Tune in Tokio

I realize i haven’t been the best blogger lately.

For those of you that still like to pop in and follow along….i’m sorry..i’ll try and be better… because this little blog has always just been an open book for me to write down the happenings of our life….and in the years….you seem to have found this little spot…read along…and for that…

I thank you

{group hug}

but i also thank you for realizing  that we have made this HUGE change…this 100 percent turn-about in our lives….where we pretty much decided within three months to drastically change our lives….give up our comfortable and stable life…..and move 3000 miles to an island in the middle of the Pacific.


Our last box arrived the other day…..only 6 weeks since we mailed it…..and in it arrived my favorite blue measuring cups….my cookbooks….{you know..in case one day i decide to do some cooking..}….and my favorite tablecloth.

When i saw the box on the front step…i ran up to it…hugged it and told it…

you complete me….”.

I immediatly pulled out my unbroken and loved measuring cups and put them to work so that i could bake some macadamia nut banana bread.

Actually i made muffins ….only because i don’t have a loaf pan {it’s 45 minutes to my oh so loved Walmart}….so muffins it was…

and damn…they were good.

They would have even tasted better if i had remembered to add the bananas……

but really…..

you can’t go wrong with mac nut bread.

As soon as i perfect my baking skills again…since i haven’t done it in over 6 weeks…i’ll let you in on a few of the recipes….but till then….feel free to grab a glass of fine wine and read about my non banana nut bread.

Bakeress failure.

Lola had her first sleepover on Saturday….she was invited with a few other girls in her class…..so that was a big deal. We are slowly making friends and acclimating to this new and different life.

I love it.

I love it here.

I love that we stepped outside the box and are actually making it work.

If you have a positive attitude …then you can make anything happen.

If you don’t have a positive attitude…then you set yourself up for failure.

There is nothing wrong with failure though….it makes you stronger.

There…i’m done talking about positive attitudes….and i’m ready to start talking about fang shuay.

Fung shaway is very popular here….i might even start taking a class or two…..actually my neighbor girl who likes to take feng shwey…and has talked me into taking the fong  shway class with her.

She’s from Russia…..and her husband…who i thought was her dad…but isn’t her dad…but indeed is her husband talked me into taking a class.

The russian….not the dad.

I mean the husband.

You know what i mean right?!

I’m going to go and hug a tree now……check check….. 


  1. glad you checked in to write your thoughts and stories…because i needed a damn good laugh!

  2. Hi Kasey! Love to read your stories, btw, did you and brian lost weight? Hawaian life is agreeing with you.
    If I could hop over to you, we could sit at the beach and all (I do shave my pits) and have a laugh,
    anyhoo, thanks for always making me smile!
    Maureen x

  3. Got my fix for the day…thanks!

  4. You are a nut. Love it.

  5. Marlene P. says:

    Dang those muffins look good! I am so glad to see that everything is working out. Love that the kids are making buds. Love that you have some of your “goodies” that make you feel more at home. Keep the stories comin!

  6. No worries. I don’t mind checking back 10 times a day everyday for the rest of my life if it means I might find a new post from you. hehe. I’m glad you didnt make us wait that long, though :D.

    Keep on enjoying this beautiful life!

  7. Haha!!! Good stuff…I hope you have a blast with your new neighbor 🙂

  8. Ha, you always make me laugh…that mac nut bread looks delish..I wish I could eat it through the computer! Love and hugs to you! You and your family are an inspiration and I am so glad you are loving it! Good luck with that feng shui class 🙂

  9. It felt like this post came faster than usual since your last one! We enjoy your posts but realize you are busy enjoying the ocean and working on your tan. We are all jealous! Yay for Lola’s first sleepover! Happy for you guys!

  10. Sheet! 🙂 Welcome back. We all know what you’re up to!

  11. Yea!!! I’m so happy that you love it “here”!!!

  12. Christie McGetrick says:

    I am still reading the posts and loving them . You all have done an amazing thing and it’s something your kids will remember the rest of their lives no matter where they are.

    I loved the part about the Russian and her father/husband.

  13. Hilarious

  14. Chris in FL says:

    I just absolutely love reading your blog! I am so exctied for this new adventure for you. It is always so refreshing to do something that is out of this world like moving to Hawaii… Awesome!!

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