when you stop and look around

Week 3

It feels like months if you ask me….not just three weeks that we’ve been here.

I’m typing all of this out late thursday night…..the kids have fallen asleep all around….and i have yet to take anyone up and tuck them into bed. Bryan is at work…..and here we are…

living off of the tips he makes while serving the tourists that come into town.

It’s such a change of reversal that we are living in at the moment…..

where not long ago we lived with that automatic deposit of a paycheck….but now…

because of life changes….we put everything in storage…..rented out our house…

and moved to one of the most beautiful places …….

one of those places where i wake up every morning and have bryan pinch me.

Would i change anything?

Not a chance.

One day these kids will wake up….years from now….and have this little moment of life to look back on…..

and that my friends….is what makes life worth living.

{and no need to worry about the red dye on the tongue….he’ll live…..honest}

We finally got our boxes that we shipped four weeks ago….which means that it feels a little bit more like home around here. Legos all over the floor….army men topping all the tables…video games sorted and stacked…..and my beloved vintage quilts….the ones that have been handed down…have made their way across the ocean….so that we may now have picnic dinners on the beach.

I love picnics on the beach at sunset…..

we could do it every night.

{because really…..what else is there to do…..}

The kids have made friends…..

but i’m still going hansย solo…which is okay…..

not great…..but okay.

I miss my homies….my ya-ya’s.

I just know if i had my girls here….we would all be meeting at the beach after school….

wine in hand…..for those of us that need our evening therapy…

snacks for the kids packed and ready to eat.

But so far….i haven’t met those girls yet…the one that stands out and screams….

i need a new girlfriend.

First of all…..i’m lucky to meet one that shaves her pits….

second of all…..i haven’t met one that thinks support bra’s were made for a reason…

and thirdly…..

this i know for a fact…..

never mind…..i don’t need to go there.

Would i change anything though…..no…i wouldn’t.

Not yet anyway.

Ask me in another few weeks…..and if i still have not met any homies…any ya-ya’s…

then i give up…..

and bryan will have to do.

Our beloved mini {van not cooper} made it….finally…..and we picked her up on Monday.

We have our new drivers license…..and bryan works regularly.

He’s been working about 5 evenings a week……heads in around 4……gets home around 10:30…..which means he is home all day.

Never has he been home all day.

He takes the kids to school….he spends time with them …..he takes Mason surfing.

He makes a living now catering to you….serving you…..talking to you.

It’s been a tough change…no doubt about it….but i love him….and i love that he so freely took something like being let go …..and turned it around to make this life that we are living

worth it.


We are in the middle of the pacific ocean….and sharks…..lots and lots of sharks live in the ocean.

Not that watching Oceans 11 has anything to do with what i’m talking about….except that Julia Roberts is in that movie…and i just so happen to know she is here.

{i don’t know if she shaves though….and if she doesn’t..then that makes things tough}

Funny thing is…..is that we both have little boys named Fin.


Here i go on another celebrity tangent….and i haven’t even met one yet….even though i could totally see Jules….

{she would want me to call her by her intimate nickname of course}

and i hanging out at the beach with our kids playing.

check check

Try not to get your panties all knotted up….but you are about to see one of the three outfits i wear each week.

Funny thing is….

it’s not even an outfit….it’s just a cover-up for my suit….

but it’s in my three outfit a week rotation.

{and no……Lola is not drinking a beer….so you don’t need to email me or turn me over to the authorities….

it’s just a wine bottle for crying out loud}

and before you even start emailing me to ask me how the surfing is going….

which you really don’t even need to ask ….because i refuse to get into the ocean…..

don’t ask me why…..

even though i jumped off that pier ONE time….and i swim in the pool….

where there are no sharks or jelly fish…..

and if you ever find me at the beach….i am happily seated on my vintage quilt…..

with a sheet tucked in my bag….

sipping on my $3 bottle of Walmart wine….

also known as my beach therapist…..till i find my group of Ya-Ya’s.

p.s. My thighs look much larger than normal due to my camera lens.

p.p.s It’s a wide angle lens.

p.p.p.s Or maybe it’s the bag of macadamia nut hershey kisses i ate today.



  1. Just lovin’ the photos Kasey! What a great life! But I bet you could find happiness anywhere! Bisous xoxo

  2. Kasey, the Hershey’s Kiss diet is the best. I’ve found that the Peanut M&M diet ain’t so bad, either. I hope you meet some great girlies soon!

    : )

    Julie M.

  3. Beautiful pictures!

  4. Love, love your blog, your words, your photos:)
    You have “joy de vivre”, so inspiring!
    A big kiss, from a portuguese girl. Lisbon, Portugal.

  5. good morning my friend
    i was thinking about you last night & praying for that exact thing…that you would find your group of kasey’s friends. they will come out & play, i just know it.
    you are so precious in your dress toting a board. my goodness!

  6. Keep living the life Kasey! You will find new ya-yas soon. In the mean time, the kisses and vino sound pretty good. ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. I love your photos too:) And your thighs are perfect.

  8. You are going to do just fine. We have moved so many times and the time frame of making friends seems constant – it does take awhile. What we have found is our family draws so close to one another during these transition periods before we go in lots of directions again. Keep looking…you and Julia would make great friends!

  9. babe in batavia says:

    you look great!! we miss you tons. it also feels like months since you’ve been gone.

  10. thank you for sharing this awesome new adventure/life change with us – look forward to all your posts…

  11. Wow, you really are living my dream…. sunset dinners with a 3$ bottle of wine while the kids play and all on an amazing island, it couldn’t get any better!!
    I have moved many times over the years, you will meet your ya-yas soon, I love your blog!!!!







  13. Kasey…you look great! And your cover up is adorable! This post is so inspiring and it reminds me to look around at the life I am living and appreciate the little things. There is something about not being in your home, not having your old routine, and though a bummer, not having the same people to spend time with…but that you have this amazing gift of time to be with your family and to hang out at the beach…what a beautiful and lovely thing and I am so glad you are embracing every moment of it! Makes me want to slow down a bit and to embrace those little things most important! xo

  14. In your honor, my friend and I hosted our first annual Moms & Mimosas party yesterday as the kids went off to their first day of school. Sending you much love & hugs. I just know you’ll find that friend soon enough and they will be all the luckier to have found you! Enjoy this amazing journey, and thanks for letting us be a part of it!!

  15. OMG, Please send me 10 bags of the Hershey kisses with macadamia nuts in it!!! I REALLY NEED THEM!!
    Also, so glad your having an amazing time!

  16. So proud of you for living your dreams – the way many of us wish we could. here’s hoping for a new ya-ya sisterhood for you there soon. They would be the lucky ones ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. Amazing. Brave. Lovely. I love that you all took the leap, that your husband walked outside the box. We’ve been known to do that too. It’s been almost two years here in Montana. I’ve got my ya ya’s now, but there were hard moments before I found them. xo

  18. your words and pictures are simply beautiful . . . thank you~

  19. have any of your Fox Valley friends made plans to come visit? I know when my parents-in-law moved from Chicago to a little ity bity town in South Carolina, my M-I-L really cheered up once a steady stream of her Chi-town friends started to visit in SC. But it also helped her get out and explore and actually met local friends while she was out and about with her Chi friends…


  20. It will only be a matter of time that you’ll find your “ya yas” who will be lucky to have you for a friend. You inspire me to take more risks and LIVE. Thanks!

  21. You and your family are really lucky to be able to pick up and go. It’s not an easy thing to do. You’ll find your buds, just give it some time!

  22. *sigh* I miss Kauai and I regret not “running into” you and your family while we there. I think we would’ve gotten along wonderfully!
    Just a warning…if you happen to stop in at Sand People in Hanalei and the manager is suddenly excited to see you it’s because I told her of my mini-obsession with your blog. No worries – she’s harmless (as am I).
    As always, your photos posted here are wonderful and it sounds like you all are adapting to island life. And I bet your ya-ya’s will come when you least expect it.

  23. I’ve moved a few times and it is hard getting adjusted.
    I pray that you will meet your “ya yas” soon.
    I’m so happy for you that Brian is off during the day! At least ya’ll get to spend time together during the day, and his work hours are too crazy!
    Good luck Casey!!! I know that ya’ll are going to do great and I look forward to seeing how much things change and fall into place in the next few months!
    Have a great weekend!
    You should start a โ€œHaint Bottle Treeโ€ with all of your empty wine bottles ๐Ÿ™‚

  24. It’s crazy how many hippies are up there near Hanalei.
    I love living vicariously through you on your adventure!

  25. I moved to another town in Tx and it took me a couple of years to really find new friends… I felt like the new kid wanting to ask people if they wanted to play (or drink wine) together! Keep looking! Jealous I wasn’t doing it in Hawaii…

  26. You are so amazing! It has been a ton of fun following you and your family on this amazing journey. Thank you for sharing.

  27. I have to say… I am just loving your post!!! So amusing! Thanks!

  28. No ya-yas?!?!? People don’t know what they’re missing with you!

    And your thighs? You’re withering away, hot stuff!

    Oh, and your photos are looking especially awesome on the island ๐Ÿ˜‰

  29. Life is meant to be an adventure, right?! And wow, are you living it:) I really think Hawaii agrees with the “B” family! And who’s looking at your thighs…that big happy smile across your face is all I see ๐Ÿ™‚ xo

  30. I love what you have done. love. I wish I had the balls to do it.

    But now I can live thru you, and maybe plan a big move for my fam of 6. But I am scared. So I don’t know….

    But I push forward, knowing that we have just this one life.

    And wine helps. Always.

    I so love being in this moment, with these kiddos. I so don’t want to waste it.

    Thanks for sharing your story.

  31. Are you searching for a job too?
    Perhaps it’s the easiest way to find ya-ya’s.

    You’ll find them, with or without…

  32. so glad your things have arrived!!
    good luck making buddies. when we moved the last time it took awhile. park and playgrounds were an ok spot, but most of the chit chat started with other mom’s waiting for the kids to get out of school. good luck.

  33. You are, without a doubt, such an inspiration – LOVE following your blog from down under in Oz.

  34. Hi Kasey,
    Again, a great post to read and look at! No ya-ya’s yet? well, it’s only early days right? Love that photo with the 3 of them and the text OPEN etc, beautiful, thanks for sharing, virtual hug,

  35. It sounds lovely. And the best part for me is that your husband is with your kids. A lot! You will both look back on this time and remember THAT the most. So will they for sure. That is a tremendous gift.
    For the record, last time I checked, Jules was not shaving. you can do a google search and see the loveliness for yourself. But who cares. She’s awesome.

  36. Love your photography! You look great! So tan and thin……I think I need to move to Hawaii!

  37. Hi Kasey

    So happy to see you enjoying life and that Bryan has a job (that is great news). Your wonderful positive attitude is so important. Keep smiling and enjoying the outdoors, I promise you will find a best friends very soon.Helen xx

  38. it’s hard making friends when you move!!!
    so hard.
    especially when you have to deal with all the kids’ moods and friends and worries.
    but eventually……there will be one.
    and it will feel so good to have your own. ๐Ÿ™‚

  39. Kasey, I am so proud of you and your family for getting up and going. Think about all that your kids will learn out of this experience, you have taken the lemon to lemonade example and made it real life. There are many times where I wish we didn’t have the complicated situation that we have so that we could up and move and make the complete decision for our family. But right now, I will live vicariously through you! Try something new constantly and continue to show your kids to challenge life and they are going to be amazing people! ๐Ÿ™‚
    I know you are desperately searching for your group of friends, have you found an online community to chat with people there, it seems funny but that or a library, church group and more are great outlets to find similar ladies. My best friend came out of a homeschool group meeting.
    Hoping you are having a fabulous day!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  40. Hate to be shallow ‘n’ all but you (and your tan thighs) look freakin’ awesome Kasey. Life is agreeing with you!

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