boots on the beach

Who said that wearing Autumn boots on the beach instead of slippers {flip flops} 

can’t be done?

Okay….well obviously… one wears boots on the beach….because you just won’t fit in…..but last night….in celebration of Autumn…and pumpkin spice latte’s..

apple picking…



knee high socks…

and warm woolen mittens……

{okay…i’m not going to miss the mittens….}

I dug out my Autumn meeting boots…and headed to the beach with a few friends….

a box or two of fine wine…

and my boots.

The only pair of boots i brought with me when we moved here.

With all this talk about Autumn…and apple picking…and first day of boot wearing back in the midwest…i decided that i couldn’t be left behind.

{just because there is not a pumpkin to be found anywhere…}

I opened up the closet this afternoon and dragged out my old yellers….

and decided to introduce them to the sand.

I called up my new found friends and we made a beach date

…..but i passed the pumpkin spice latte on the way for some fine boxed wine……

damn good fine boxed wine…i may add.

I brought out the pumpkin straws that came in one of my care packages….and even though they were meant for the kids…

i thought they would work out better on the beach….slurping down an adult beverage or three.

as you can see….

the wine was good….

but those straws need to be calibrated….because the wine went down really quick.

and the boots…even though they were very much out of their element…

had a great time….

they told me so on the way home.

Boots+pumpkin straws+bikini under dress=Autumn 


  1. Those boots are freakin ADORABLE!!!!

  2. I absolutely love these stories of yours!! Greetings from a very autumnal Finland! 🙂

    • That sounds like my kind of autumn! It is already getting cold here, so enjoy the warm sand between your toes while we all hunker down for the winter here in the Midwest!

  3. I must say you crack me up! I love hearing of your adventure in Hawaii. Boxed wine was a staple for us way back and kudos to you for forcing it down!

  4. my faves…boots & beach!!
    maybe you should add that shot of YOU to the photo wall full of 16×20 stretched canvases.
    did you even laugh at my fb funnies? geez. tough crowd

  5. you look fabulous! Autumn in Hawaii is obviously doing you well cheers!

  6. I think you & your boots look great on the beach!! I’ve got autumn here…but I’d rather have the beach:) Enjoy, Kasey!

  7. This is so cute Kasey! And yay for friends! Perhaps you can just show Hawaii how fall is done! It is still pretty hot in California so I will not be pulling out my boots anytime soon!

  8. Hilarious…and yes the straws need to be calibrated especially if your boots were talking to you on the way home! LOL

  9. This post made me feel happy!Sending big hugs and sincere wishes for a weekend filled with joy, Katherine

  10. love the story!! you make everything so wonderful and real and perfect in its own form! xo jody

  11. those boots were made for walking — and thats just what they’ll do ,,,, one of these days these boots are gonna talk all the way home to you !!! badadont- badadont -click- ckick !!!

  12. If I told you I’d love to have bikini as part of my Autumn outfit would you believe me? Great boots 🙂

  13. it’s 47 degrees right now in STC… yesterday we had sustained 40+mph winds that knocked over 100 year old trees… want to trade?

  14. you go girl! sounds like the best of days! any day at the beach is perfect for me, jennifer

  15. Chris in FL says:

    You look awesome in your boots and cute white sundress! I think you showed some true style there at the beach 🙂

    Chris 🙂

  16. I am loving those boots!!.. it’s cold enough here in Connecticut to wear them now…. I take it, even though you live in paradise, you are missing the midwest.

  17. Deb Andreen says:

    Those boots are SOO cute. The Anthro here never gets shoes!

  18. LOVE boots on the beach!

    And wine. 🙂

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