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Hello Wednesday!

I thought that i would break up the mundane and do something a little fun as long on the occasional Wednesday…..as long as i have a good photo to show.

We went to the fair this last weekend…and not having my camera with me……i gave my phone to Bryan…and asked him to snap one of me.

This is what i opened up to find……….

Now all i need is a great title for this photo….or not….just leave a comment.

One winner gets a big box of everything hawaiian….like mac nuts…and coffee…and chocolate….you get the idea.


  1. That’s hilarious. I don’t even want to go there. You look great Kasey. Kauai is your jungle.

  2. Jane

  3. oh sheet these gray shorts are too tight!

  4. I can see it on the front page of The Kauai Daily…. πŸ™‚
    While the Jungle Girl was perusing the Kauai County Fair, she was suddenly attacked by the Giant A** behind her. Apparently when the Giant A** gets hungry, it cannot control itself and goes on the hunt for food. It began with its pants, but that was not enough…it’s a story of being at the wrong place at the wrong time….may the Jungle Girl forever rest in peace!

    Ha…hope its a winner, I could really use some coffee and chocolate covered mac nuts!!! Hugs!! Thanks for bringing fun into my day!

  5. LMAO!

    Here goes:

    Jungle Girl escapes the crack of Waimea Canyon….

    Water Buffalo sighting at Kauai Fair…..

    “Krikey!! Isn’t she a Beauty!” (in the famous words of Steve Irwin)

    Sorry I submitted 3 entries. I cant stop laughing and I am in DIRE need of chocolate.

  6. Love it! I’m not witty enough for a title but please enter me for the box of Hawaii!

  7. Shar Yates says:

    “Does this sign make my butt look big?”

    Looks like fun!

  8. Man….um…Nice Hat! πŸ˜‰

  9. I can’t resist..
    We’re all the same inside~Same hopes,same dreams.
    We just all look different outside..There’s no The Way to look.
    It’s inside that matters.
    It’s an adorable photo.I love the way you’re looking at your husband.
    Such nice times you are having:)

  10. Krista Michie says:

    Not like I need the calories but here goes….

    “I am a jungle girl, let me lift up my arms to show you!”

  11. Krista Michie says:

    Oh gawd! I didn’t even notice the woman in the background!!

  12. I like Lolo’s “Jungle Girl escapes the crack of Waimea Canyon….” hahahahahahhahh

  13. I would love a box of Hawaii since it is one of my absolute favorite vacation spots and I like photo bomb of the woman in the background! πŸ˜‰

  14. Per Wikipedia: “A jungle girl (so-called, usually an adult woman) is an archetype or stock character, often used in popular fiction, of a female adventurer or superhero in a jungle or rainforest setting. The jungle girl is generally depicted as wearing a scanty animal skin as a dress or bikini.”

    Obviously, Jungle Girl’s animal skin was in the laundry that day…

  15. Marlene P. says:

    “Its Not Up For Grabs”….love it…love that you are enjoying life !!

  16. Oh my you have made my day again!! You really should start a column out there. Hilarious photo!! Love reading up on your new adventures.

  17. How about “Is this sign big enough to cover you know what in the gray shorts?”

  18. You look fantastic Kasey !!! Whoah…. the chick in the pic ?? Anyway So good to hear about the fun and you being the adventures jungle girl of Kauai…..Have a fun and creative day……Chickie

  19. “Hanging with the locals” or “my new bff”!

  20. It’s a jungle out there in Hawaii! Jungle rule #1. When in doubt, wear a skirt;)

    To spend a day with you is my greatest wish!

  21. Me, JungleGirl. You, HungryButt.

  22. Just started following your blog! So great what your family is doing. And not to mention I love your France pictures and stories. Thank you for sharing your life with us!

  23. Funniest thing I saw all day.

  24. I Like Big Butts and I can Not Lie!! Love this…

  25. wow!!!! Cute photo!!!! Hawaii is agreeing with you!!! Aloha, Sara

  26. Does this sign make my butt look big?

  27. do you think the mannequin saw her too? seems so.

  28. Michelle Wright says:

    Mahalo na ki’i a ka’u nunui ‘okole !!!!!! (Thanks for picture of my huge a$$.)

    NOW give me box of chocolates!!!!!

    so so funny you made my day.

  29. Shortly after this photo was taken Kasey went missing. If you have any idea as to her whereabouts please let us know:)

  30. baby got back. Or what’s the opposite of camel toe? hahaha you made my day! Please remove my picture of me in the gray shorts now! hahaha

  31. “I think she may have peed a little”


    “Look ma, no pantie lines”

    I think her butt was hungry…..thanks for the giggle!!!

  32. “Jungle Girl vs. Camel Toe”

  33. Julie Odle says:

    I feel so bad for this shemale, it looks like her shorts are actually hurting him/her πŸ™

  34. “I was looking for normal friends, these are the closest I could find…”

  35. Jane, Jane, Jane of the jungle smart as she can be..
    Watch out for that tree….
    Watch out for that…


    Hey I know her πŸ˜‰

  36. From the words of the great B52’s:

    My body’s burnin’ like a lava from a Mauna Loa
    My heart’s crackin’ like a krakatoa
    Krakatoa east of Java, molten bodies, fiery lava…

    That’s what I thought of when I read your post and saw the photo.
    Too funny! Although I feel kinda bad for the lady with the Krakatoa!!

  37. Jungle Girl and Friend “Jiggly Jane”

    I hope I win!!! πŸ™‚

  38. omw!
    that is a total riot!

  39. You can take the girl out of the jungle ~ but you can’t take the jungle out of the girl. So funny Kasey ~ love it!!

  40. no bra,
    no underwear,
    no service

  41. (i meant because you always joke that hawaiians dont wear bras. πŸ™‚

  42. “She must work out.”

  43. Irishinsf says:

    Jungle Girl Vest – $15, Jungle Girl Sign $20, Having your photo hijacked by an enormous a** in the background – priceless

  44. Only Jungle Girls lick pick up trucks….or they eat too much Poi and get big butts…..

  45. “Not even photoshop can help me now”

  46. observations #1: what kind of face is that mannequin making under that hat? #2: I think Girl should be spelling GURRRL #3: what is on that hat…is that a bio-hazard symbol?

  47. Just say NO to CRACK

  48. LOL! Too funny, I can not even try to think if anything now after reading all of the funny comments already!!!!! Too Fun silly Lady!!!! So so glad you and the family are enjoying your new adventure!!!!!!!!!

  49. “what, your butt ate your shorts? Jungle Girl to the rescue!”

    Man I could use a little Hawaii right now. Hilarious photo, way to go Bryan!


  51. Jungle Girl, meet girl who barely squeezed into that…

  52. And squeeeeeze……

  53. “Holy Cow…..why didn’t you tell me I forgot my underwear”

  54. Hilarious! And your not even in Walmart! You always make my day!

  55. And a picture of me on our Safari Tour just rubbin elbows with an elephant !! ( I’m a bad bad girl !! )

  56. Jungle Fever A..$$ Sweet Cheeks………Moi

  57. LOL!! i vote for irishinsf!!!! love it!

  58. Jungle Girl and Macadamia Butt.

  59. “CrackyToa…Beast of Java”

  60. “Taken at the crack of Dawn in Kaui.” ~Lili

  61. Look out behind you Jungle Girls, the Spanx police are about to apprehend their next unsuspecting victim!

  62. Oh My! Lift and Separate!!! Wow I will be checking my own behind in the mirror before walking out the door from now on!

  63. You say “jungle”, I see ass.

  64. Can’t stop staring……! you look fabul aaassss!
    I need chocolate! BAD.

  65. Fabul…aaassss!!

  66. OH SHEETTT…not this one the one before the last one …sheet

  67. their butt cheeks clinch in fear,
    she tightens up that rear,
    makes us say “oh dear”
    whenever jungle girl is near!

  68. Joanna Powell says:

    How about “Crack gone wild”? Thanks for the laugh.

  69. ok,—i didn’t even notice anything but you in the photo and so
    my comment is/was “This is what happiness looks like”

    and then i saw all the “a” comments, and had to go look. i get it, but all i think ya notice is you and how young and happy and carefree you look. You’re wearing Hawaii Goooooooooood.

  70. Christie McGetrick says:

    “Not you – the one on the right in the Gray Capris”

  71. all cracked up

  72. Great Fridge magnet to keep you from snacking too much!
    BTW You look GREAT!

  73. “Welcome to Hawaii” or Wish you were Here!! Too funny!

  74. love it!

  75. One Girl goes native! or commando, hmmm! I really would love the box of Hawaii! I can dream until I get to go there for the first time.

  76. “I’m goin total Jungle, and that’s my trainer in the black”
    (ps. I hope she doesn’t read this or you will need to go deep into the jungle πŸ™

  77. How did you NOT plan that?????????? LOL

  78. I applaud you and your family for the willingness and fortitude to just “do it”! I ADMIRE you all so much – please let the kids and hubby know that. I want to be you (unfortunately my husband would drop dead before taking a risk – hmmmm). Oh someday! I will continue to follow you because you had me at Hawaii!!!

  79. Oh no, I can’t say anything else until I have a parent or lawyer present.

  80. You look great! Your friend back there needs new shorts.

  81. Jessica Lewis says:

    OH. MY. GOSH. Thanks for making my night. πŸ™‚ And for the sympathy vote…we lived in Hawaii for 2 1/2 years and moved away almost 2 years ago. Not a day goes by that I don’t miss it and wish to be back. Please send me a little Aloha, I need it.


  82. How about:

    Had A Great Time At The Fair, But….


    The Fair Was Fantastic, Butt….


  83. Kate Daeley says:

    The Big Kahuna!!!!!

  84. “My New Posse”

  85. “sometimes it’s just best to ignore the elephant in the room”…….oh that was mean of me πŸ™

    ps….i have been to maui twice, but it’s been years….so a little hawaii loving would be fantastic πŸ™‚

  86. I DO NOT want to win the chocolate so my a$$ will not look like that! Just sayin…..

  87. Out of Chicago and Into the…….”holy shit… how did I miss that!”

  88. Really? Sweet! I hope you’re settling in OK. What a huge change, but so exciting and a once in a life time event. Good luck to you πŸ™‚

  89. “Wedgie” you were here!

  90. Does this sign make my butt look big?

  91. is brian a secret chubby chaser? i kid i kid. love the photo bombing pants eating a$$. too funny. maybe they could use her a$$ to show a NEW movie on, like in the park or something. imagine the joy it would bring to many many maany people.

  92. Jungle Girl say King Kong need some Spanx!

  93. Ooh Ooh my hips don’t lie
    Jungle gals need a better picture taking guy!!!

  94. Crack a Smile… sorry, it was the first thing that came to my mind… note to self… always look at the larger picture..

  95. I found my new BFF

  96. I had to come back b/c I had no idea what all the comments were about. I didn’t even notice the woman in the background. I definitely cannot say anything about it … my rear is my worst ASSet, no doubt. I couldn’t come up with anything funny to say, even when I didn’t see the woman so I didn’t bother to leave a comment. So much drama over one little picture! Big deal … people get offended at everything nowadays. It’s really too bad …

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