still here

I realize i said i wouldn’t be back till we were planted on some sand in the middle of the pacific….but with three kids sleeping all around me here….one of them on the floor of the hotel room….and bryan returning the rental car….i thought i would pop in and say hello.


Tomorrow morning we get on the plane.

We have already shipped 5 boxes……..

and there are 15 suitcases to be checked onto the airplane tomorrow….

and no…..

14 of them are not mine.

This road trip across the U.S has been an adventure for sure.

For one…..there were no speeding tickets.

There were no bed bugs in the hotel rooms.

One great night in Lake Tahoe where we lounged in a poolside cabana….

and one night in a hotel that should have been a motel….

two nights with family……

one night with great friends.

And today… which we spent the entire day in San Francisco…..

where we used to live….where Mason was born….and the city i love the most.

We didn’t realize how much we missed it till we spent the entire day playing tourist…and you know what…..

San Francisco… are pretty awesome.

Mason never likes to be photographed….but bryan took over the camera for a while….and it was bryan that got this next shot.

Kauai girls…….you better stand back…..

So…as i sit here….wine in hand….and a good extra 8 pounds heavier from eating out for the last 9 days…..

and what i don’t quite understand …is that my jeans don’t button…but that is all going to change starting next week…..because bryan told me we are going to start paddle boarding together.



we even went back to school shopping today….

not that it has anything to do with paddle boarding….but the kids will start their new school on Monday.

This coming Monday….as in a few more days…..

and we packed all that stuff up in a box to take with us.


And here we are….our very last day….in which we spent  9 days driving across the country… the mini {van not cooper} on a cargo ship this morning…and will board a plane first thing in the morning only to start a new kind of life when we walk off that plane.


Oh….and i had bryan drop me of at Target tonight for one more rendezvous….

and one more quickie with Trader Joe’s.

It was amazing…….

something i’ll always treasure….


that one night stand….will forever stay in my heart.


  1. I am so excited for this adventure you are beginning…er…or have begun! 🙂
    Can’t wait to read about Paddle boarding, pie selling, decorating adventures, mailmen, and culture shock.

    Keep us posted…he he.

  2. Oh Kasey~
    I continue to clinch my HEART~
    YOU are AMAZING!
    I have chill~bumps reading this~
    i do~i do!

  3. I don’t know how you do it Kasey. I would be a mess of nerves. So looking forward to your adventures in Hawaii.

  4. I can’t wait to hear the next chapter of your lives. I remember when I quit the old UK and the feeling I had when I boarded the plane… knowing that, that was it… bye bye old life, hello new…. and you know what? It’s been one hell of a rollercoaster ride since! Fasten your seat belts Buick’s and enjoy the ride! Lx

  5. This is so exciting! I wonder how your kids will describe this year when they’re older…

  6. Allison says:

    Safe Travels!

  7. Safe travels!!!!

  8. I love the description of your shopping excursion – a one night stand and a quickie. 😉 safe journey my dear.

  9. I wish you guys all the best, can’t wait to hear about your new chapter in life!!!

  10. Victoria says:

    Wow, those kids were born to live by the ocean! You couldn’t get more beachy looking than them:)

  11. Mason is a little Hottie!! I’ve been thinking about you and your adorable little family today. Have a great flight! I’m crossing my fingers that I can come visit you. Talk to you soon.:)

  12. I am so looking forward to hearing about the next chapter in your life. PLEASE don’t forget to keep all of us updated with your adventures! GOOD LUCK & ENJOY!

  13. I am so excited for you and your family!!!! Your new adventure has begun although I can’t imagine how much all those extra suitcases will cost,lol!!!!! One day my family is planning a change of lifestyle in Maui so I am excited to read about your journey!!!!! Blessings,Sara

  14. Oh…how I admire your adventure! I can’t wait to hear how things go…the ups (hopefully more of these than…) and downs…you guys are just such a neat, confident family!!! All of us admire. Have fun. Enjoy. And know, along the way, you have LOTS of admirers in your corner ;o)
    Jen xo

  15. SO excited about your adventure…and even more excited to see how shabby chic meets casual beach! : )

  16. Target is a short plane ride away. There are 2 Targets on Oahu, with a third being built in Kailua soon. No Trader Joes, though. No groceries even close to that cheep…sorry to say. Aloha!!

  17. Haha! Well, I am really excited for you all! Best of luck with the travel and WHOO HOO!

  18. Funny, this blogging thing. I too, as another reader above, have really been thinking about you and your family the last couple of days. I almost invited you to my house for dinner (near SF). You’re probably near the end of your flight and a whole new adventure awaits. Congratulations and kudos to you for taking on such a great adventure!

  19. Buon viaggio e buona fortuna!!!!

  20. A safe trip to you and your family. Look forward to more posts when you get settled.

  21. the family looks more beautiful and sweet than ever.
    have a great flight and settling into the new home….xo jody

  22. I hope you have a great flight Kasey!! Can’t wait to read the next post!!

  23. So exciting! so scary! So amazing!! Safe trip to you all, looking forward to sharing the journey with you. Particularly the warm weather part as we are freezing our brass monkeys off up here on our mountain!
    alicia :0)

  24. Happiest wishes! Kauaii is gorgeous – I was married the first time at the Oldest Lutheran Church in Lihui and my son Andrew was baptized there – I think a hurricane took the little church out 🙁
    You are all going to be gloriously tan and healthy and happy – what a great adventure!
    keep sharing!
    and SF is only 5 hours away – just a short jaunt for a TJ fix, and an Anthropologie fix and an UO fix and a Target fix –

  25. Oh. Wow. The start of the “Buick Family’s Year Off”.

    Why only a year, anyway? I missed that part.

    And yes, Mason should have his picture taken as often as possible. Very good looking! Well-your whole family is but Mason…hmmmmm he could be in first place. Just sayin’………..

    Sounds like you’re already setting the tone to enjoy your adventure. Good outlook. Best of luck!

  26. I am so glad you all are having a good time, and I know it is only going ot get even better for you and your lovely family!!!!! Keep hanging in there, and know you are very special and one of a kind!!!!!!!

    xoxoxox from NC
    Michelle Torres

  27. My darling blogger girl, I wish you the very best:)

  28. Mason — what a cutie — but the whole family — darling –safe travels and let us know how the first weekend goes –can’t wait to hear about school in Hawaii — probably a little different than in Illinois!

  29. Miss seeing you!! Hugs to all of you as the next step of the adventure really starts. Wow…school Monday. Send them off and hit the beach. You deserve some time there…forget the boxes for a few days!

  30. Pretty pictures….as always. 🙂 Fun things are in store for you all!


  31. I <3 SF. I feel very proud to live here and I'm so glad you guys enjoyed stopping through 🙂 GL getting to the islands!

  32. After living in in New Hampshire for 15 years amongst the most amazing friends anyone could ask for ,my husband took a job in Seattle, WA…..With lots of hesitation our family packed up, sold our most gorgeous home we built…and drove our dog 3000
    miles to what we would call our new home. My boys were 7 and 11. After 11 months of living here we have made this home. Made some more than wonderful friends and quite honestly have done things together as a family we probably wouldn’t have done. My boys are the amazing troopers and i think this will make them go anywhere they want to go when they grow up.
    So…..on that note……..All the Best to you and your family! What an adventure you have ahead of you…..A pretty nice on i must say……..!!!!!!!

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