lot of jumping

{photos taken at Queens bath….}

It’s not that i’ve been crazy busy or anything…..but every time i log on to write a post…my mind escapes me…so here we are.

My prozac helped me tonight….and it went down well with some Wuck*.

{2 buck chuck is the two dollar trader joe’s wine that i don’t drink anymore….now i drink Wuck….which is walmart’s version of chuck…hence the name…



Does that bring back any memories of Puck? Anyone remember Puck?

Real World ??

I’m getting old…i just realized i’m going to be 58 in just over 22 years..

oh geez.

I’m getting used to the small town feeling around here…..it’s nice in a way…but i can see how everyone gets to know everyone else’s business sooner or later.

The same guy working at the Starbucks at the Westin hotel next door also works the checkout at the Foodland Market up the street.

It was an awkward moment when i was checking out with my box of super absorbent tampons.

I’ve met some really great friends….

but they are all skinny and have blond hair…..well…they don’t all have blond hair….

but they are all skinny.

I’m on a new diet….it’s called the fine boxed wine diet….have you heard of it?

It’s really good….because ….well…..i like it because you can have carrot sticks with it…and maybe some whole wheat crackers….and call that dinner.

You can even have seconds…or thirds if you like.

The kids are off school all of next week…..as in…the whole entire week.

They call it “Fall Break” here…..so i’m thinking that maybe the air temperature drops a little bit….and maybe…just maybe….pumpkins make their debut.

But they won’t.

I was getting all somber getting on Facebook and reading all about my friends going apple picking and wearing their first day of boots…but then i sliced open a pineapple…..and took the kids surfing.

Well….i didn’t actually go surfing…..

i mean….

someone has to keep the towels warm and the umbrella in the sand.

I can forgo the apple picking for one year…but the boots….oh the boots…..

i’m getting them out of the closet….and pairing them with a little dress and heading to the beach this week with a pumpkin spice latte…and sitting on my designated towel under an umbrella.

We have a pretty good schedule going on these days…..Fin has ukulele lessons on Mondays…then all three kids head to tennis lessons. Wednesday….all three back to tennis lessons. Thursday….Lola and Mason have ukulele.

Tuesday….Thursdays..and Fridays are our surfing and beach days.

I keep the towels warm and the umbrella in the sand….

and take photos of the family.

No one even asks to take one of me…..

so please don’t ask what i look like or what i’m wearing.

I bought a can of pumpkin from Walmart for $6.

I passed on the $8 Life cereal.

I bought my kids cereal from the “discounted basket in the middle of the aisle at the market” because it was $2. It was full of blue dye number 92734 .I hope they don’t get diarrhea.

And you don’t need to email me to tell me that they shouldn’t be drinking whole milk.

I already know.

Sometimes…on occasion….i don’t get up in time to put the cereal and milk on the table…and the kids feed themselves.Β 

I realize whole milk is bad.

I realize blue dye #2319-374 is harmful.

I realize that drinking whole milk from a pink plastic cup that probably at one time was put in the microwave…is bad. Really bad.

It was just a one time thing…i promise.

Pinky promise.

Blue dye makes my kids do weird things……

We don’t have Tivo……nope….we have to watch the shows we want in real time….

i had no idea how much i would miss my long lost lover….

but apparently Tivo lives with people with money.

We even have a VCR up in the kids loft….so if you come to visit…i’ll hook you up real nice with some good old video’s.

But…. the worst part of this whole new show watching season is that i climbed in bed on Sunday and no “Brothers and Sisters” came on.

what the what?!?!

I want to know why no one told me that the show was cancelled.

It should be a prerequisite with any show.. that they film the season finale ahead of time so that they don’t leave us hanging.

Pan Am was good…but i kept expecting Leo DiCaprio to walk out and be a pilot.

Bryan and i watched the movie “Rabbit Hole” yesterday.{not on video tape….but on dvd…we have a dvd machine also}.

Have you seen it? I cried…but what a great movie. It’s an indie movie…but nicole kidman is in it…and she was nominated last year for her role in it. Β It deals with the death of a child…but i love the outcome.

Anyhoo…..i was possibly thinking of getting a super small tattoo on my wrist.

At first i thought about Puff the magic dragon…..but that would be weird.

So…then i thought maybe a small box of wine with the word WALMART above it…..but then i was talked out of that one as well….so i decided on the red Target Bulls-Eye symbol. I like Target.

That would work.

But definitely not on my lower back…..i might as well start taking Hula Hooping dancing lessons on the beach if i did that.

Have i mentioned the Hula Hoop dancing on the beach?Β …it’s here…and it’s um….here.

Don’t knock it till you try it. For reals.


  1. omg! I was wondering about brothers and sisters! That breaks my heart that it got cancelled. I loved that show! πŸ™ I also cant get over how expensive things are on the islands. I guess there is a trade off for the gorgeous beaches.

  2. 8 dollars? no way
    blue dye #4783829….see that’s what i love about you. feeding your children is not a scientific labor of love.
    if it makes you feel better, it’s been in the 80’s all week. no busting out the boots yet for me.
    but i don’t have a fresh pineapple either…


  3. Kelly Carothers says:

    Don’t feel bad about the blue dye…that’s the Crunch Berry cereal with just berries right? My kids love that, and I think we still pay $4 for it here in Tampa (which is also 95 degrees everyday and it’s almost October, so no boots or apple picking here either…blech) every year at this time I get the itch to go move to Maine and then I remember what happens after that….5 months of snow. Pineapple is good πŸ™‚

  4. Funny as always! I always enjoy your posts. My kids love frosted flakes and half and half. Yup, no whole milk for us! This is an occasional treat. It’s soooo good but expect to have a stomach ache within minutes after eating it. Love all of your beach pitures. I love to “watch our stuff” and plop my butt down at the beach, too. πŸ™‚


  5. Ummmm…was she wearing a mask? That was quite possibly one of the funniest and weirdest videos I have come across in a while.

  6. ‘Rabbit Hole’ is such a wonderful film, but it is a bit of a tearjerker. Even my husband was sniffling. Don’t get a tattoo…removing it costs a bundle. My son told me that. Love your posts and your new life!!!

  7. I am old. I remember Puck.
    And no worries on the breakfast.
    We just made pancakes with chocolate chips, marshmallows, and candy corn.

  8. just curious – how far are you, in a driving sense, from a larger island/city if it is possible to go and stock up on cheaper groceries? i can’t believe they charge almost $9 for cereal – wow… is the produce really cheap to make up for the higher costs of everything else?

  9. I want to make a bingo board of types you are likely to see at any outdoor public gathering. Hoop dancers would be the FREE square in the middle.

  10. Beautiful photos…you have it MADE!
    Have a blessed day, my friend:)

  11. Your posts from the island are more funny than from Illinois, if possible. You are not missing much here…you go apple picking once, decorate once {and watch the squirrels eat it} and then the snow comes. I’ll take the beach year round anytime. I watched Pan Am, too, and thought the SAME thing about Leo coming out!! That was the best movie. Take care and hang in there…doesn’t that grocery store near you sell wine? Maybe you should get into some sort of fancy drink served in a pineapple or coconut!


  12. Hi Kasey,

    It sounds like you guys are doing well, change is hard for sure! I get the boot thing…….enough said. get a tattoo, I recently got one on my wrist, I still can’t believe I am THAT girl a girl with a tattoo, (anywhere) my mom actually told me I desecrated the lords temple, I cringed feeling I did that waaaaaaaaaaaaaay before the tattoo, anyhoo, I told her I decorated it! seriously I love it! It’s a sweet bird on my wrist looking vintagey cool, as my kids are grown now, and yes it was a mid life crisis tattoo, since a little mercedes was out of the question, as well as any kind of surgical procedure, a tattoo was more attainable! I used to call my kids my little birdie’s and I love love love love it!

    Peace Out………


  13. i can’t wait ’til november…….!

  14. What? Whole milk bad for you? BS. I used to hate milk until I started drinking whole. Yum to the yum.

    When are we going to be privy to pictures of your house? House tour! Pretty please! It’s kinda like a house party without the cleanup.

  15. yes yes yes to the tattoo on the wrist. i’ve been thinking about putting the first letters of my kids names on mine. will i get the courage? tbd.

  16. Funny….i thought about you as i slipped on my pair of boots the other day. That would be the hardest thing for me go give up….probably a deal-breaker for a change of residence πŸ™‚

  17. Funny….i thought about you as i slipped on my pair of boots the other day. That would be the hardest thing for me give up….probably a deal-breaker for a change of residence πŸ™‚

  18. Chris in FL says:

    Sounds like things are going awesome for you all!! Great to hear you have benefits….I know how that can be. Just read through your last three posts and boy….you made me sooooo hungry. I loved the tour of Hanalei….what a beautiful place….The water looks so inviting. Hope your pie selling business takes off…. Oh and no boots for me down here in FL…just the flip-flops. Gotta love the tropical living. Oh and boy….I didn’t realize how expensive it was in Hawaii…..WOW!!

    Take care!

  19. You crack me up as always! Target Bulls Eye…why wouldn’t you want that on your lower back…I don’t get it?!?! πŸ˜‰ LOL
    Really…$8 cereal…that’s NUTS!!!

    Can’t wait to see the tat if you get it!

  20. Last year, at this time, when you were dusting off your boots for the season, did you ever think you would be living in Hawaii? How cool for you and your family!

  21. $8 for cereal, we’d never eat cereal at those prices. Is every thing that expensive in Hawaii??
    Thanks for taking us along on your adventures!!

  22. Holy cow, Eight dollars for a box of life???….

    And I just love your photos…what an adventure you are living!…

    And whole milk isn’t really all that bad.

  23. Wow, that’s a lot of $$ for a box of cereal…I think I’d give up cereal! Saw the movie Rabbit Hole; I cried & cried. But, you’re right, it was good:) Love the photos!

  24. kasey,
    you took a jump of faith and… the water sure looks beautiful. Glad to see a new born happy in your family’s pics. thanks for the inspiration and. . . pack a little pumpkin “sweetie pie” for your next beach trip πŸ™‚

  25. By the way…Longs Drugs sells a decent cheap wine…it’s called “Tisdale”….at times can get as low as $3. bottle….check it out! It kept me going during my years on island! Aloha~

  26. Loved the Hula video! I guess it’s all the new rage and supposedly great excercise. Seems to be working for the girl in the video! My teenage daughter just ordered a hoop online for 50.00!! Guess their easier than the 3.oo ones from Walmart. πŸ™‚ Just incase your going to try it. Enjoy your blog!

  27. OMG you crack me up!!! And it’s all because you totally speak my language, and as crazy as it sounds, I can actually follow what you’re saying with all your jumping around “Puck” stuff… LOL!!

    Thanks for making my day once again πŸ™‚

  28. Dr. Oz says to use whole milk not low fat or fat free. It has the good fat in it. Just sayin…

  29. Goodness, you are too funny. Love hearing about the Hawaiian (took me 3 tries to spell it!) adventures. Glad you took the plunge with your family. Your daughter reminds me of mine. Enjoy your adventure!

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