thrive on shit talking and drama. They must have very boring lives and obviously put them selves on a pedestal. I live your honesty and the fact that you don’t sugarcoat. Life is too short. And besides half the reason I read tour blog is for your fresh rake on life! Thanks for keepin it real!

  50. Sorry lots of typos in that comment but you get my drift

  51. I bet Bryan’s stress level is at an all time low. My husband used to drive an hour to and from work everyday (including most weekends) in heavy traffic. He worked very long, stressful hours. We loved the town we lived in and we adored our home but I hated that he had to work so many hours and worked such a stressful job, esp. at his age.

    Then they let him go. It was scary at first, but we eventually leased out our house, moved back to my home town, and started to renovate a small family building. It isnt near finished, but it’s finished enough to live in it. Money is and will continue to be tight. We have had to downsize and purge big time. No more frivilous shopping or doing for us, theres a whole lot less eating out, and all the new technology I want, I probably wont get.

    It has been an adjustment, BUT I wouldn’t trade living like this for the world! My husband has peace and rest and can do whatever he wants with his time. We both have happiness, health and love. We really do have all we NEED and the faith that everything will work out fine. I may have to go to work someday and IF I can find a job, that will be fine.

    Wishing all the luck and blessings in the world for you and your lovely family. Btw, some people believe the chemicals in sunscreen is actually harmful for your body.

  52. holy crap….does patricia not have anything else better to do ?
    i think she loves the attention she’s getting and now i’m guilty of giving her some, too…but oh, people like that make my blood boil…and i have to bet, she doesn’t even have a blog herself.

    kasey…i love reading what’s going on with all of you. we used to live in st. charles….and my daughter schooling there was amazing….in fact when we moved to indiana, we put her in a private school as she was so advanced. BUT did she get a year or two of full out living, on an island and making a lifetime of memories. nope. not at all. and i would have given anything to have given that to her while she was growing up. a week here and there just doesn’t do it.

    you all are truly living !!

  53. Can you talk to my husband about stepping outside of his comfort zone?

  54. Grow up people….. Kasey writes a blog that is filled with her opinions, she isn’t shy about them or prudent in anyway…..she throws them out there wildly, When you tear things up and throw them at a fan, you are bound to have some land on you. Kasey, here you have a reader, who believed whole heartedly, that you were a friend she could be honest with…. And here you are letting these followers of yours trash her……..

    since you do have time on your hands, why don’t you take her suggestion to heart and reflect on your blog……you could grow in ways you didn’t expect.

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