shark fin rides

Saturday morning we got a jump start on the day and headed out nice and early so that

Bryan could get first dibs on a surfboard at the once a month surfboard swap which is held the first Saturday of the month in Hanalei.

If i talk a whole lot about Hanalei it’s because this is where we live.

Actually….we live up the road ……in a town that resides on a cliff…{Princeville} but since all life is here…in Hanalei….. this is where we hang out….where the kids go to school…and where you will find us hanging out by the pier or licking trucks of movie stars.

{oh….have i not mentioned the movie stars yet???….then i will….so hang tight…and i’ll get around to it soon}

Note to readers: life is reallllllllllllllllllly slow here…..and no one is in a hurry….ever….

as in…there is not one single stop light on this side of the island and honking your car horn is considered RUDE.

{i actually think my gray hair is going away…’s that slow here…..}

so when i say i’m going to tell you something…it might be tomorrow….or it might be in 8 months. 

Now….being the non surfer …..

{ i prefer to watch the surfers while i take mental notes…..instead of participating in the activity}

i automatically thought that a surfboard is just a surfboard….but apparently….

they are sort of like shoes….

you can grow out of them and there are different sizes…which means….one needs to find the perfect fit for one self.

Bryan was looking all around trying to find the perfect board to get his old surf legs back….

while Fin started chatting up the grommets ….

because he really is starting to fit right in.

It’s almost like where’s waldo in the next photo……..

there really are $750 surfboards……….

can you imagine how much milk you could buy for that amount of $$?

luckily for us….bryan has a job now….making minimum wage…..


After bryan found the board he wanted….we headed to the beach.

Honestly…..there is not a whole lot else to do then head to the beach……

but since we kind of like the beach….we are good to go.

Before we moved here….Fin had pretty much said he was not…..


going to learn to surf….



but boy…did that change his mind once we got here.

{and no…i did not bribe him……no matter what anyone says….}

These photos are of his very first try on a surfboard……

his.very. first. try.

He got up….he rode the waves….he fell….he got back up…

and he did it over and over again.

{and no…..he was not bribed…no matter what anyone says…}

I’m so proud of my kids for trying new things…..and for not caring if there might be sharks in that water.

Fun fact: There are more people killed by falling coconuts then by shark attacks.

Not that shark attacks are not important….because they are…but can you imagine if you were just out for your early morning walk and a coconut fell on your head…..and knocked you unconscious ……and while you lay there….. the drool pools by the side of your mouth…so much so that you start to gag……but not before someone walks by you on the sidewalk and takes the cracked coconut that is sitting next to your head as a souvenir….so at that point you start thinking of the truck you licked the other day…the one where you saw a movie star…..and how you almost stole his shoes so that you could put them in a frame on your photo gallery wall….but then you realized you don’t have a photo gallery wall anymore…and that all of your frames are packed into a storage unit in Illinois.

So…….i guess what i’m trying to say is…..

don’t be afraid of swimming in the ocean because of the sharks….

{even though you probably won’t find me swimming in the ocean very much…}

but be more afraid of the coconuts.

Be very afraid of the coconuts……

especially coconut milk.

check check


  1. You know what terrifies me? The thought of getting a straw up my nose. Yep, it’s true. The surfing looks like so much fun!!!
    But not the straw, it scares me. Also, for super cute Fin…beware of falling while you’re sticking out your tongue. Ouch!

    : )

    Julie M.

  2. I’ve never had coconut milk… don’t think I want to now! So glad to see you are enjoying your adventure.

  3. Fantastic!! Fin the surfer!! Such great memories you will cherish from this time.

  4. Great post and pics, that Fin is amazing! been following your pics on twitter also, thanks!
    now, put de lime in da coconut and shake it all up….can’t wait to hear about your first hawaiian party………xo jody

  5. OH wow. Just beautiful. Go Fin! What an amazing little guy.

  6. So happy to hear that life is progressing and that the Kasey family are having a lot of fun.

    Continued happiness and looking forward to future observations and learning from Hanalei

    Helen xx

  7. The kids actually hung out here and looked at the last 3 posts to see the kids! So cute Kasey! Well, you’ve got a natural on your hands! Enjoy all the slowness!

  8. You guys are SOOO DARN CUTE!!!! I absolutely love reading about your adventures! Your kids are seriously living a life (even if for a short time) that they will NEVER forget! & you are an awesome mama! Jumping off bridges…surfing…crashing weddings…! Good stuff!!! Enjoy this time!!!!!! Meanwhile…I will live vicariously (sp?) through you guys!!!

  9. I also live in Illinois (Champaign) and have 3 kids….it’s been so inspiring to read about you taking a risk and moving to Hawaii! Someday I’d love to follow in your adventerous footsteps!

  10. Your gray hair is going away – shut the front door! I will be on the next plane to HI : )

    WHOOP WHOOP to Fin – he is a natural.

    Must be something about that raw coconut milk (without pineapple and the good stuff) as I have the exact same picture of my Henry drinking natures bounty!

    love your wit Kasey – keep the stories coming.

  11. Y’all are so brave to do this, moving to Hawaii! I am really enjoying reading about your new life because I am too chicken to ever do something like that. Though I dream of packing up and heading to the pacific northwest…. someday…

  12. Love the pics! he looks like such a little surfer boy…too cute!!!

  13. that is awesome! what a little natural 🙂

  14. tell bryan congrats on the job. are you planning to work too?

  15. I am just LOVING reading about all of your adventures in Hawaii!! Kasey, you are too funny. I just love how you tell your stories. I enjoy your “rabbit trails” the best. Speaking of rabbits, yesterday there was a huge rabbit in our yard! The girls were thrilled. He wasn’t long getting out of here. Anyhoo 🙂 I can’t wait to hear about the movie star! You always make me smile and laugh. Thank you for sharing with us!

  16. This is gonna sound crazy but I’ve been biting my nails worrying about Bryan finding a job. NOW I can relax and enjoy the adventures. Pretty lame, huh?

  17. Just found you…you are amazingly brave! I must live through you and your family. Have an absolute blast.

  18. Kasey I just watched Rosanne’s Nuts on tv. Have you ran into her Kokua Produce truck yet ???? Funny show !! Keep up the good work by having the time of your lives!

  19. So amazing. Looks like all are having a great time.

  20. wow, way to go!!! i tried my hand a surfing a but when i was a teenager and failed, many times. your son is a pro 🙂 great, now i’ll have to wear a hard hat when i go walking…….

  21. Way to go FIN!!!!! He’s a natural….guess we’ll be seeing him in future surf tourneys! 🙂

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