First day

I woke up yesterday morning and realized that i was not going to have one single friend to invite over for this monument occasion called …..

First day of school.

The past few years i’ve hosted a little shin dig for my friends and called it “moms and mimosa’s”…….but this year i had to rename it to…….

“just bryan and kasey all alone even though they’ve been together for like the last three weeks and they really need to make some friends…even though they really love each other…’s hard being together day in and day out and day in and day out”.

I think you kind of get the drift.

Yup….that is sort of how it went down…….but it’s all okay….and even though i am missing my friends like CRAZY…’s been real nice having bryan around so i can chat to him all about my new maybeline great lash mascara i have.

Good times.

Anyhoo…..back to the first day of school….which was yesterday.

The kids woke up early….and ecstatic. We kinda have our own alarm system here in Kauai…..and it’s called the roosters.

One of these posts i’ll delve into that whole thing about all the roosters all over the place…..but today it’s all about the first day of school.

check check

The roosters woke the kids up nice and early…..and so come 6 o’clock….they were ready for a little breakfast and then they were able to go thru their backpacks again for the 34234 time.

School starts early here……7:45 ….so we grabbed our camera’s and headed out the door.

I love how open the school is…….and the playground is behind the school….so that everyday these kids have this beautiful mountain with it’s waterfalls as a view.

The one thing i’m having a hard time getting over is that i now have all three kids officially in all day school…..

{except for wednesdays…..let’s not forget about half-day wednesdays}

and my baby is now in first grade.

Let’s take a moment of silence ..shall we……




Okay….i’m back.

I just had to get a few tears out….but i’m okay now.

Really….i am.

Luckily i have bryan here to help me get through it…….because really…..

who needs a good friend right now….

and who really needs a good drink in the morning.

Of course…..we dropped Fin off first…..

and he was so excited to have a big boy desk.

And yes…..if you are wondering why we are walking them to and in their class….it’s because we can.

None of this drop them out front with a kiss and a see you after school…..

no way jose’…..

we are not only going to walk you to your class….but we are going to come in and give you a kiss inside the classroom.

Fin met some friends with really cool names yesterday……

names like….


Is it wrong that i wanted Fin and Reef to become new besties?

Actually all the kids in the school had some pretty cool names…..and my kids were not the only new kids.

Seems like a few families like ourselves have come for a visit to Kauai and decided to up and move there.

There are lots of California transplants here as well.




you still here?

The kids are allowed to wear flip flops to school….it’s the shoe of choice of course…..

but they are not called flip flops over here….they are called slippers.

I’m still going to silently call them flip flops though because anytime i say slippers out loud…i think of some large pink fuzzy things that i would wear with a robe and a cigarette hanging out of my mouth as i walk around my house.

The kids don’t wear their shoes inside of the classroom….they leave them outside the door and go barefoot in the class unless they have socks on because they had tennis shoes. I didn’t see any kids with tennis shoes on though.

It’s the silent rule in households here as well…..take your shoes off before coming in.

Not that we’ve been invited over to any new friends house……

{but we are free if you live here and need a new friend}

.so i’ll let you know if it’s really true…..but we’ve already gotten a little basket to put outside our front door…and all the shoes go in there…..and so far we’ve been walking shoeless around our home.

Which means dirty feet….and i have a little problem with dirty feet….but nothing a walk down to the beach can’t cure.

After we dropped off the overly excited kids…..we came back to the house and took a walk to one of the local hotels which has the MOST amazing views of the ocean.

I grabbed a skinny vanilla latte and we sat there watching the view…..and even though i really….

and i mean….REALLY

was missing my “moms and mimosa’s” morning….

i knew i could handle one year without it.

At 2 o’clock we picked the kids up at school…..each of them talking a mile a minute trying to tell us everything and how great it was…..which i thank god because i really was worried. I worry about them making new friends…..but they did……and they loved it.

Then we did what everyone else was doing….and that was head to the beach.


  1. Wow – all I can say is well done you (and them!) for making it this far! Despite your jests it shows that you miss your friends and their support – I am sure they are providing it virtually…sending vibes your way. And no matter what, isn’t walking on a Hawaiian beach the coolest after-school activity ever? It’s an education Kasey reading your blog – bare feet to class…interesting! Lou x

  2. Good Morning Kasey

    I have been thinking of you and I want to say I feel relieved and so happy for all of you. Thank you for sharing this wonderful news and it will get better and better, I just know it. Sending you love and prayers.
    Helen xx

  3. i’m sure it is all gonna be a huge adjustment, obviously not necessarily a BAD one, but still huge. i know it can be hard for the wife/mom to feel like things are all gonna feel “comfy” again, for everone including yourself. but you can always Skype your besties and share a drink across the web! you’ll have a local gal-group soon… no worries there. just keep reminding yourself to enjoy each moment as much as you can. thanks for sharing this journey! i’m happy for you ~ consider yourself hugged

  4. I am LOVING the wearing Flip Flops { sorry can’t call them slippers cause I do have the pink fuzzy ones} to school! That is FABULOUS!! It’s the little things! I too have a Moms and Mimosas {we add muffins too} gathering the first day of school which is 13 days from today! I’ll drink one for you!! Enjoy your new adventure! A little envious to say the least!

  5. I have been reading you for a while now and I think I want your life!! How exciting! Glad your kids like school !!

  6. glad everything went so well. this post brought tears to my eyes!

  7. I’m so glad everyone had a great first day.

  8. Sounds like a GREAT first day. I’ll raise a glass (……mimosa not wine) for you here this morning – cheers and congrats on the pretty major milestone!!! Glad all is well.

  9. Reminds me so much of dropping off my kids at a school in Japan when we had an assignment there for 1 year. I really know how you feel. In fact, it was so hard to leave my baby (he was 5 then) that they just made me an assistant in one of the classrooms so I could help him (no english at all was spoken). They will forever remember and benefit from this fabulous experience!

  10. Yay!! Yay!! Yay!! That first day is always the hurdle. Sounds like the troops are in great shape! Hang in there. Keep taking-in the beach each day…this is gonna be lifechanging…I just know it!
    Jen xo

  11. Kasey! What great news the kids were chatting about after school about the first day they had and that they loved it. One of your hugest hurdles over! Sounds like things are just turning out really well. Enjoy your quality time with Bryan-it really is! I know, it can drive you a bit nuts too! But….soon that guy will be hard at work!

  12. Happy First Week Of School!!! Looks amazing and FUN…I hope you make some new friends soon so you can start a new tradition with them! And I agree…Reef should TOTALLY be Fin’s new friend! 🙂

  13. sounds like a great beginning on your amazing journey!

  14. babe in batavia says:

    I am soooo glad they had a great first day and of course they are going to get right in there and make friends – did you doubt that? They are such great kids- we miss them and you so much. Patrick asked me this morning if he needed to tell the kids at boot camp that your family had moved… and Rowan is still asking for Mason and Lola.

  15. Oh my goodness. I feel so happy that the first day was a success.

  16. I hope those kids know how good they have it right now!! It sounds like a little slice of heaven. Enjoy every minute!!

  17. Too perfect!!!!!

  18. Wow! Hanalei school is beautiful! My floors were never waxed on the first day of school and I never had actual windows….only had those nasty louvers that were dirty no matter what I did to clean them. Looks like you all are off to an awesome start!! Aloha!

  19. So glad they had a great first day!!! May I make a suggestion….. I think you should change your photos at the top of your blog according to your new, fresh year in Hawaii… Just a suggestion (but the fact that u are in HI actually doing it, living the life we all dream of, could bring a lot of new readers & the adorable HI photos at the top would add to the ambiance when they arrive)… Like I said, just a thought!!!

    So glad things are going well!!! And you guys will meet friends also .. xoxo

  20. Christie McGetrick says:

    What a wonderful experience for your family and you. It sounds absolutely wonderful. I know you don’t have girl friends yet – but I have two close groups of friends that live all over the country and we meet twice a year.

    Knowing you virtually I mean you will have people over for a cool party by Christmas.

  21. Congratulations on your move.I am so happy to hear your kids loved school. Please know you are doing an amazing thing right now and I am so envious…enjoy your time in Kuaui. hugs to you and your family

  22. your last few sentences almost made me tear up! nothing like putting yourself…and your children out there…full of fear and anxieties…to be reassured that everything is going to be okay by joyful children. I am so glad your kids had a good day. 🙂

  23. I am so excited for you, b/c yesterday the kids looked a wee bit nervous. My Aunt taught in Oahu for 15 yrs. and my cousins Loved it. I went to a few friends homes there and had to take of the shoesies.
    on a side note: is that young teacher girl lined up with the kids?? or an extremely tall future model?

  24. Sounds perfect, and i am so relieved and happy! i was getting antsy about no post, but i know you were beachin it and getting ready for school and taking time for each other…but i missed hearing all the new news…just sayin….
    happy for you all. xoxo jody

  25. You are all so lucky…..I wished I lived in Hawaii! I’m glad school went well for the kids and I’m glad you and Bryan are bonding.;)

  26. I’m so excited for your new adventure over there! We are planning a trip to Kauai next Feb or March so I am hoping to learn some great new spots from you! So glad your kiddos had a great 1st day of school:)

  27. So happy to hear it went so well!

  28. Woohoo! Hard to get any studying done with that view and bare feet! I’m drinking a glass of red in your honor. Enjoy your time in Hawaii. You will be making friends and having parties in no time! 🙂

  29. Hi Kasey!
    Long time reader, first time commenter. I just wanted to say how immensely proud I am of you and your family for taking such a brave step out of your comfort zones. You are inspiring me to consider a couple of years living oversease for my own family, and making me feel like I could really do it.
    Best of luck, not that I think you need it.

  30. Kasey, I feel for you with your baby at full time school (except Wednesday’s of course) and all the changes that are going on right now would be a lot to take in.
    However I would say that you are going to have such an amazing time and will make friends in no time.
    I can feel some Mom’s and Mimosa days coming on soon for you!!
    Keep embracing this new adventure and enjoy it, sandy feet and all.

  31. Ps Fantastic that the first day at school went so well for the kids! A big relief for you I am sure. 😉

  32. yayyyy!!!! I am so happy that school was so much fun for the kids, it proves that everything is going to be alright and that this new chapter in your life could be one of the best experiences you have ever had!!!! You can not beat hitting the beach any and every time you want to after a day at school!!!!!! Glad to hear this awesome news!!!

    Michelle Torres

  33. Good to see you are settled in. I moved to Australia from England & here they wear ‘thongs’ on their feet . . . that took a bit of getting used to!!! I did suggest to my kids that we moved to Kauai to join you (we too saw Soul surfer) My 11 year old thought it was an ‘awesome’ idea but my 9 year burst into tears, which sucks! . . . Anyway keep it all flowing . . . you are my inspiration! x x
    (Being a transplanted Brit, how do you pronounce ‘Kauai’?) x x

  34. I am sure that amidst the difficult times you will create fond memories for them and you. Happy School Year!

  35. What a fun post. Thanks for sharing!! and girrrrrrrrrl, enjoy! YOu’re in hawaii!? How many people get to do that?
    You’re livin it up. So happy for you 🙂 Your kids look happy too. What more can ya want. …..Now go enjoy that beach with your cute hubby! and ps. hope you meet a super fun friend there in paradise..

  36. wow, here have i been? Kauai? awesome! we are secretly plotting a move as well. this california girl has always struggled with living in the south east. so hopefully someday i’ll be back “home” 🙂 glad your kiddies had a great 1st day and that you survived as well.

  37. and just like that, life moves on…:-)

  38. just FYI, Jennifer Aniston and her flavor of the month boy toy are on your island right now.
    Try and get pics.

    Oh joy, right?

  39. i am soooooooooooooo happy to hear good news from you!!! baci, Monica

  40. Thanks for sharing this – it was fun to read about their first day of school there! I’m so glad it went well for them! I believe I will start calling my flip flops slippers now…I kinda like that ; ) Hope you make some new friends soon….husbands are great and all, but, well, you know…we all need friends so we can have someone to complain about our husbands to! ~Destiny

  41. Really, Kasey…could those kids get any cuter?~ tanner maybe, cuter, no! It’s a “hardship” I know, moving…but…! M

  42. Yep. “Flip flops” are “slippahs” and no one wears shoes in da hale or in school. It’s my kids’ habit to take of their shoes when going to someone else’s hale, even though not many people on the mainland do a shoeless house. Are you going to put your kids in a halau while you are on the island at all? And trust me, you’ll find plenty of people to have mornings, evenings, etc. with. Get your bakeress on and spread da ono grinds around da neighbah-hood and you’ll get it back…a planny! I can’t wait ’til someone breaks out the pidgin on y’all. LOLOL

  43. Not to be all stalkeriffic… but me & hubby would love to do mimosas or mai tai’s or wine or whatever with you guys. We can be your temporary friends while we are on the island. Just sayin…check…check…we’re around until 8/13.

  44. susannyloves says:

    when winter sets in here in the mountains, i’ll be looking forward to your posting lots of sunny, sandy, tropical palm-leafy photos…

  45. Ah, Kasey. Amazing. Y’all are awesome.

  46. It looks absolutely beautiful there and it’s great to hear your kiddos had a successful first day at a new school. Our kids get out every Wednesday at noon too and although I would rather have them in class learning something, it has turned into a lunch date tradition for us. Kids pick the location, which is usually the same deli every week, and it gives us a chance to chat about the day — all 3 and 1/2 hours of it. 🙂 Best wishes for continued good luck in Hawaii!

  47. becky up a hill says:

    loved reading little trivia..back in my day..flip-flops were called thongs…’thing-thongs’ if you said the whole thing, but really most said thongs, so when I say I’m getting my thongs on, in front of my adult young men sons..well its pretty funny and when my hair dresser told me she was not going to wear her ‘thongs’ while driving anymore, cause they sometimes get stuck under the gas pedal, I roared..oh the visual

  48. oh good golly girl you crack me up. i get ya. my kids are driving me nuts…they are sick to death of eachother too. can’t wait for school to start, but it doesn’t until AFTER labor day…oh joy. i get the no friends thing too. sucks! but at least you are in paradise:) living vicariously through you. so glad you made it.

  49. Kristine (Fl) says:


  50. what a dream Kasey! and i kinda picture you wearing your pink fuzzy slippers, cig hanging out of your mouth and donning big curlers in your hair…don’t forget your curlers.

  51. All I can think about is that you just may end up staying longer than a year. It seems like a wonderful place to raise your children. A beautiful family life. I wish the schools were still like that here. My ‘baby’ is the last one in H.S and even though I love the history and presence of his school in our city, they now run it like a prison. It’s so sad to me.

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