my tongue made me do it

Watch this first….then i will explain.

So…did you watch it?

I believe you.

You probably thought it would really take 8 months for me to chat about the people…


i mean the famous people that we are seeing around here.

Actually we have only see one…..but it’s kinda fun.

Anyhoo…back on track.

The night we decided to go pier jumping…..we were walking back off the pier ….

when we were pretty close to the end and ready to head to the car to go home when Bryan

turns to me and whispers….

‘kasey…..that is Ben Stiller’.

We knew he had a place here {as do a few other celebs..} but to actually be walking off the pier …

feeling all good because i just jumped in with my non spanx wearing bikini….

to see Ben up close that i could almost lick him…

was pretty damn cool.

{i think he had  itchy testicles in the photo above…but i can’t be sure}

after he hopped on his paddle board…and paddled into the sunset…..

bryan and i….

along with the three kids…..

walked over to his truck to check out his custom Laird Hamilton boards that he left sitting in the back of his truck.

I was very close to taking one of them out and paddle off after him…..

but i don’t quite paddle board yet….

and i’m not quite sure if Ben would be all into me paddling up next to him as he is out in the middle of the bay with me on one of his boards.

That would be a little stalkerish….and creepy…..and because i want to get to know his family….so that we can all be friends…..

and they would invite us over for dinner and drinks…..

{invited guests of course…..not bryan serving drinks and me clearing tables…}

then we would spend the whole night chatting about how funny it is that we all met because i happened to paddle out after him on one of his custom boards…..

so it’s better that i didn’t do that….and i’ll just figure out a normal way to meet him and his wife.

I won’t leave a note on his windshield with our phone number either……that is lame.

I would never do that.


 but i licked his truck door

and i also noticed he left his shoes right next to the door as well.

I almost licked his shoes…but then i thought better about it….

and decided i would just take his shoes home with me.

But i didn’t…..

even though i thought how good they would look sitting next to my bed…..

so i just licked the truck door again.

Then as we walked away from the truck….

and were getting into our car….i saw a bunch of people setting up their chairs to watch the sunset…when i noticed a gentleman that i thought looked really familiar.

He was wearing a Soul Surfer black t shirt.

It was Bethany Hamilton’s dad sitting there.

If you haven’t seen that movie yet……then you have to….because i think Lola has seen it 

23971492487 times….and we are waiting to run into Bethany so that we can give her a hug.

We promise not to lick her though.

And then the most exciting thing happened this last week ….in terms of this whole talk of celebrity-ism.

Mason has been chatting all about his new friend in his class who’s name happens to be Paris.

Of course i like that name….but when i asked Mason what his last name was….

he told me it was Brosnan.

I think i might have pee’d my pants right here in the living room.

My head started twitching too.

I knew that Pierce Brosnan lives here also…but i didn’t think they lived here full time…

nor did i know that they went to our school.

As i was wiping the pee off of the wood floors…..i asked Mason if we needed to possibly have a play date with Paris….

then i might be able to have the Brosnans over for some Spam and crackers…..

Bryan could open the spigot of  a nice BOX of chilled white wine.

I mean….everyone likes spam right…..and i would keep my tongue to myself.

No licking allowed.

Pinky Promise.


  1. HA!!!! I love it…you made my morning. It should be against the law to have to be up before sunrise but I am so glad that I snuck onto Facebook to see that you had blogged. I wouldn’t retire the licking just yet…I mean… Pierce Brosnan, yum!!!

  2. you are climbing that ladder baby!! i love it!
    lmk how the spam date goes with the brosnan’s!xo

  3. Oh my word! You crack me up! I am loving your Hawaiian sabatical stories!!

  4. YAY! I totally guessed right on twitter regarding “brosnan”! 🙂

  5. Okay. That is pretty awesome. All of these encounters aaaaannnddd you’re in Hawaii. 🙂 (Um, except p.s. you just put Ben Stiller’s license plate # on the internet. 🙁 )

    • fixed it! thanks for the heads up

      • I felt weirdly naggy saying that. I hope it didn’t come across that way, but I know I try not to put my own on the internet. It’s kinda habit for me to notice it. Besides, it might help with that dinner and drinks invite. 😉

  6. awesome sauce! sounds like you guys are fitting in well in your celebrity infused new life style 🙂 and way to go not taking the shoes!! ha ha

  7. Perfect laugh for an early Monday morning! Spam and the Brosnans! Love it.

  8. My in-laws lived right next to him and his family…I think I need to come over and show you where…see ya soon!

  9. Pierce not Ben

  10. Your head started twitching LOL! I almost spat up coffee reading that. I do remember reading that Pierce and his family lived there, I know the media harrasses his wife a lot when she comes over here because she gained so much weight so I really don’t blame them for wanting a more lowkey lifestyle.

    I don’t comment much but I do love reading about your new adventure!

  11. YOU are HILARIOUS!!!! FUN!!!!!!!! (mixed with a bit o’ jealousy!) but really…fun for you all. Can’t wait to hear about your first dinner party with the Brosnan’s or Stiller’s 🙂 Knowing you…it will TOTALLY happen!

  12. Oh kacey, I almost pee’d my pants reading this post. Keep it up baby and you will meet someone famous………

  13. Kasey Dave knows Ben’s wife well. I think they even group dated a few times…so there’s a lead in just drop Dave’s name. Guitar Dave Meyerhofer! Its been a few years but I think she’ll remember.

  14. Came to me…finally….Christine Taylor from the old Brady Bunch. She was “Marsha”…

  15. Giggle, this post had be smiling all the way through. I could just picture you all there excited and possibly even licking the truck, LOL. You have a great way of telling a story. I am so happy I discovered your blog. I’m adding you to my blog love page straight away I don’t want to miss anymore of your adventures. Hugs!!

  16. As soon as I read this, I immediately started thinking of a Friend’s Episode ‘The One with Monica’s Boots’!!!
    I hope you’re a Friend’s fan as well and your memory will be jogged once you read the wiki entry on this episode because it’s exactly what I’m picturing of you!!!

    I looked all over and couldn’t find a video link so this will have to do for now 🙁

  17. thank you for the morning giggles!

  18. LOL. Now-now. Remember that one of the reasons celebs like it in Hawaii is because the locals leave ’em alone. You’re locals now. Bring ’em some baked goods, tell ’em you were in the neighborhoo (even if that means you have to hop their locked iron gates.) Have you seen the television show “Roseanne’s Nuts?” Roseanne Barr moved to the Big Island and has a macadamia nut farm. The show is freakin’ hilarious. Maybe it’s because I see a mirror image of our family in that show.

  19. I love you and your blog. Thanks for giving me a perma-grin. 😀

  20. That’s so awesome! And just think, one day you’ll be famous and someone in Kauai will say to someone else, “Hey, guess who I saw today? Kasey Buick!” 🙂 Who knows??! Anything can happen!


  21. I adore reading your new adventures…and I can only imagine you have so many things to do, fix,organise…so please go on and enjoy yourselves (an our selves) as well!! Baci, hugs, Monica

  22. You crack. Me. Up. Wish I knew you in real life. If I ever saw your mini I would totally lick the door. Just sayin’.

  23. My neigbors cousin is best friends with Bethany Hamilton. I could find out when she’ll be home with her fam and I’ll text ya. Mason will be dating age soon and you could be the lucky MIL. ahh what a life.

  24. maybe the stiller’s will have a wedding that you can crash?

  25. Damn, Girl! You are never coming back to the mainland after this adventure.

  26. Miss Kasey! You are making me nervous, girl!!! (you should see me sitting here gasping and biting my nails waiting to see what’s going to happen next!!! “Will she behave???!!! You never know with that woman!” =])

    It’s so funny, though, that you ran into Ben Stiller, I saw him on Broadway, this past spring in “House of the Blue Leaves”.

    Take care!


  27. Christie McGetrick says:

    Wow – you are having a blast. I did not realize so many famous people lived in your area of the world. – Hope you keep having lots of fun.

  28. cheri bruning says:

    You are a complete lunatic. If I lived there I would have you over to entertain me every afternoon.

  29. You know after I read your post yesterday, I picked up one of those gossip rags, not that I ever do that, but I did and I saw Ben in that same suit on the island and I thought of . . . You. And wondered if you’d seen him. us weekly. Love your blog.

  30. do it.
    for real….have them over.
    and stiller’s kids too!
    make it a mad men themed party!!!!

  31. Love hearing your stories!! Hopefully you get that playdate and you get to actually meet Pierce and not the nanny..hugs!

  32. When you see Jack Johnson you will officially be my hero !!!!! Ben is a great appetizer but to me Jack is the main course and desert !!!!! I’m so envying you on that awesome island !!!!!

  33. Dear Kasey,
    I’m so happy that the sun is beaming on you and your family through this life changing experience. I wish you all the best in your adventures ahead 🙂
    Love always,

  34. I laughed through the entire post!!! You are so funny! 😉

  35. You crack me up! 🙂 Hope you don’t end up with a restraining order from one of these celebs!! Lol 😉
    Gee I wonder who you are going to meet next?!
    Can’t wait to read more after the playdate!!! 🙂

  36. Now really, who else does this stuff happen to? Hilarious.

  37. Ok I am cracking up at work reading this. Also, what camera do you have that lets you get that good of pictures with out being a right in their face noticeable creeper? I mean I love some good creep from a far and I thought I was pretty good at it, but you my friend are a master! Glad you are loving life on the islands!

  38. Marlene P. says:

    You are a riot. It sound like all the well wishes and prayers have been answered. Keep having fun!!

  39. If you get a playdate with Pierce & family…I just may have to move to Hawaii, too!!

  40. Lmao…you are too funny!! I can’t wait to read what celeb you bump into next!!

  41. How fun! I just love Kauai, it is by far the best of all the islands. The few times I had long vacations there, I met some of the locals and they are wonderful people.
    Of course, we scoured the island for the only bar open until “last call” Rob’s in Kapaa. It was full of locals…and by locals I mean giant islanders that scared me.
    I love your adventures!
    Looking forward to reading more!

  42. We stayed in Princeville the first week in August and loved it. We were on that same Pier watching some kids doing back flips off of it. Love that you jumped in too! New to your blog and loving it so far 🙂

  43. Oh wow! I just watched the interview. And you will be hiking this trail next week??? ;o)))))))))

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