Just a few things since it’s been a while.

* Nothing better than finding a photo that you didn’t expect to see that really says everything.

*That is why i love Wednesday.

* I’m also without a car today since mine is in the shop and we sold Bryan’s last week.

*It’s really fun sharing one car.

*I always make sure to leave him the car when the gas is close to empty.

* Bryan thought it would be funny to put a sticker on the back of the mini {van not cooper} that said

‘student driver’ one day last week.

* I didn’t notice it till four days later.

* I was wondering why everyone kept looking at me as they drove by.

* There is nothing pretty about the big fat ugly cry.

* How come none of my friends told my that i looked like a big ugly beast at my kids party.

*Apparently when i had bent down to pick something up…….

my dress got stuck in the crack of my ass for the rest of the night.

*No one ever said anything.

*Said dress made her way to the consignment shop today.

*That’s what friends are for…..keep shining…keep smiling….

* Husbands should be forbidden to wash their wife’s spanx on high heat.

*The reason Fin has cavaties is because apparently….the mother is supposed to help him brush.

* I never remember reading that in the handbook.

* Sometimes goldfish die.

* Sometimes they die if they had heat exhaustion from sitting outside in the heat and humidity at the kids party.

* I’m sure there were good memories though.

* Great memories.

* On occasion an anniversary will happen and the wife is on her period.

* Anniversary’s are pretty lame then.

* There is nothing wrong with sitting on the sofa with a few friends when a mouse comes out of hiding.

* Nothing wrong with that at all.

* Nothing wrong because everyone just sits and watches it…then goes back to normal conversation.

* Those are good friends.

*Better friends are the ones that tell you that your dress is riding up your crack the whole night though.

*Do not ever bend over while wearing a dress with no spanx.

*Take my word for it.

* Tears are good…it means you care.

* When you tell our kids that you just had a facial….it’s not funny when they ask you if the lady cleaning your face

got around to looking at your back as well.

* Or are those just a bunch of mosquito bites mom?

* A good boxed wine helps one forget about the green dress that got the crack in the track.


  1. Still laughing at the sight of your dress up the crack 🙂
    I have on many ocassions tucked my skirt into my tights and nobody said! Just life.

  2. oh my kasey girl, you are too funny.
    thinking about you xoox

  3. OMG – you are the funniest thing around! I don’t know which made me laugh louder – the studen driver sticker or the dress incident….wishing you and your famiily a great and prosperous time in Hawaii!!

  4. You made me laugh louder too Kasey. Everything is going to be Ok, you’ll see. You just have to face this new adventure in your life like you did when you move to Illinois, right? And look on the bright side, positive thinking, the weather must be much better. I just realize that with you living in Kauai (is that how you spell it?) it’s just “on the other side of the world” from where I live (Azores).

  5. HA! Funny but not funny about you walking around with your dress in your crack:(

  6. Nancy G says:

    Kasey, didn’t notice the dress or would have said something. Was enjoying the company, the dance moves, and the flowing beer and wine. We are going to miss you sooooo much!

  7. HAHAHA! Too many things to point out that made me giggle 🙂
    I sure hope you are hanging in there as everything starts to wind down/wind up!

  8. So you…making us laugh at your expense! Sorry about the dress; but it makes a “great” memory, right? 😉

  9. Bahaha!!! You’re killing me!!! 🙂



  11. What a wicked sense of humor….real life, that’s you, Kasey. Thanks for making my day!

  12. Okay, so I read your posts most days but rarely comment, but this one just cracked me up – so thanks for the good life!

    (Except the mouse part. I would have been screaming!)



  13. This is too funny. And the dress in the crack is exactly what makes this life so fun. I suggest you leave the Spanx behind on this journey of yours.

    Are you passing through northern California?

  14. Lmao…sounds like your friends are like mine! You know they let you walk around like that so they could get a good laugh & they swore they didnt see it! Haha… but hey…I’d prolly do the same to them too!! ; )~

    I also play the “empty gas tank trick” too!! Hahaha…it annoys the hell outta my husband!

  15. Marlene P. says:

    Goodness…once again you have me laughing to tears. I have too many girlfriends that have had the dress wedge in the crack. I just walk up and pull it out and keep it movin. Chances are the ladies were just havin too much fun to notice your whack crack!

    Everyone needs a friends now adore your blog like me….keep on sister..

  16. Your lists are the best!

  17. Nothing wrong with a little crack now and then.. 🙂 JK..
    Love this photo. I feel your pain as you miss your freinds but new ones are just around the next corner.

  18. I just love you! you are too funny…
    thanks for giving me lots to laugh about!

  19. Oh, the ugly cry… my sister and I do it every year when we leave each other. She lives in Norway, and as happy as I am when she comes home, I always know that the ugly cry is going to happy when she leaves.

    Wishing you safe travels as you get ready for your new adventure.

    Blessings and joy to you and yours,


  20. Oh, stop it! You’re making me cry, too! Not everyone makes huge life changes with over a thousand people sending their good wishes and hopes out towards you, you know!

    Hugs and kisses, Kasey!


  21. i wish your were moving to my state…
    have i told you out of about 50 blogs– yours is my fav. i love the mix of funny/ styling…
    you`re super in my book! 🙂

  22. Thanks for the chuckle this morning! Love your blog!

  23. You crack me up! It’s so refreshing to catch up on your blog. I can’t wait to hear about all of your upcoming adventures.

  24. You are SO funny. I would have totally told you about the dress. But if I saw the mouse, I would shriek and ask for more boxed wine, please. Happy adventures!!!!!

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