I am alive….really

I can still hear it in the back of my mind…….

that day when my dad sat me down in the kitchen at our table.

I knew i was in trouble……but don’t remember what for.

{it’s not good if you can’t remember why……}

And he leaned in with his face a few inches from mine….the slowly said…..

how could you even think of doing something like that???

{what did i do…….hmmmm??}

What if your friend jumped off a bridge…..would you jump off to??

Then i remembered what it was that i did……

my friends and i had all gone out the night before….and we went cow tipping.

It was all my idea…….truth be told……..

and please….if you work for PETA…..don’t tell them about that because it was ages ago…..

and i don’t even think any cows were hurt in the process.

{i know….what the hell does cow tipping have anything to do with a post on moving to Kauai….

it doesn’t….so never mind…..

i was just needing an into to the story…}

One of our favorite things to do after school…….

is spend time at Hanalei beach and pier which is right across the street from the kids school.

We come home first though…..let the kids snack…..change….then head back.

The waves are not big…….but the surfboard comes out for whoever wants to practice…..all the boogie boards come as well…..a beach chair and a sheet to lay down on the sand.

A sheet….

not sheet.


{sorry…had to get that out of my system..}

Tip: Locals lay down old sheets to sit on the beach with…..

and use towels for drying off after swimming.

Tourists use towels to lay down on the beach then use them for drying off.

{I haven’t seen anyone use an old vintage quilt….and if my boxes that we shipped over two weeks ago from our road trip out should decide to ever make it….then that will be my blanket of choice…..but till then…..we will take on the roll of a local…and use a sheet}

Maybe a beer or four sneaks it’s way into the cooler for a late afternoon drink….

and i’m still desperately trying to find little boxes of wine…..

juice box size that i used to get at Target for Mommy’s drink of choice at the movies.

Totally kidding of course…..because i would never do that.


And the reason i will never do that is because there is no Target here on Kauai.

I promise it’s not the beer that makes me do rash things……

pinky promise.

The best part of the day is at sunset……because the sun dips down into the bay…..

and you really can hear the sizzle as the sun drops itself into the water.

The pier is a place where all kinds of people come to hang out……

Β some of the kids jump in…them climb back out using the ladder that is there for use.

Since we are locals now……we decided to initiate ourselves into that category….

not necessarily knowing what category that might be either.

good thing the sign saysΒ 


o limb on structure

instead of unlawful.

I think o limb on structure is in pig Latin and means something to the effect of

jump all you want..just don’t break your leg as you do it.


I wouldn’t want my kids to get in trouble with the law now……that would not be good on our second week in town…..or get hurt.

Please don’t get hurt.

Please don’t let a tiger shark come and bite off your arm.

Please stop watching shark week on the Discovery Chanel before we head to the beach every day.

Please don’t let me get my period the day i decide to jump into the ocean.


and all was right in the world last week….

even though you never know.

It’s also a good thing i’m raising well behaved and unadventurous children….

with no spirit or love of living.

and what you are looking at is no photoshopped body…….

it takes years people….and i’m talking years…..

to get a belly pouch like mine.

Stretch marks….no

Belly pouch…yes.

Go ahead and mark

jumping off the pier from my bucket list.

check check

and mark it off of the kids as well.

And in a non spanx wearing bikini no less……..

What a great feeling to make it through the first week of school……

new kids……new surroundings…..and new way of life.

I couldn’t have asked for a better Friday evening…….

with my most favorite people.

Soaking it all in……every single salty drop.

p.s. Putting clothes on every day is so overrated…

p.s.s Don’t be afraid to try something different……

you might just surprise yourself with how wonderful different is.


  1. Look at you!!!! Amazing. So good that you are not afraid to try something different. I have always thought of living somewhere exotic..hey I do πŸ™‚
    Glad it is all fabulous.

  2. A good life for good people, great post. Love the pic of you jumping, you look exuberantly happy! XOXO jody

  3. so happy that you are loving you new life!!!! i think it’s awesome that you are teaching your children to be brave and step out of the box! i don’t think i could do it…so i’ll live through you! πŸ˜‰ happy weekend!

  4. I’ve been checking your blog post every day, can’t wait for the next. Your family looks so happy! You crack me up! I never comment so I’m trying something new and I like it πŸ™‚

  5. So wonderful to see you guys getting used to your surroundings and enjoying life.

  6. You look awesome…and looks like you are all having the time of your life. Keep the adventure going!

  7. babe in batavia says:

    Patrick loved looking at these pictures! He

  8. So thrilled to read about your successful entry into a brand-spanking new life. All the best to you, and I can’t wait to follow along.

  9. LOVE all the happy smiles on your faces!

  10. (un)lawful
    (t)o (c)limb on

  11. what the ****! I have a bikini in Hawaii picture pre-kids and my pouch is bigger than yours!!! πŸ™‚ You look FAB!!! Love that you are teaching your kids to have a wonderful adventurous spirit – very cool mom you are.


  12. becky up a hill says:

    You and family look amazing. I’m glad to see this pier in all it’s normal glory. Not a resort with it’s glitz, tho I love that too. Just a normal looking amazing pier, with those Mountains in the background. Also loved the factoid about the sheets..

  13. Sounds like you are living the good life to me…and making memories for your family to last a lifetime!

  14. It’s so fun reading about the start of your adventures there. Please keep the ‘posts’ coming! Enjoyed your comments on FB, too! πŸ™‚

  15. I love to see parents do fun stuff like this with their kids. Sometimes rules are meant to be broken, right? πŸ˜‰

  16. Kasey, this is one of my favorite posts of yours.

    And, let me just say: you are ROCKIN’ that bikini.

  17. The look on Mason’s face when the two of you are getting ready to JUMP off the pier TOGETHER….priceless!

  18. Looks like living in Hawaii agrees with you!! Fun, fun:)

  19. My In-laws lived in Haena just a few miles north of you for 20 years…actually right next door to Pierce Bronson…so we spent a ton of time there, once when the kids were little I went through a major depression after coming home and we fought for a month about why we couldn’t live there…he was a pilot and could commute and he still wouldn’t let us do it….so I am living that part of my life vicarously through you…thank you for this Tahiti Nui was our favorite place to eat, wonder if it is still there?

  20. I had so much fun just reading and looking at this! Oh my gosh. And by the way, you bikini person-you looked great!!
    I was thinking as I looked at the photos….oh my gosh…..there they go…..don’t hit your head on the cement side! How funny, you are a local now-and never comin back here for sure.

  21. Yes! You ARE alive. Oh how I love this post! I especially love the picture of you and Mason fixing to jump. No worries on the bikini-you look great. Happy the first week of school went well. Looks like a fabulous adventure.

  22. Marlene P. says:

    How great. You are tearing it up lady! So happy you and the fam are settling in nicely…Dont forget to sneak up on your hub at his new gig and take some shots! (pictures that is).

  23. Bravo to you for wearing a bikini, belly pouch or not! Here in the boring Midwest, I defy you to find more than a handful of moms who will dare to wear less than the dreaded tankini. You look awesome taking a leap off that pier….sounds symbolic, huh? Good for you, Sister……..! PS: I just purchased my first bikini in 10 years for our FL trip this week….Yahoo! If they don’t like my stretch marks, then tough! πŸ™‚

  24. u r officially my new hero! someday i’ll rally my troop for a visit to the island for some adventurous swimming. [big sigh] ………someday. oh kinda awkward side note- when i was a bartender back in the day bartending school wasn’t the greatest selling point on a resume, since most of us had to work our way up and learn in-house. i imagine it’s super competitive in a small market and one might want to lead interviews with sales/hospitality/customer service experience. random thought, but it could help. that was los angeles, might be different where u r, but i doubt it.

  25. You are the BOMB !!!!!!!!!! Your children & hubby are so lucky !

  26. Looks like you all are having a great time… so happy for you!

  27. kasey ~ i’m glad you are documented this amazing life adventure because your kids are lucky as hell to have parents like they do. teaching them the best life lesson ever ~ LIVE LIFE! You make a girl who chases and catches dreams so very proud.

  28. I knew you would like it, I lived in Puerto Rico and the beaches are awesome… and people that went to Hawaii or Kauai say that it looks a lot like my island… congrats, you passed the first 2 weeks enjoying but believe me it will be like that all the time…so get a good not to strong suntan lotion, natural mosquitoes repelent and a nice glass of red wine….
    You always make me laugh, my husband asks me what are you laughing about, I say…. nothing is just my favorite family thats having a good time and I am too….

  29. i am LOVING following your tales of travels & pier jumping abroad with your kiddos & hubby in tow!!

    we did the move from the Australian beach to the English countryside…maybe i should look into your cow tossing above- or rather make sure my kids aren’t already onto it!!

    melissa -miss sew & so

  30. That shot of you jumping and smiling with carefree abandon made me smile.
    Love it!
    I think your stomach looks pretty damn good…you should see mine after 4 kids (3 which were caesars) and my lovely scars from bowel surgery as the result of having #1!! :0
    I would sooooo love to be able to wear a bikini, but alas I shall live vicariously through you.
    You go girl!!!! πŸ™‚

  31. You go girl, non spanx bikini et al! I love the photo when you and mason are winding up… The glee on both boys faces as they watch you is priceless! Thanks for sharing your beautiful life, belly pouches and all! (I have one too ;-))

  32. Fun fun fun ! I’m so glad you’re enjoying your adventure! I love checking in and catching up!

  33. How good to see you having so much fun!!!!!!! I personally think you looked great in your bikini, and you look so happy!!!!!!! I am so happy for you and your sweet family!!!!!! Keep enjoying the little things, and making new memories!!!!!

    Michelle Torres

  34. Love it!!!!

  35. In AWE! You just do things right. Nothing worth it is easy. You pressed on when I am sure it seemed easier to not. I think you look fabulous in a bikini!

  36. I love this post! It is so good to see you all living it up in Kauaii. You are so brave to post the photos of yourself in a bikini…but I have to say that one day you will look back and be glad you did because you look beautiful. Your lil belly pooch is just that, little. period. I am a California native and we always, always, laid on a sheet on the beach as kids. My mom took us to the beach almost everyday afterschool and every day in summer. We always had a big sheet with flowers on it(which would be vintage now) to lay out on and we would dry off with our towels. I think a sheet is so easy to carry along, maybe that is why. It fits in a bike basket too! Love that photo of the boat alone in the waters.

  37. Yup, that’s the way to do it! You guys are awesome.

    Blessings from Windy Ridge:)

  38. Change. It’s such a rush!

  39. fun, fun & MORE FUN!!!! So good to know what locals do vs tourists…next time I go to Hawaii…I’ll be sure to pack my beach sheet! πŸ™‚

  40. Love..love love this post.

  41. Hey Kasey, was looking at your list of recipes, some of them look really yummy! πŸ™‚ do you mind if I link to them on Pinterest?

  42. Bravo! As a fairly new reader of your blog (I LOVE the peach sangria BTW) I am in awe of your adventurous soul. And am so glad that I can now tell people I know about the friends who jump off the bridge (pier) that parents always ranted about! Keep jumping!
    PS I am a lake baby and we use sheets too!

  43. Loved this post and I am seriously dreaming about how I can move there or anywhere on the beach…sigh. Looks and sounds amazing.

  44. WOW!!!!!
    this is so freeing!
    WAY. TO. GO!!!

  45. aaah the warmth, aaaah the freedom, love it!

  46. seriously, you are my idol πŸ™‚ that’s just awesome sauce!!

  47. Hi Kasey,
    I’m just back from our road trip in Spain, had to think about your roadtrip so now I’m behind a computer again, reading what you have been up to… have to say, you are so cool for jumping into the water like that, love those pictures and again, all the best in your new surroundings!

  48. toni gerdelan says:

    Kasey my love u r ROCKING that bikini!

  49. Looks like y’all are settling into Kauai life just grand! I loved the story at the beginning too…and the reference to wine in juice box containers. Too funny!

  50. I’m so behind but just read your last three entries…love, love your pictures and so glad to read about your life now…loved that i read you use sheets on the beach because in July when we went to cali…we used sheets to lay on too and towels to dry off…made me smile:)
    love that you all are trying new things

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